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The following is a list of '''Alyx Vance/Quotes|quotes from Alyx Vance''', from Development of Half-Life 2|''Half-Life 2''’s development.


'''Location''' sound/temp/alyx (No text data)

Part of the "temp" folder containing the oldest known Alyx sounds, made by two different voice actresses prior to Merle Dandridge's recording.

Consists of dialog from the Skyscraper chapter, after Gordon and Alyx crash in it upon returning from the Weather Control.

{|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90%
|Gordon! I'm hurt! Can't move! Go on without me, find Vance|my father! There's an Vance Headquarters|emergency bunker near the inner gates, he's in command there. Tell him that I... Aaah...
|I'm hurt. Can't move. Go on without me. Find my father. There's an emergency bunker near the inner gates. He'll be in command there. Tell him I... Run.
''(More recent version of the previous quote, with higher sound quality and acting)'' |FileAlsky.ogg |- |} ==Citadel== '''Location''' sound/temp/alyx (No text data) Part of the "temp" folder containing the oldest known Alyx sounds, made by two different voice actresses prior to Merle Dandridge's recording. Part of the dialog from the original Citadel confrontation with the Consul and Helena Mossman. Only Alyx's line are featured in the files. {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |citadel1 |Huh! Let go of me, you bitch! |FileCitadel1.ogg |- |citadel2 |Gordon! Don't listen to them. You know what you have to do. |FileCitadel2.ogg |- |citadel3 |What do you mean, you speak for humanity? You can't speak for something you're not a part of anymore. Call yourself "Consul" or whatever you want, but you're really just another cog in the Combine machinery. |FileCitadel3.ogg |- |} ==Miscellaneous== '''Location''' sound/temp/alyx Part of the "temp" folder containing the oldest known Alyx sounds, made by two different voice actresses prior to Merle Dandridge's recording. Consists of a quote in which Alyx's introduces her "Alyx's cache|cache", as well as miscellaneous quotes to be said during actions sequences. Each file in the "misc" series has a variant with distorted sound and the suffix "lwv". They are not included here. {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |cache |Well, here we are... It's not home exactly. I never stay anywhere long enough to call it home. But it has all the comfort, you know, like food, and water, weapons, and ammo. Make yourself comfortable. You can charge up your batteries over there. I got some stuff to take care of and... then we'll get moving. ''(No text data)'' |FileCache.ogg |- |misc1 |you comin |FileMisc1.ogg |- |misc2 |look, do you want my help or not (used in the WC mappack map "ms_lab") |FileMisc2.ogg |- |misc3 |If you want my help you better get moving (used in the WC mappack map "ms_lab") |FileMisc3.ogg |- |misc4 |try to keep up okay? (used in the WC mappack map "ms_lab") |FileMisc4.ogg |- |misc5 |get down |FileMisc5.ogg |- |misc6 |keep quiet |FileMisc6.ogg |- |misc7 |they're out there |FileMisc7.ogg |- |misc8 |get moving |FileMisc8.ogg |- |misc9 |go |FileMisc9.ogg |- |misc10 |get back |FileMisc10.ogg |- |misc11 |uh oh |FileMisc11.ogg |- |misc12 |keep moving |FileMisc12.ogg |- |misc13 |gordon |FileMisc13.ogg |- |misc14 |over here! |FileMisc14.ogg |- |misc15 |quick! |FileMisc15.ogg |- |misc16 |you go first |FileMisc16.ogg |- |misc17 |get down there |FileMisc17.ogg |- |misc18 |cover me |FileMisc18.ogg |- |misc19 |I'm going in |FileMisc19.ogg |- |misc20 |what are we waiting for? |FileMisc20.ogg |- |} ==Half-Life 2 demonstrations|E3 demonstrations== ==="Strider"=== E3 2002 demonstration involving a Strider attacking Citizens on the streets and Alyx and Gordon fleeing in the sewers in which an Overwatch Soldier is impaled by a Hydra. '''Location''' sound/vo/alyx_strider These quotes are from an early actress used for E3 2002, and include both Strider and Hydra sequences. {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |alyx_01 |It's seen us! Run! ''(No text data)'' |FileAlyx 01.ogg |- |alyx_02 |Don't wait for me, Gordon, keep running! ''(No text data)'' |FileAlyx 02.ogg |- |alyx_03 |over here, c'mon! |FileAlyx 03.ogg |- |alyx_04 |follow me |FileAlyx 04.ogg |- |alyx_05 |okay. come on down. |FileAlyx 05.ogg |- |alyx_06 |uh oh. |FileAlyx 06.ogg |- |alyx_07 |we're finished. |FileAlyx 07.ogg |- |} ==="Tunnels"=== '''Location''' sound/vo/e3_hydra These quotes are from Merle Dandridge, and consist of an updated dialog for the Hydra sequence originally made E3 2002, reused for the end of the E3 2003 demo "Tunnels", in which Gordon reunites with Alyx after being separated. {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |alyx_thereyouare01, alyx_thereyouare02, alyx_runintotrouble, alyx_uhoh |There you are. I wondered what was keeping you. Hope you didn't have any trouble finding me. Uh oh. |FileAlyx thereyouarefull.ogg |- |} ==="Kleiner's Lab"=== '''Location''' sound/vo/e3_lab E3 2003 demonstration set at Kleiner's Lab, with dialog between Alyx and Kleiner, ending with a Strider's blasting through the wall. {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |alyx_snapout |Gordon, Gordon snap out of it! |FileAlyx snapout.ogg |- |alyx_staringagain |You're staring at me again. |FileAlyx staringagain.ogg |- |alyx_areyousure |Are you sure you don't want me to swap out the polarizer? |FileAlyx areyousure.ogg |- |alyx_hopeso1 |Huh. I hope so. |FileAlyx hopeso1.ogg |- |alyx_hopeso2 |For all our sakes. |FileAlyx hopeso2.ogg |- |alyx_imsorrygordon1 |I'm sorry Gordon |FileAlyx imsorrygordon1.ogg |- |alyx_imsorrygordon2 |I can't help thinking that this isn't going to work. |FileAlyx imsorrygordon2.ogg |- |alyx_imsorrygordon3 |we should have listened to my father and done it his way. |FileAlyx imsorrygordon3.ogg |- |alyx_imsorrygordon4 |it's just |FileAlyx imsorrygordon4.ogg |- |alyx_imsorrygordon5 |this is the first time I've had any hope of really striking back at the combine |FileAlyx imsorrygordon5.ogg |- |alyx_imsorrygordon6 |and now, we're sitting ducks unless we can get this thing running. |FileAlyx imsorrygordon6.ogg |- |alyx_cmondoc |Come on Doctor Kleiner, is it gonna work or not? |FileAlyx cmondoc.ogg |- |alyx_scanners1 |Maybe we should just cut our losses and |FileAlyx scanners1.ogg |- |alyx_scanners2 |Listen! |FileAlyx scanners2.ogg |- |alyx_scanners3 |Scanners! |FileAlyx scanners3.ogg |- |alyx_thatsit |That's it. We've gotta get moving. |FileAlyx thatsit.ogg |- |alyx_takethis |Here Gordon, take this. |FileAlyx takethis.ogg |- |alyx_getout |Let's get outta here. |FileAlyx getout.ogg |- |alyx_toolate |It's too late. Run! |FileAlyx toolate.ogg |- |} ==Pre-retail== ===Kleiner's Lab 1=== '''Location''' sound/vo/k_lab {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |al_aboutthecat |Hey, uh, yeah. About that cat. ''(Same as retail)'' |Fileal aboutthecat.ogg |- |al_allrightdoc |Uh-oh. Everything all right, Doctor Kleiner? ''(Same as retail)'' |Fileal allrightdoc.ogg |- |al_animalperson |Barney... You're not an animal person? ''(Same as retail)'' |Fileal animalperson.ogg |- |al_buymeadrink |Mind buying me a drink? |Fileal buymeadrink.ogg |- |al_buyyoudrink01 to al_buyyoudrink03 |Hmm. Here. Let me buy you a drink. ''(Same as retail)'' |Fileal buyyoudrink01to03.ogg |- |al_careful |Careful there. ''(Same as retail)'' |Fileal careful.ogg |- |al_checkguyout01 to al_checkguyout06 |Ahem. Hmmm. Check this out. The last newspaper ever printed. And this guy on the cover. Gordon Freeman? |Fileal checkguyout01to06.ogg |- |al_cmonfreeman |Uh - Doctor Freeman. Come on. ''(Same as retail)'' ''(No text data)'' |Fileal cmonfreeman.ogg |- |al_comingthru |He's coming through, Dad. ''(Same as retail)'' ''(No text data)'' |Fileal comingthru.ogg |- |al_comingwith |Don't worry. He's coming with me. ''(Same as retail)'' |Fileal comingwith.ogg |- |al_dadsays01 |My dad says, back at Black Mesa, you couldn't walk into a room without breaking a beaker. ''(No text data)'' |Fileal dadsays01.ogg |- |al_dadsays02 |Or making the microwave oven explode. ''(No text data)'' |Fileal dadsays02.ogg |- |al_dietregular |Diet or regular? |Fileal dietregular.ogg |- |al_docsays01 |If Dr. Kleiner says you should wear that thing... ''(Same as retail)'' ''(No text data)'' |Fileal docsays01.ogg |- |al_docsays02 |You should wear it. ''(Same as retail)'' ''(No text data)'' |Fileal docsays02.ogg |- |al_docswaiting01 |Well, come on. |Fileal docswaiting01.ogg |- |al_docswaiting02 |Dr. Kleiner's waiting. |Fileal docswaiting02.ogg |- |al_docswaiting03 |We've all been waiting. |Fileal docswaiting03.ogg |- |al_figureclothes |How hard can it be to figure out your clothes? ''(No text data)'' |Fileal figureclothes.ogg |- |al_foundhim |I found him wandering around outside. Bit of a troublemaker, isn't he? ''(Same as retail)'' |Fileal foundhim.ogg |- |al_freemanright |Gordon Freeman, right? |Fileal freemanright.ogg |- |al_givemeahand |Could you give me a hand here? ''(No text data)'' |Fileal givemeahand.ogg |- |al_gogetyou |Go out and get you. ''(No text data)'' |Fileal gogetyou.ogg |- |al_gotcompany01 |Dr. Kleiner? |Fileal gotcompany01.ogg |- |al_gotcompany02 |We've got company. |Fileal gotcompany02.ogg |- |al_handle |Nothing I can handle. ''(No text data)'' |Fileal handle.ogg |- |al_herewego |Here we go. ''(No text data)'' |Fileal herewego.ogg |- |al_heydoc |Hey Doc. ''(Same as retail)'' ''(No text data)'' |Fileal heydoc.ogg |- |al_imalyx |Hi. I'm Alyx Vance. |Fileal imalyx leak.ogg |- |al_itsthere |It's right there, Gordon. ''(Same as retail)'' ''(No text data)'' |Fileal itsthere.ogg |- |al_keepitgoing |Keep it going, Gordon. ''(Same as retail)'' ''(No text data)'' |Fileal keepitgoing.ogg |- |al_letsdoit |Then let's do it. ''(Same as retail)'' |Fileal letsdoit.ogg |- |al_lostgordon |We just lost Gordon. ''(Same as retail)'' ''(No text data)'' |Fileal lostgordon.ogg |- |al_moveon01 |Ahem. ''(Same as retail)'' ''(No text data)'' |Fileal moveon01.ogg |- |al_moveon02 |Let's get a move on. ''(Same as retail)'' ''(No text data)'' |Fileal moveon02.ogg |- |al_muchtrouble |I hope you