Aperture Science Enrichment Center

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*''Portal 2''
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|maps=Any ''Portal'' and ''Portal 2'' map
|designer=*Jeremy Bennett (concept art and design)''The Orange Box Prima Guide'' 
*Laura Dubuk (concept art and design)''Portal 2 Collector's Edition Guide''
*http//www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,157025/ Matt Wright (models and level design)http//www.mattikaarts.com/mattwright/resume.html Matt Wright's resume
*http//www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,228055 Danika Wright (models and level design)http//www.mattikaarts.com/danikawright/resume.html Danika Wright's resume
{{Quote|If you are a non-employee who has discovered this facility amid the ruins of civilization, welcome! And remember Testing is the future, and the future starts with you.|Aperture Science Announcement System|Announcer|Portal 2|Fileprehub17.ogg}}

The '''Aperture Science computer-aided Enrichment Center''' is Aperture Science's main facility where its products branded "Aperture Laboratories" are developed and tested, and the main location of ''Portal'' and ''Portal 2''. Located in WikipediaUpper Peninsula of Michigan|Upper Michigan, WikipediaUnited States|USA, above and inside a disused salt mine, the facility has been monitored by the computer GLaDOS since 200-.http//gameinformer.com/b/features/archive/2010/03/24/Aperture-Science_3A00_-A-History.aspx Aperture Science A History on Game Informer

===Pre-GLaDOS era===
FileASCDT cave.jpg|150px|thumb|Cave Johnson.

Built in Michigan, USA sometime after the founding of Aperture Science in Timeline of the Half-Life and Portal universe when Aperture's products were branded "Aperture Science Innovators", the Aperture Laboratories is the main headquarters for the company. It is unknown if the same complex is used during the time Aperture was a shower curtain manufacturer.

After contracting moon rock poisoning in 1974, both of Aperture CEO Cave Johnson's kidneys failed in 1976. He then laid out a three-tier plan for the future of his companyApertureScience.com the Heimlich Counter-Maneuver, the Take-A-Wish Foundation, and most notably, the 'Portal' project, which gives birth to the development of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. Testing for the 'Portal' project calls for the construction of the Enrichment Center, a large area of the Aperture Laboratories Underground consisting of Test Chambers and offices, where Test Subjects test the ASHPD.

In 1986, Aperture Science heard of similar Teleportation|portal technology being developed by Black Mesa. To counter this, construction of the first Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System (GLaDOS) begins in Aperture Laboratories, with the aims to accelerate the 'Portal' project and to develop the first Artificial Intelligence.

===GLaDOS' control===
FileGlados side.jpg|150px|thumb|left|GLaDOS in her chamber.

In 1996, the Disk Operating System parts of GLaDOS are completed, and work begins on the Genetic Lifeform component. During that time, the Aperture Science Red Phone plan is implemented in case GLaDOS appears to become sentient and godlike, requiring an employee to sit by a red phone on a desk in GLaDOS chamber's entrance hall.''Portal'' commentary GLaDOS is fully completed in May 200-, and is switched on during the Aperture Science's first annual bring-your-daughter-to-work-day. Within one Wikipediapicosecond|picosecond  of being active, GLaDOS becomes self-aware, locks down the entire facility, hoping to seize control, and floods the Enrichment Center with a deadly neurotoxin. Quickly, the Aperture employees fit her with a Aperture Science Personality Construct Core|Morality Core to ensure she is kept under control.

GLaDOS still manages to wrestle control of the facility from her now trapped creators however, and is soon in full control of the Enrichment Center, with several Test Subjects as her rats, including Aperture employee Doug Rattmann. GLaDOS aims to beat Black Mesa in the race for portal technology. However, she effectively loses this race when the Black Mesa Incident occurs mere days later.

