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'''Andrea Wicklund''' is an artist who worked at Valve Corporation|Valve.

Wicklund has a WikipediaBachelor of Fine Arts|BFA in Illustration from the Academy of Art of San Francisco,http// Personal website which she attended from 1999 to 2003. She makes art for other various companies, and has been showing her art in exhibitions since 2003.http// Personal website

She made several pieces of concept art for ''Half-Life 2 Episode Three'', posted on her Picasa account (now deleted) in March 2008. They were discovered by a source from in June 2012. The images include several outfit variants for Alyx Vance (one with her wearing her father's jacket), several outfit variants of what may be Arctic Rebels, several variants of the Mil Mi-8 crashed into the ice (each including a facility in the background), and several images of Xen, including what may be a creature, islands, and a Combine Advisor cornering someone.http// ''Episode Three'' concept art album at Andrea Wicklund's Picasa (deleted)http// EXCLUSIVE ''Half-Life 2 Episode 3'' Concept Art at

She created the drawings made by Doug Rattmann and seen in ''Portal 2''.''Portal 2 Collector's Edition Guide'' She returned for ''Portal 2 Lab Rat'', of which she drew the main story, while Michael Avon Oeming drew the flashback scenes. ''Lab Rat'' also reincorporates her Rattmann drawings.

==Selected gameography==
*''Half-Life 2 Episode Two'' (2007)
*''Portal'' (2007)
*''Portal 2'' (2011)

===''Half-Life 2 Episode Three''===

FileEp3 alyx bust.jpg
FileEp3 alyx bust ushanka.jpg
FileEp3 alyx bust chullo.jpg
FileEp3 alyx bust eli's jacket.jpg
FileEp3 alyx bust side1.jpg
FileEp3 alyx bust side2.jpg
FileEp3 alyx1.jpg
FileEp3 alyx2.jpg
FileEp3 alyx3.jpg
FileEp3 alyx4.jpg
FileEp3 alyx5.jpg
FileEp3 alyx6.jpg
FileEp3 alyx7.jpg
FileEp3 alyx8.jpg
FileEp3 char arms1.jpg
FileEp3 char arms2.jpg
FileEp3 char jacket goggles1.jpg
FileEp3 char jacket goggles2.jpg
FileEp3 char overalls.jpg
FileEp3 char jacket1.jpg
FileEp3 char jacket2.jpg
FileEp3 char suit.jpg
FileEp3 chopper crashed1.jpg
FileEp3 chopper crashed2.jpg
FileEp3 chopper crashed3.jpg
FileEp3 xen advisor.jpg
FileEp3 xen bubble1.jpg
FileEp3 xen bubble2.jpg
FileEp3 xen thing1.jpg
FileEp3 xen thing2.jpg
FileEp3 xen thing3.jpg
FileEp3 xen thing4.jpg
FileEp3 xen islands.jpg

===''Portal 2''===

FileAsian TS.jpg
FilePotato 63.jpg
FileLab Rat cover.jpg
FileLab Rat cover clean.jpg
FileRatman art 02.jpg
FileRatman art 03.jpg
FileRatman thenational 02.png
FileRatman art 05.jpg
FileRatman art 06.jpg
FileRatman art 07.jpg
FileRatman thenational 01.png
FileRatman art 09.jpg
FileRatman art 10.jpg
FileRatman art 11.jpg
FileRatman art 12.jpg
FileRatman art 13.jpg
FileRatman art 14.jpg
FileRatman art 15.jpg
FileRatman art 16.jpg
FileRatman art 17.jpg
FileLab Rat p2.jpg
FileLab Rat p4.jpg
FileLab Rat p5.jpg
FileASCDT atlas.jpg
FileASCDT wheatley.jpg

==Official biographies==
{{CollapsedBio|20110925184019/http//|September 25, 2011|Andrea Wicklund|Once upon a time, Andrea was a disheveled, San Francisco artist, making a living as an illustrator. She did newsmaker profiles and such for Rolling Stone, Spin, and The Wall Street Journal, to name a few. Sadly, her life dream of illustrating children’s books fizzled, as her paintings, according to one art director, would “scare the children.” Which makes her perfect for Valve. She joined the company in late 2006. Since arriving, she’s done a little of everything, from character design to comic books (Lab Rat) to hand modeling. (Yes, Andrea is “the hand” of Left 4 Dead.) On her days off, she paints with real, non-electronic paint and listens to loud music—loud enough to drown out her singing voice.}}

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