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|date=February 22, 2016
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|input=WikipediaHTC|HTC Vive headset, Valve's Lighthouse
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'''''Aperture Robot Repair''''' is a technology demo that was made by Valve to promote their virtual reality technology. It was shown at the WikipediaGame Developers Conference|Game Developers Conference on March 4, 2015 during the Advanced VR Rendering session by Alex Vlachos.http//schedule.gdconf.com/session/advanced-vr-rendering Game Developers Conference 2015 - Schedule It was confirmed to be running on a special version (engine branch) of Source|Source 2.http//twitter.com/joeludwig/status/573390062731149314 Joe Ludwig's tweet (March 4, 2015) The game was finally released along with SteamVR Performance Test on February 22, 2016.http//store.steampowered.com/app/323910 SteamVR Performance Test on Steam

The demo, set in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center, begins with the player finding himself in a maintenance room. He is commanded by the Aperture Science Announcement System|Announcer to open a drawer. No matter the choice, be it a case containing blueprints and tools, a moldy cake, or miniature, sentient cutout figures at equally small desks, he will fail to complete the task.

The Announcer then tells the player to walk across the room and pull a lever, resulting in him meeting ATLAS and P-body in a state of disrepair. As ATLAS approaches, the player is told to press a button to expand the robot's countless components in order to repair them. Due to the limited time and complexity of the task, he fails again as ATLAS breaks down and collapses along with the whole room. The Announcer is dissatisfied with the player's performance and says that he's now not qualified to do anything.

The player then hears GLaDOS wondering out loud how a robot could fail such a simple mission. With the help of a Aperture Science Security Camera|Security Camera, she discovers that it wasn't a machine's fault. As the room around the player is rebuilt, GLaDOS says that he has done well as far as humans go, and that he was relieved of his duties. The demo then fades out.http//engadget.com/2015/03/04/htc-vive-hands-on HTC's Vive made me believe in VR on Edgadget (March 4, 2015)

==Alternate names==
*''Robot Repair Human Diversity Outreach Program''OpenVR files on Steam
*''Aperture VR Demo''http//jeepbarnett.com/resume.pdf Jeep Barnett's resume
*''Aperture Science VR Demo''http//media.steampowered.com/apps/valve/2015/Alex_Vlachos_Advanced_VR_Rendering_GDC2015.pdf Advanced VR Rendering slides on Valve's official website (March 2015)


FilePortal slide01.png|An official screenshot seen in the "Advanced VR Rendering" slides. A computer titled "Aperture Pocket Universe Management Station" can be seen on the left.
FilePortal slide02.png|Ditto.
FilePortal slide03.png|Ditto.


==External links==
*{{YouTube|u28oYid7pOU|Playthrough (with commentary)}}
*{{YouTube|m97ryg88saA|Playthrough (without commentary)}}
*http//media.steampowered.com/apps/valve/2015/Alex_Vlachos_Advanced_VR_Rendering_GDC2015.pdf Advanced VR Rendering slides on Valve's official website (March 2015)

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