====''Portal'' era====
FileChell in-game.jpg|Chell in Test Chamber 04.|200px|thumb

Some time after GLaDOS' takeover and shortly after the Combine Seven Hour War|invasion of Earth,http//www.eurogamer.net/articles/2011-03-10-portal-2-how-valve-opened-up-portal-2?page=3 "How Valve Opened Up Portal 2" on Eurogamer.net Chell is awakened in her Relaxation Vault, and guided as a Test Subject by GLaDOS, utilizing the completed Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. Chell finds the facility showing clear signs of decay and neglect, with GLaDOS showing signs of instability. Chell later comes across hidden alcoves in the chamber walls, where desperate messages are written on the walls by Doug Rattmann, who seemed to have gone slightly mad during his testing. At the conclusion of Chell's testing, instead of the cake that was promised, she is met with an incinerator, from which she narrowly escapes. It is here that GLaDOS reveals her true murderous nature, but attempts to convince Chell to return to the testing area and wait for the planned "party associate". Chell ignores her, and makes her way through the decaying maintenance areas of the facility, where none have clearly been for years. After many ambushes by GLaDOS and her Aperture Science Sentry Turret|Sentry Turrets, Chell finally finds herself in GLaDOS' main control center. After destroying GLaDOS' Morality Core, the robot, now free of her murderous restraints, begins to once again flood the building with neurotoxins. However, Chell manages to incinerate the A.I.'s Aperture Science Personality Construct|Personality Cores before being consumed by the toxins, and GLaDOS is seemingly destroyed while Chell is transported outside to the parking lot, where she is dragged away by the previously mentioned party associate, and brought back inside in stasis.http//gameinformer.com/mag/portal2.aspx Game Informer, April 2010 issue

Despite her apparent destruction however, GLaDOS files a Still Alive|letter to Chell, claiming to be "still alive" and that she is not angry with her. GLaDOS then activates a series of Personality Cores and re-captures the laboratories, which were heavily damaged after GLaDOS' explosion.

====''Portal 2'' era====
FileTest Chamber 04 P2.jpg|200px|thumb|left|A ruined Test Chamber 04.
FileAperture Science Exit.jpg|thumb|200px|A side entrance/exit known to gain access to the Aperture Laboratories.

Decades pass while the facility is falling apart, with Test Chambers crumbling and foliage rampant throughout. The Personality Cores become restless, showing concern for the ruined state of the complex, and new Test Chambers are built. One such core, Wheatley, awakens Chell from stasis, and convinces her to escape the facility, bringing Wheatley with her. Chell agrees, and the two set out across the building complex. After navigating through the maintenance areas, with Wheatley babbling incessantly, the pair find an elevator, which the core attempts to activate. It begins to ascend however, and before Wheatley can stop it, the two find themselves facing GLaDOS, who sits in ruin in the remains of her chamber. GLaDOS, bitter towards Chell, forces her to resume her tests with the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device as revenge for her murder at Chell's hands. At the same time, GLaDOS begins rebuilding the facility, restoring it to nearly pristine condition by the time Chell can break free of the Test Chambers.  Following a Core Transfer with Wheatley, GLaDOS is transferred into a potato-powered chip with only enough processing power for the simplest of functions, while Wheatley takes control of the facility in her place. Wheatley quickly becomes power-mad, renaming the facility "Wheatley Laboratories" and driving both Chell and GLaDOS deep underground. In the meantime, Wheatley sets about producing freakish mishmashes of objects and poorly-built Test Chambers, destroying vast chunks of the facility and causing the main reactor to begin melting down. GLaDOS and Chell defeat Wheatley and restore an at least somewhat reformed GLaDOS to power, who rebuilds the facility again and releases Chell to the surface, having finished her robotic replacements.

FileAperture Labs entrance.jpg|200px|thumb|The only known main entrance, with forested areas in the background.

The Enrichment Center is made of the main testing facilities (where can be found the Test Chambers), administration offices, and maintenance areas that link together most parts of the facility. While the facility seems to mostly be underground like the Black Mesa Research Facility, it features on the surface at least one parking lot, as well as some verdure / forested areas.

===Size and layout===
The Enrichment Center is extremely large, even by the standards set by facilities such as the Black Mesa Research Facility, which is dwarfed in comparison. The salt mine is composed of nine vertical shafts, each at least 4000 meters deep and hundreds of meters wide. Within the cavernous shafts is a large abundance of space that remains unused by Aperture, and installations are often suspended above huge drops that extend deep into the mines.

