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| name=Archer
| affiliation= Xen
| type= Wildlife
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| weapons=*Bite
* Projectile spit
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The '''Archer'''''Half-Life'' game files is an alien cut from ''Half-Life''. It can be found in the game files.

The Archer's model has the size of a small shark. A fish-like creature, it was to be met underwater. According to its animations, it was to attack the player by biting and launching energy bolts from below the water's surface.

The creature's name is most likely based on that of the real world WikipediaArcherfish|archerfish, as they mainly share the same behavior.

==In modding==
In the ''Half-Life'' mod ''Azure Sheep'', the Archer is fought in combat, mostly in the chapter ''Liquids'', where it bites the player. The sound files used are very distorted Ichthyosaur sounds. It also appears in another mod, ''Point of View''.


Filearcher_pose2.jpg|Model renders.
FileRtb 024 01.jpg|Ditto.
FileArcher test map.jpg|Archer in a zoo map.
FileC2a3 archer.jpg|Archers attacking underwater.

==List of appearances==
*''Half-Life'' {{1st}} {{Gf}} {{Nc}}


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