All-Knowing Vortigaunt

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|name=All-Knowing Vortigaunt
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|weapons=*Charged electrical attack
|era=Combine occupation of Earth|Combine occupation
|affiliation=The Resistance
|voice=Louis Gossett Jr.
|designer=Marc Laidlaw
The '''All-Knowing Vortigaunt''', also called the '''Singing Vortigaunt''' or the '''Sore Throat Vortigaunt''', is the nickname given to the Vortigaunt found in the canals in ''Half-Life 2''.

FileAll-knowing Vort singing.jpg|The All-Knowing Vortigaunt singing.|thumb|200px|left

Near the end of the chapter ''Water Hazard'' (map d1_canals_13), Gordon Freeman must destroy a Hunter-Chopper that has been following his trail. After this is completed, a large, sliding metal gate must be opened to proceed further. After going through the gate, on the left there are two visible drainage tunnels set into the face of the rock. The grate on the left tunnel is shown to be peeled back. Inside this tunnel, beyond a stretch of radioactive waste is a large, underground cavern, home to a character referred to by fans as "The All-Knowing" (or "Sore Throat") Vortigaunt.

The Vortigaunt in question is shown roasting a Fast Headcrab over an open fire while chanting, eventually pausing to hack and wheeze for a moment. When triggering him with the "Use" key, the player may hear many Vortigaunt statements pertaining to the Black Mesa Incident, Xen, the G-Man, the Nihilanth, and Gordon's deep connection to the Vortigaunts, among other topics. However, given enough prompting by the player, he appears to say every possible Vortigaunt sentence, spoken by the other Vortigaunts in ''Half-Life 2''.

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|''Discover the hidden singing Vortigaunt cave in chapter Water Hazard.''


Some players think the Fast Headcrab makes its first appearance in the All-Knowing Vortigaunt cave. This is untrue, as it first appears at Station 6 if one goes back to Arlene after leaving with the Airboat, it appears a Fast Headcrab killed her, but without turning her into a Fast Zombie.


FileAll-knowing vortigaunt notice.jpg|The All-Knowing Vortigaunt.

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