Between the Enrichment Center and the Test Shafts is a large hatch that, when open, allows an elevator to connect the original facility to the modern one. The Mobility Gel pipe system also flows through this connecting hatch. The modern facility is supported by large springs, likely to balance the weight between the two facilities to prevent it from collapsing into the mines.

Like Black Mesa, the facility is also equipped by a public address system, the Aperture Science Announcement System, used in both the original and modern parts of the facility.

====Testing areas====
The several testing areas are used to test one of Aperture Science's most successful achievements, the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.

=====Standard testing tracks=====
{{Main|GLaDOS' testing track (Portal)|GLaDOS' testing track (Portal 2)|Wheatley's testing track}}
FileP2 test chamber 19 glados.jpg|thumb|left|250px|GLaDOS' testing track (Portal 2) Chamber 19|Test Chamber 19 of GLaDOS' testing course of ''Portal 2''.

The Enrichment Center contains numerous "Test Chambers" where Test Subjects are trained to perform simple to complicated tasks with the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. The tests are monitored by GLaDOS and Aperture Science Security Camera|security cameras. Aperture Science scientists can watch the tests in small offices spread around the test chambers.

Each Test Subject is accommodated in a Relaxation Vault with no privacy, set within a Test Chamber, with transparent walls, and connected to the outside with a portal.

At the start of each Test Chamber is a large rectangular luminous panel that lights itself when the Test Subject approaches, accompanied by a loud hum. The number of the current Test Chamber covers the whole upper half of the panel; under is the current test's completion bar, with the current chamber number against that of the final one, and the proper completion bar below, getting longer as each Test Chamber is completed (it is made of 76 lines; each Test Chamber starts with 4 more lines - Test Chamber 01 starts with 4 lines; Test Chamber 00 starts with the 76 lines, reached again at the start of Test Chamber 19). Under the bar are two rows of five of squares, each containing a logo of what the Test Subject is expected to see in the following chamber. The panel ends with a standard Aperture Laboratories logo at the very bottom.

A notable feature among the Test Chambers is the stark atmosphere. All of the walls and floors are a plain gray, and the overall feeling is one of a clinic or clean room. This motif continues until Chell escapes, at which point the atmosphere becomes dark and foreboding while Chell navigates through the innards of the Enrichment Center. The known Test Chambers range from Test Chamber 00 to 19.

In ''Portal 2'', the Test Chambers receive a fundamental design overhaul, now constructed of hundreds of robotic arms carrying Aperture Science Panel|panels, which collectively form the walls, ceilings, and floors. It is this modular system that allows GLaDOS to construct an infinite variety of testing spaces and modify them on the fly - this system is also used in other areas throughout the facility. In ''Portal'' walls are moving too, but much more limited than in ''Portal 2''.

=====Enrichment Shafts=====
{{Main|Enrichment Shafts}}

The original Enrichment Center was built at the very bottom of the salt mine the modern facility was built in, and built steadily upwards over time. These chambers, containing the Repulsion, Propulsion, and Conversion Gels, were sealed away decades prior, yet they often show far less damage than the ruined facility above. For the most part, some broken catwalks aside, all of the furniture and technology in the abandoned facilities seems to at least appear in good shape, including the prerecorded voice of Cave Johnson. These chambers are built in enormous geodesic domes and spheres, stacked on top of one another with markings along the sides of structures to indicate the year they were built. The abandoned Test Chambers are unsealed and cleared by Chell in her efforts to return to the surface - in the process, their Gels become available for use in the upper facility.

It's worth noting that the higher one goes up the test chambers (and therefore - progressing through more recently built chambers) the lower quality the test chambers and their monitoring areas seem to be. In addition to this, the quality of the test subject diminished over the years as well. While at first astronauts and Olympic champions are hired as test subjects, they're soon replaced by simple hobos picked up from the street and the very employees who are supposed to monitor the tests. Both of these facts suggest that Aperture Science was running out of budget fairly quickly. This is also confirmed in the Development Commentary.