made it here without too much trouble. |Fileal muchtrouble.ogg |- |al_myfather |Have you heard from my father yet? |Fileal myfather.ogg |- |al_mysterious |Mysterious, aren't you? |Fileal mysterious.ogg |- |al_nocombine |Uh, we don't want the whole Combine coming down on us. |Fileal nocombine.ogg |- |al_notonfoot |We're not going on foot. |Fileal notonfoot.ogg |- |al_pickplug |Pick up the plug. |Fileal pickplug.ogg |- |al_plugitin |Would you mind plugging it in? |Fileal plugitin.ogg |- |al_problemdoc |Uh, doctor, is there a problem? |Fileal problemdoc.ogg |- |al_readyforus |Are you ready for us, Dad? ''(Same as retail)'' |Fileal readyforus.ogg |- |al_reputation |I see you're living up to your reputation already. ''(No text data)'' |Fileal reputation.ogg |- |al_sameguy |But this was a long time ago. How could you be the same guy? |Fileal sameguy.ogg |- |al_screechinghalt |What did I expect from the man who brought civilization to a screeching halt? |Fileal screechinghalt.ogg |- |al_seeifitworks |Let's just see if this thing works, okay? ''(Same as retail)'' |Fileal seeifitworks.ogg |- |al_showonroad |Meanwhile, let's get this show on the road. ''(Same as retail)'' ''(No text data)'' |Fileal showonroad.ogg |- |al_socket |There's the socket. |Fileal socket.ogg |- |al_soundslikeyou |Sure looks a lot like you. |Fileal soundslikeyou.ogg |- |al_standback |Stand back. ''(No text data)'' |Fileal standback.ogg |- |al_takecredit |I can't take any credit for the breakthrough, Doctor. ''(Same as retail)'' |Fileal takecredit.ogg |- |al_thanks |Great, thanks. |Fileal thanks.ogg |- |al_thatsit |That's it. ''(Same as retail)'' ''(No text data)'' |Fileal thatsit lab.ogg |- |al_theplug |Uh, Doctor? The plug? ''(Same as retail)'' |Fileal theplug.ogg |- |al_there |Uh - there. ''(Same as retail)'' ''(No text data)'' |Fileal there.ogg |- |al_thereheis |There he is! ''(Same as retail)'' ''(No text data)'' |Fileal thereheis.ogg |- |al_theswitch |The switch, Doctor Freeman. ''(Same as retail)'' ''(No text data)'' |Fileal theswitch.ogg |- |al_throwswitch |You gonna let Gordon throw the switch? ''(Same as retail)'' ''(No text data)'' |Fileal throwswitch.ogg |- |al_uhoh |Uh-oh. ''(No text data)'' |Fileal uhoh.ogg |- |al_unplugged |I think this came unplugged. |Fileal unplugged.ogg |- |al_whatcat01 |What cat? ''(Same as retail)'' |Fileal whatcat01.ogg |- |al_whatcat02 |What cat? ''(Same as retail)'' |Fileal whatcat02.ogg |- |al_whatsgoingon |What's going on? ''(Same as retail)'' ''(No text data)'' |Fileal whatsgoingon.ogg |- |al_wontlook |Don't worry. I won't look. ''(Same as retail)'' ''(No text data)'' |Fileal wontlook.ogg |- |al_woohoo |Woohoo! ''(No text data)'' |Fileal woohoo leak.ogg |- |al_youmadeit |You made it. ''(No text data)'' |Fileal youmadeit leak.ogg |- |} ===Black Mesa East=== '''Location''' sound/vo/eli_lab (No text data) {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |al_autocycle |We're in the airlock, stuck in a full auto cycle unless someone can override it! |FileAl autocycle leak.ogg |- |al_bethere01 |Alright Dad, I'll be right there. |FileAl bethere01.ogg |- |al_bethere02 |I... I can't believe he got through. |FileAl bethere02.ogg |- |al_bethere03 |Out! |FileAl bethere03.ogg |- |al_canthiswait |Uh, Judith, can this wait? We've got somewhere else to be. |FileAl canthiswait.ogg |- |al_comedog01 |Dog, come! |FileAl comedog01.ogg |- |al_comedog02 |Come here boy! |FileAl comedog02.ogg |- |al_conduct01 |Which is exactly why I'm making sure he knows the rules of conduct. |FileAl conduct01.ogg |- |al_conduct02 |It's gonna be hard to keep hidden if he stirs the Antlions every time he steps outside. Now if you'll excuse us. |FileAl conduct02.ogg |- |al_dad_ques01 |Dad? |FileAl dad ques01 leak.ogg |- |al_dad_scared01 |Dad? |FileAl dad scared01 leak.ogg |- |al_dad_scared02 |Dad! |FileAl dad scared02 leak.ogg |- |al_dogairlock01 |Damnit! |FileAl dogairlock01 leak.ogg |- |al_dogairlock02 |Dog. Open the airlock, get us out of here. |FileAl dogairlock02 leak.ogg |- |al_doyouread |Dad? Dad, this is Alyx. Do you read? |FileAl doyouread leak.ogg |- |al_fatherwhere |My father. Where? |FileAl fatherwhere.ogg |- |al_fullwave |Dad. We just saw a full wave of scanners coming in. |FileAl fullwave.ogg |- |al_getitopen01 |Hurry! |FileAl getitopen01 leak.ogg |- |al_getitopen02 |Now. Tear it apart if you have to. Just get it open. |FileAl getitopen02 leak.ogg |- |al_goafter01 |Gordon. |FileAl goafter01.ogg |- |al_goafter02 |We have to go after them. |FileAl goafter02.ogg |- |al_hidad |Hi, Dad. |FileAl hidad.ogg |- |al_honest01 |chuckles So you've met Dr. Mossman. |FileAl honest01.ogg |- |al_honest02 |She's one of the reasons I spend so much time outside. |FileAl honest02.ogg |- |al_illdothat |I'll do that. |FileAl illdothat.ogg |- |al_joking01 |What? You're joking? |FileAl joking01.ogg |- |al_joking02 |You're serious? |FileAl joking02.ogg |- |al_joking03 |How did it get past me? |FileAl joking03.ogg |- |al_keepwatch01 |Oh, no... |FileAl keepwatch01.ogg |- |al_keepwatch02 |Oh, please... |FileAl keepwatch02.ogg |- |al_keepwatch03 |Keep watching. |FileAl keepwatch03.ogg |- |al_lefthand |Oh? You mean old Mossie left me a hand? |FileAl lefthand.ogg |- |al_notgoing |We're not going anywhere without— |FileAl notgoing.ogg |- |al_olddays01 |Oh, let me do it, Dad. |FileAl olddays01.ogg |- |al_olddays02 |There's stuff I'd like to ask Gordon. |FileAl olddays02.ogg |- |al_olddays03 |You know, |FileAl olddays03.ogg |- |al_olddays04 |about the old days. |FileAl olddays04.ogg |- |al_oldrecord01 |I've gotta say, I think you broke my old record for getting here on foot from Dr. Kleiner's Lab. |FileAl oldrecord01.ogg |- |al_oldrecord02 |Still, you'd have made better time if you hadn't try to brute-force your way through the Antlion zones. There's a subtler way of dealing with— |FileAl oldrecord02.ogg |- |al_oldrecord03 |Uh-oh. |FileAl oldrecord03.ogg |- |al_omgno |Oh my God. No! |FileAl omgno.ogg |- |al_omgscanners01 |Oh my God. |FileAl omgscanners01.ogg |- |al_omgscanners02 |Those are scanners. |FileAl omgscanners02.ogg |- |al_omgscanners03 |Gordon, get back inside, we've gotta warn— |FileAl omgscanners03.ogg |- |al_onepiece |I'll bring him back in one piece. |FileAl onepiece leak.ogg |- |al_riled01 |So, where is the troublemaker? |FileAl riled01.ogg |- |al_riled02 |I've never seen the Antlions so riled. |FileAl riled02.ogg |- |al_scouts01 |No! |FileAl scouts01.ogg |- |al_scouts02 |Where? Use your scouts. Can you see them? |FileAl scouts02.ogg |- |al_south01 |Approaching the south entrance. |FileAl south01.ogg |- |al_south02 |There's a lot of Antlion activity out here, but not sign of Gordon Freeman. |FileAl south02.ogg |- |al_stirredup01 |Dad, you got plenty of time to talk about this