Aperture Science Extended Relaxation Annex

{{Youmayd|the Human Vault|the Relaxation Center|Aperture Science Extended Relaxation Center|Extended Relaxation Center}}
{{Location Infobox
|image = FileStasis annex.png|250px
|image2 = FileHuman vault.jpg|250px
|name = Extended Relaxation Annex
|constructed =
|destroyed =
|location = Aperture Science Enrichment Center
|builder = Aperture Science technicians
|era = ''Portal 2''
|affiliation = Aperture Science
|maps =
* mp_coop_paint_longjump
_intro |designer = Ivan Simoncinihttp//www.game-artist.net/forums/vbarticles.php?do=article&articleid=59 Interview with Ivan Simoncini level designer and artist on Portal 2 at Game Artist |hidei = |hideu = |hideg = }} {{Quote|Just look at all those Test Subjects! Think of all the testing! You saved science!|GLaDOS|Portal 2|FileCine coop annex 02.ogg}} The '''Aperture Science Extended Relaxation Annex''', referred to by GLaDOS as the '''Human Vault''', is a huge sealed area in the Aperture Science Aperture Science Enrichment Center|Enrichment Center, housing hundreds of Test Subjects in long-term relaxation from the vintage era. Its only entrance is through the unnamed Co-op Test Shaft. This section of the Enrichment Center is the last location in ''Portal 2'', visited by ATLAS and P-body as their main objective from GLaDOS in ''Portal 2 storyline Gels|Test Course 5 Mobility Gels''. == Overview == During the cooperative campaign of ''Portal 2'', ATLAS and P-body are tasked to install four discs into certain mainframes, fully powering up GLaDOS - allowing her to control the facility even further, even pinpointing the location of the Relaxation Annex to her. She sends the two into an unnamed Co-op Test Shaft to recover the human Test Subjects, as she has concluded that testing with "immortal" robots was not the result she had wanted. ATLAS and P-body then travel through several vintage test chambers to reach the Relaxation Annex, and finally reaching the destination. However, the survivors of one of GLaDOS' attacks had somehow reached this location many years before the events of ''Portal 2'', and had implanted a system to which the vault would only unlock upon typical gestures that humans normally perform. Despite GLaDOS' extreme discomfort from the co-op bots performing gestures, this was their only way to unlock the vault. FileStasis chamber outro.jpg|thumb|130px|A Stasis Chamber. Once the bots have reached inside the Relaxation Annex, GLaDOS begins to express a great deal of pleasure upon seeing the hundreds of human Test Subjects stored in their respective Stasis Chambers. She applauds the duo for achieving her task, shortly before initiating a self-destruct trigger on the two to recover them where they can be built back into the modern Enrichment Center. During the game's credits sequence, GLaDOS proceeds to scan the identities and profiles of the Test Subjects by having them put onto a conveyor belt, having already extracted them from the Relaxation Annex. In Art Therapy co-op course, GLaDOS admits that all the humans had died during her failed attempts at turning them into "killing machines". == Trivia == Moments before reaching the Annex, a Defective Turret guarding the path to the vault can be seen, and was reprogrammed by an unknown survivor to protect the humans against GLaDOS. This Turret is in fact linked to the same unknown survivor who programmed the vault to unlock only towards human gestures. == Gallery == FileRobots in the vault.jpg|Concept art of the two robots discovering the vault. FileHuman vault concept.jpg|Ditto. FileTest subject male.jpg|Male Test Subject model seen during the credits. FileTest subject male01.jpg|Ditto. FileTest subject male02.jpg|Ditto. FileTest subject female01.jpg|Female Test Subject model seen during the credits. FileTest subject female02.jpg|Ditto. FileTest subject female03.jpg|Ditto. == List of appearances == *''Portal 2'' {{1st}} {{C|Co-op campaign only}} == References == {{Reflist}} {{Succession |title=''Portal 2'' co-op journey |before=Co-op Test Shaft |after=Section N Robotic Associate Construction Annex }} {{Locations}} {{Aperture}} CategoryPortal 2 CategoryAperture Science locations CategoryLocations