A slightly more minor difference in the progression of chamber levels is the logo of Aperture Science shown during loading screens. When the game begins, it shows the same Aperture Laboratories logo as seen in the elevators of Portal. However, once Wheatley forces Chell down into the depths of the facility, the logo becomes the original Aperture Science Innovators as well as the offices having a 60's theme to their design. Progressing through the sealed chambers reveals a new logo, somewhat reminiscent of computer startup screens from the early 90's as well as having 90's themed offices.

FileDollars and sense.jpg|200px|thumb|One of the two "Dollar$ and Sense" slideshows looping in a projection room.

The offices comprise the observation rooms that the Aperture Science staff used to watch Test Subjects executing their task in the Test Chambers, as well as other offices, connected by dimly-lit corridors. The offices contain chairs and computers and seem to have been last used long ago. Computers seem to be stuck into some sort of loop, some are disconnected, their cases open, and several chairs are knocked over. Clipboards and empty cups are scattered on the desks. Two office areas contain a projection room where a looping slideshow titled "Aperture Science facts|Dollar$ and Sense Competing with Black Mesa for DoD and Government-wide Acquisition Contracts" can be seen.

====Central AI Chamber====
{{Main|Central AI Chamber}}

GLaDOS is stored in the center of a large octagonal chamber, suspended from the ceiling. At the end of the events of ''Portal'', the chamber is partially destroyed, then fully rebuilt by GLaDOS during ''Portal 2'', then partially destroyed by Wheatley and Chell and rebuilt again by GLaDOS at the end of the game.

====Maintenance areas====
FileEscape 020007.jpg|200px|thumb|left|Maintenance area.

These areas (nicknamed "bts", or "behind the scenes" by the ''Portal'' developers) are in very bad condition, suggesting they have been abandoned for a long time. There can be seen many parts of the Aperture Science Pipe Network (with occasional broken tubes) that brings the Aperture Science Weighted Storage Cube|Weighted Storage Cubes into the Test Chambers, elevators bringing the Aperture Science Sentry Turret|Sentry Turrets, and other machinery. A room dedicated to the maintenance and fixing of the Sentry Guns can also be found, as well as a long office dedicated to the maintenance of home computers, overlooking a large room filled with toxic liquid.

During her tests and then Portal storyline escape, Chell also comes across Doug Rattmann|Ratman Dens while going through the maintenance areas. These dens often have obscure scribblings and advice on how to advance.

In ''Portal 2'', the maintenance areas are visited much more frequently throughout the game, due to the damaged state of the facility.  These areas often provide more platformer-like challenges between Test Chambers.

==Behind the scenes==
FileAperture diorama2.jpg|100px|right|thumb|The diorama exhibit corridor, cut from ''Portal 2''.
FileAperture diorama1.jpg|100px|right|thumb|Ditto, Cave Johnson's case.
FileDiorama card001.png|100px|right|thumb|The cardboard figure.

*According to Realm Lovejoy, the frosted-glass observation rooms seen in Test Chambers make the player feel as if they are being watched at all times, while keeping the identity of these watchers a mystery. The rooms serve a practical purpose as well, since they are often used as convenient and logical light sources for the Test Chambers.

*The ambient sounds heard in the Portal test chambers are recycled from Half-Life 2. For example, in areas involving flinging, Ravenholm's sounds are heard.

*The projector used for the "Dollar$ and Sense" slideshow in ''Portal'' appears to be based on the model http//www.eiki.com/Products/LC-XT1/ LC-XT1 by the Eiki company. The texture file includes a remote not seen in-game.

*A diorama exhibit sequence was originally to appear in ''Portal 2'', but was ultimately cut. It was to consist of a corridor with concrete walls, with sconces on a side, and several cases on the other. One case was to contain three Aperture Science Robot Worker|Aperture dummies (one dressed as a woman, the second in a man in white, the third as a farmer), with a grey Aperture logo behind; one was to contain at least one chicken statue; one was to contain a cardboard figure of Cave Johnson posing with a bearded hobo, someone in a straitjacket (identical to wcleft4deadThe Screamer|the Screamer cut from ''wcleft4deadLeft 4 Dead|Left 4 Dead''), and a little girl with the Aperture logo on her dress, with a blue Aperture logo behind.''The Final Hours of Portal 2'' The texture for the cardboard figure is present in the ''Portal 2'' files, under the name "diorama_card001.vtf".