later. |FileAl stirredup01.ogg |- |al_stirredup02 |I want Gordon to see what he stirred up. |FileAl stirredup02.ogg |- |al_stirredup03 |If he's gonna walk in the Antlions ??? he might has well learn to tread lightly. |FileAl stirredup03.ogg |- |al_theyknow01 |They know. |FileAl theyknow01.ogg |- |al_theyknow02 |Quick. Get in. |FileAl theyknow02.ogg |- |al_thisisdog01 |Gordon, this is Dog. |FileAl thisisdog01 leak.ogg |- |al_thisisdog02 |My dad built him years ago to keep track of me. |FileAl thisisdog02.ogg |- |al_thisisdog03 |Be my little buddy while I was scavenging around. |FileAl thisisdog03.ogg |- |al_thisisdog04 |That was the first model. He was about... yay-high. |FileAl thisisdog04.ogg |- |al_thisisdog05 |I've been adding to him ever since. |FileAl thisisdog05.ogg |- |al_thisisdog06 |Haven't I, boy? |FileAl thisisdog06.ogg |- |al_thisway |Come on, Gordon. This way. |FileAl thisway leak.ogg |- |al_tour01 |I'm not starting anything. |FileAl tour01.ogg |- |al_tour02 |I suppose she already gave him the tour. |FileAl tour02.ogg |- |al_trackthem |Put the word out. Make sure you track them as far as you can. If they change course, we need to know. |FileAl trackthem.ogg |- |al_yes |Yeah! |FileAl yes leak.ogg |- |} ===Nova Prospekt=== '''Location''' sound/vo/NovaProspekt ''(No text data)'' {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |al_areyouthere |Are you there, Dr. Kleiner? |Fileal areyouthere.ogg |- |al_comeonin01 |Well, come on in. |Fileal comeonin01.ogg |- |al_comeonin02 |Come on in, Gordon. ''(Same as retail)'' |Fileal comeonin02.ogg |- |al_comeonin03 |Come on in. |Fileal comeonin03.ogg |- |al_cozy |Hmm this is cozy. |Fileal cozy.ogg |- |al_hybridworking01 |I've got a hybrid teleport working. (???) |Fileal hybridworking01.ogg |- |al_hybridworking02 |Are you ready to receive us? |Fileal hybridworking02.ogg |- |} ===Kleiner's Lab 2=== '''Location''' sound/vo/k_lab2 (no lipsync data in this folder) {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |al_andmyfather |And what about my father? |Fileal andmyfather leak.ogg |- |al_aweekago01 |A week ago? |Fileal aweekago01.ogg |- |al_aweekago02 |But I only just activated the hybrid portal and stepped in. |Fileal aweekago02.ogg |- |al_aweekago03 |And here we are. |Fileal aweekago03.ogg |- |al_dog |Dog. |Fileal dog.ogg |- |al_gottogetout01 |We got to get out of here. |Fileal gottogetout01.ogg |- |al_gottogetout02 |Come on, Dr. Kleiner. |Fileal gottogetout02.ogg |- |al_gottogetout03 |Gordon, Dog, let's go. |Fileal gottogetout03.ogg |- |al_ijusttoldyou |What do you mean? I just told you we were coming. |Fileal ijusttoldyou.ogg |- |al_poordoc01 |Oh no. |Fileal poordoc01.ogg |- |al_poordoc02 |Poor Dr. Kleiner. |Fileal poordoc02.ogg |- |al_thecitadel01 |The Citadel. |Fileal thecitadel01.ogg |- |al_thecitadel02 |My God, Gordon. We lost whatever chance we had. |Fileal thecitadel02.ogg |- |al_whathappened01 |A week? |Fileal whathappened01.ogg |- |al_whathappened02 |But what happened in the mean time? |Fileal whathappened02.ogg |- |al_whatswrong |What's wrong? |Fileal whatswrong leak.ogg |- |al_wheresdoc01 |That's odd. Where's Dr. Kleiner? |Fileal wheresdoc01 leak.ogg |- |al_wheresdoc02 |Dr. Kleiner! Let us out! |Fileal wheresdoc02 leak.ogg |- |al_who |Who? |Fileal who.ogg |- |} ===City 17 uprising=== '''Location''' sound/vo/Streetwar/Alyx_gate Early dialogs of the battle at the