*In the 1970s Aperture Laboratories, the new Aperture Laboratories (without the text "Laboratories") logo can be seen on personal computers. Possibly Aperture Science reused the 1970s laboratories in 1980's and later before their condemnation. Large 1970's computers can be seen in offices too.

====Concept art====

FileCake steam poster.jpg|Cake poster.
FileGlados room concept.jpg|Concept art for the lobby of Central AI Chamber, with the four "pillars" numbered.
FileAperture room concept.jpg|Concept art for the lobby.
FileGlados concept1.jpg|Concept art for GLaDOS, similar to the final version.

====Pre-release screenshots====

FilePortalbeta012.jpg|Early GLaDOS fight scene.
FilePortalbeta0123456.jpg|Testing the Rocket Turret on GLaDOS, using Rollermines as a placeholder.
FileEarly Relaxation Vault.jpg|Early Relaxation Vault in one of the earliest known screenshots, with placeholder ''Half-Life 2'' props.
FilePortal early.jpg|Early Relaxation Vault in Test Chamber 00, with placeholder props. 
FilePortalgun beta.jpg|The early Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device and Weighted Storage Cube in an early Test Chamber 13.
FileTestchamber 18 early.jpg|Early Test Chamber 18.

====Retail screenshots====

FileAperture Labs entrance.jpg|The Aperture Laboratories entrance.
FileTc18 mdl.png|Typical Test Chamber panel, here featured at the start of Test Chamber 18.
FileTest chamber 00.jpg|Test Chamber 00.
FileVault from inside dropdown.jpg|Ditto, inside the Relaxation Vault.
FileTestchamber 01.jpg|Test Chamber 01.
FileTestchmb02.jpg|Test Chamber 02.
FileTestchmb03.jpg|Test Chamber 03.
FileTestchmb 04.jpg|Test Chamber 04.
FileTestchmb 05.jpg|Test Chamber 05.
FileTestchmb06.jpg|Test Chamber 06.
FileTestchmb07.jpg|Test Chamber 07.
FileTestchmb08.jpg|Test Chamber 08.
FileElevator tchmb8.jpg|Elevator at the end of Test Chamber 08, as seen through a Material Emancipation Grill.
FileTestchmb09.jpg|Test Chamber 09.
FileTestchmb10.jpg|Test Chamber 10.
FileTestchmb11.jpg|The enhanced Portal Gun in Test Chamber 11.
FileTestchmb12.jpg|Test Chamber 12.
FileTestchmb13.jpg|Test Chamber 13.
FileTestchmb14.jpg|Test Chamber 14.
FileTestchmb15.jpg|Test Chamber 15.
FileTestchmb a 110027.JPG|Sentry Guns in Test Chamber 16. 
FileTestchmb a 110024.JPG|Ratman Den near Test Chamber 16.
FileTestchmb16 food.JPG|Ditto.
FileCube first.jpg|Introducing the Companion Cube in Test Chamber 17.
FileTestchmb017.jpg|Test Chamber 17. 
FileTestchmb a 130032.jpg|The furnace waiting for the Companion Cube in Test Chamber 17. 
FileTestchmb a 13001.jpg|Ratman Den near Test Chamber 17.
FileRatman Den2.jpg|Ditto.
FileTestchmb a 140008.jpg|Test Chamber 18. 
FileTestchmb a 140009.jpg|Ditto.
FileTestchmb19.1.JPG|Test Chamber 19. 
FileTestchmb19 signs.JPG|Signs indicating that after Test Chamber 19 comes the exit and cake. 
FileTestchmb19 furnace.JPG|The furnace right after the signs.
FileTestchmb a 150004.jpg|Tanks in the maintenance area at the end of Test Chamber 19. 
FileComputer maintenance1.jpg|The home computer maintenance office.
FileComputer maintenance2.jpg|Ditto.
FileTestchmb a 150005.jpg|Typical messy, decaying Enrichment Center office.
FileTestchmb a 1500002.jpg|Typical maintenance area.
FileEscape 000006.jpg|Ditto.
FileStored turrets1.jpg|Stored Sentry Guns in the maintenance areas.
FileStored turrets2.jpg|Ditto.
FileRocket office idle.jpg|A Rocket Turret in the offices.
FileAperture corridor.jpg|Typical corridor in the offices.
FileGlados chamber outside.jpg|GLaDOS' Chamber seen from the outside.
FileCatwalks glados.jpg|The numerous catwalks around GLaDOS' Chamber.
FileGlados room fizzler.jpg|The Material Emancipation Grill at the entrance of GLaDOS' Chamber.
FileEscape 020000.jpg|Desk and Aperture Science Red Phone in the lobby of GLaDOS' Cchamber.
FileGlados chamber lobby.jpg|The lobby of GLaDOS' Chamber.
FileGlados bunker.jpg|The "bunker" containing the button opening the  Emergency Intelligence Incinerator in GLaDOS' Chamber.
FileEscape 020028.jpg|GLaDOS in her chamber.
FileEscape 020029.jpg|Ditto.
FileGlados generator dropdown.jpg|Drop-down view of GLaDOS' generator, from her discs and upwards.
FileRocket Sentry.jpg|The Rocket Turret.
FileNeurotoxins countdown.jpg|The neurotoxins flooding GLaDOS' Chamber while the countdown draws to a close.
FileGlados destroy2.jpg|GLaDOS ascends while being destroyed.
FileGlados parking lot.jpg|GLaDOS' remains on the Aperture Laboratories parking lot shortly before Chell is dragged away by the Party Escort Bot.
FileEscape 020070.jpg|GLaDOS activating the Personality Cores and extinguishing the cake's candle with one of her remotely activated mechanical arms.
FileBackground20003.jpg|The cake, a radio and the Aperture Science Red Phone on the desk of the lobby of GLaDOS' Chamber after the end of ''Portal''.
FileWet floor sign.png|Unused wet floor sign texture, humorously referencing the film ''Wikipedia300 (film)|300'', and the infamous meme "http//knowyourmeme.com/memes/this-is-sparta-300 This is Sparta!". While no model exists, the texture file is located in the folder "props_facemovie". It is based on a picture originally posted on the http//www.escapistmagazine.com/forums/read/18.180638-Times-when-THIS-IS-SPARTA Escapist forums.
FileAperture computer case.jpg|
FileAperture keyboard.jpg|
FileAperture mouse.jpg|
FileGlados pillar.jpg|
FileAperture chair.jpg|
FileAperture Science Red Phone.jpg|