gate during the City 17 uprising, shortly before Alyx gets captured. {|class=wikitable border="1" style=width90% |- !width=15%|Filename(s) !Quote !width=10%|Play |- |al_almostdone |Almost done. |FileAl almostdone.ogg |- |al_bridge01 |The bridge we've gotta cross is beyond that gate. |FileAl bridge01.ogg |- |al_bridge02 |I can hack the gate controls and hold it open till we're through, but you're gonna have to watch my back while I'm working. |FileAl bridge02.ogg |- |al_cmon |Come on! |FileAl cmon.ogg |- |al_cmoncmon |Come on, come on. |FileAl cmoncmon leak.ogg |- |al_comeon |Come on! ''(No text data)'' |FileAl comeon leak.ogg |- |al_coupleminutes |It could take me a couple minutes to take control of the gate. |FileAl coupleminutes.ogg |- |al_coverme01 |Cover me! |FileAl coverme01.ogg |- |al_coverme02 |Cover me! |FileAl coverme02.ogg |- |al_damn |Damn! |FileAl damn leak.ogg |- |al_firstbit |First bit's done. |FileAl firstbit.ogg |- |al_followme |Follow me! ''(No text data)'' |FileAl followme.ogg |- |al_getoverhere |Get over here! |FileAl getoverhere.ogg |- |al_getthrough |Get through before it closes. |FileAl getthrough.ogg |- |al_go |Go! |FileAl go.ogg |- |al_goingthru01 |Looks like instead of going over it. |FileAl goingthru01.ogg |- |al_goingthru02 |we'll be going through. |FileAl goingthru02.ogg |- |al_goodletsgo |Good. Let's go. |FileAl goodletsgo.ogg |- |al_gordonhurryup |Gordon, hurry up - get over here! |FileAl gordonhurryup.ogg |- |al_heregoes |All right... here goes. |FileAl heregoes leak.ogg |- |al_hurry |Hurry! |FileAl hurry leak.ogg |- |al_hurrygordon |Hurry, Gordon! |FileAl hurrygordon.ogg |- |al_iwasafraid |I was afraid you weren't going to make it. |FileAl iwasafraid.ogg |- |al_keepmoving |Keep moving! ''(No text data)'' |FileAl keepmoving.ogg |- |al_letsgetmoving |Let's get moving! ''(No text data)'' |FileAl letsgetmoving.ogg |- |al_no |No! ''(Same as retail)'' |FileAl no.ogg |- |al_nottoolong |This shouldn't take too long. |FileAl nottoolong leak.ogg |- |al_nowtricky |Now for the tricky part. |FileAl nowtricky.ogg |- |al_okgetgoing |Okay, let's get going. |FileAl okgetgoing.ogg |- |al_okthatsit |Okay, that's it! |FileAl okthatsit.ogg |- |al_onemorebit |Just one more bit and we're ready. |FileAl onemorebit.ogg |- |al_onewill01 |Or anyway. |FileAl onewill01.ogg |- |al_onewill02 |One of us will. |FileAl onewill02.ogg |- |al_overhere01 |Over here! ''(No text data)'' |FileAl overhere01.ogg |- |al_overhere02 |Over here! ''(No text data)'' |FileAl overhere02.ogg |- |al_phew |Phew. ''(No text data)'' |FileAl phew.ogg |- |al_standardpanel |It's a standard panel. |FileAl standardpanel leak.ogg |- |al_thankgod |Thank God. |FileAl thankgod leak.ogg |- |al_thatsit |That's it. |FileAl thatsit gate leak.ogg |- |al_thatwasclose |That was close. ''(No text data)'' |FileAl thatwasclose leak.ogg |- |al_thebridge |The bridge! |FileAl thebridge.ogg |- |al_thedeal |Ok, here's the deal. |FileAl thedeal.ogg |- |al_there |There. |FileAl there gate leak.ogg |- |al_theresbridge01 |There's the bridge. |FileAl theresbridge01.ogg |- |al_theresbridge02 |Let's get across. |FileAl theresbridge02.ogg |- |al_theysawus |They saw us! |FileAl theysawus leak.ogg |- |al_whatnow01 |What now? |FileAl whatnow01.ogg |- |al_whatnow02 |We have to get across this canal! |FileAl whatnow02.ogg |- |} {{Quotes}} CategoryQuotes by character {{DEFAULTSORTVance}}