===''Portal 2''===
====Concept art====

FilePortal 2 isometric concept.jpg|Concept art for the co-op mode.
FileChell facing glados concept.jpg|Chell facing GLaDOS in the ruins of her chamber. 
FileChell jungle.jpg|Chell in the ruins of GLaDOS' Chamber.
FilePortal 2 beta destroyed chamber.jpg|A ruined GLaDOS' testing track (Portal) Chamber 13|Test Chamber 13. 
FilePortal 2 beta destroyed chamber2.jpg|Ditto.
FilePortal 2 beta ruined chamber3.jpg|Ditto.
FilePortal 2 beta rubble.jpg|A ruined Test Chamber.
FilePotato 26.jpg|A destroyed High Energy Pellet launcher in a ruined Test Chamber 07.
FilePotato 23.jpg|A ruined Test Chamber, revealed during the PotatoFoolsDay ARG|''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG.
FilePotato 17.jpg|A ruined GLaDOS' testing track (Portal) Chamber 03|Test Chamber 03, revealed during the ''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG.
FilePotato 29.jpg|A ruined GLaDOS' testing track (Portal) Chamber 12|Test Chamber 12, revealed during the ''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG.
FilePotato 11.jpg|Ditto
FilePotato 14.jpg|A ruined Test Chamber, revealed during the ''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG.
FilePotato 79.jpg|Concept art of a journey around GLaDOS' damaged chamber, based on ''Portal'' screenshots, first shown by Game Informer, then in the "collaboration" archive during the ''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG.
FilePotato 80.jpg|Concept art of GLaDOS' damaged chamber, based on ''Portal'' screenshots, revealed during the ''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG.
FilePotato 81.jpg|Concept art of GLaDOS' damaged chamber, revealed during the ''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG.
FileGlados outside jungle2.jpg|Screenshot of GLaDOS in her ruined chamber, seen through an orange portal placed in a more recent area of the laboratories, with vegetation going through the portal.
FileInteractive stairs.jpg|Screenshot of a more recent area of the Aperture Laboratories, seen through a blue portal placed in a decaying area of the laboratories, with the remains of a Sentry Turret on the right, as well as vegetation going through the portal. It is the opposite of the previous image.
FilePotato 05.jpg|Chell in a ruined Relaxation Center, revealed during the ''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG.
FilePotato 02.jpg|Chell in the ruined facility, revealed during the ''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG.
FilePotato 08.jpg|Chell in the ruined facility, revealed during the ''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG.
FilePotato 60.jpg|A Test Chamber seen from outside, revealed during the ''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG.
FilePotato 39.jpg|Small Test Chambers without ceilings, revealed during the ''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG.
FilePotato 35.jpg|Test Chamber and giant mousetrap, with Aperture scientist watching from observation offices, revealed during the ''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG.
FilePotato 32.jpg|Red barn in a large hangar, revealed during the ''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG.
FilePotato 20.jpg|Unknown area, similar to GLaDOS' Chamber, revealed during the ''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG.
FilePotato 15.jpg|Office corridor, revealed during the ''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG.
FilePortal2 conceptart 001.jpg|
FilePortal2 conceptart 002.jpg|
FilePortal2 conceptart 003.jpg|
FilePortal2 conceptart 004.jpg|
FilePortal2 conceptart 007.jpg|

====Pre-release screenshots====

FileTest chamber door plants.jpg|A ruined and decaying Test Chamber.
FileWheatley floor Test Chamber 08.jpg|A ruined test chamber with Wheatley lying on the floor.
FileWheatley E3 2010.jpg|Wheatley plugged into a port.
FileWheatley catwalk.jpg|Wheatley being held by Chell.
FileAp maintenance area p2.jpg|Maintenance area.
FileArea under chamber.jpg|Maintenance area under a Test Chamber.
FileRelaxation Vault Portal 2.jpg|Test Chamber 00's Relaxation Vault.
FileGlados meet again talk.jpg|GLaDOS talking to Chell after waking up in her ruined chamber. 
FileGlados outside jungle.jpg|GLaDOS in her ruined chamber.
FileTurret laser ruined chamber.jpg|Sentry Gun aiming its laser among ruins.
FileInteractive floor.jpg|Moving walls in a Test Chamber.
FileMoving walls.jpg|Ditto.
FileThermal beam redirection cube.jpg|Thermal Discouragement Beam in a Test Chamber.
FilePortal 2 beta ruined chamber 7.jpg|A ruined Test Chamber 07 with Wheatley attached on the upper right.
File31420.jpg|A Discouragement Redirection Cube being propelled by an Excursion Funnel.
FileThermal Discouragement Beam E3.jpg|Thermal Discouragement Beam in action in a partially ruined Test Chamber.
File31423.jpg|Decaying incinerator room.
FileAperture old logo back.jpg|An old "Aperture Science Innovators" sign seen from the back.
FileAperture old logo back portals.jpg|Ditto with portals.
FilePortal-2-021.jpg|Unseen area.

====Retail screenshots====

FileEvacuation Training Service Announcement.jpg|Evacuation Training Service Announcement video.

==List of appearances==
*ApertureScience.com {{1st}}
*''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' {{C|Logo only}} / {{C|''Borealis'' blueprints only}}
*''Portal First Slice''
*''Portal Still Alive'' {{Nc}}
*PotatoFoolsDay ARG|''PotatoFoolsDay'' ARG
*Portal ARG|''Portal'' ARG
*''Portal 2 Lab Rat''
*''Portal 2''
*''The Final Hours of Portal 2''
*''Turret Lullaby''
*''Peer Review''
*''Portal Pinball'' {{Nc}}
*''Lego Dimensions'' {{Nc}}

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