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|prefix= |designer=Dario Casali{{efn|The demo (.dem) files (previously recorded footage of the game) in Half-Life Alpha|''Half-Life'' Alpha appears to be recorded by the creators of the maps. c2a4.dem was recorded by number_6, which is the alias of Dario Casali.}} |previous=''The Security Complex'' |next=''Communications Center'' }} The '''''Alien Research Lab'''''Half-Life Alpha|''Half-Life'' Alpha Walkthrough (WalkThru.doc) (September 4, 1997) is a location and chapter cut from ''Half-Life''. A playable version can be found in the Half-Life Alpha|''Half-Life'' Alpha. ==Overview== The ''Alien Research Lab'' is a large research complex featuring three labs to hold and study alien lifeforms. The labs are color-coded LAB1 is orange, LAB2 is red, and LAB3 is blue. The player was to track down two scientists and lead them back to the entrance to LAB3 where he can escape to the surface through the emergency exit. From the Half-Life soundtrack|soundtrack, "Hard Technology Rock" plays in c2a4a and "Diabolical Adrenaline Guitar" plays in c2a4b and c2a4c on continuous loop throughout the maps. ==Fate== The chapter was cut following the game's significant reworking in late 1997. The location and chapter eventually evolved into the Alien Research Labs in ''Questionable Ethics'' which share the same general premise. While none of the level architecture was reused, the concept of Alien Grunts being stored in containment chambers survived into the final game. ==Gallery== ====Alpha==== FileAlpha c2a4 01.jpg|A storage room. FileAlpha c2a4a 01.jpg|The research complex. FileAlpha c2a4a sarge.jpg|Human Sergeant standing in an open area. He's only present in the .dem files. FileAlpha c2a4a 02.jpg FileAlpha c2a4a 03.jpg FileAlpha c2a4a 04.jpg|The entrance to LAB3. FileAlpha c2a4a 05.jpg|The entrance to LAB2 and LAB1. FileAlpha c2a4a 06.jpg|LAB1 interior. FileAlpha c2a4b 01.jpg|LAB2 computers. FileAlpha c2a4b 02.jpg|LAB2 interior. FileAlpha c2a4b 03.jpg|Alien Grunts being held in containment chambers in LAB2.{{abbr3|i|The bubbles are not rendered in this screenshot, because of technical issues.}} FileAlpha c2a4b 04.jpg|Scientist being held by a soldier in LAB2. FileAlpha c2a4b 05.jpg|Scientist being held in a room in LAB2. FileAlpha c2a4c 01.jpg|The entrance to LAB3. FileAlpha c2a4c 02.jpg|LAB3 interior. FileAlpha c2a4c 03.jpg|The player locked inside a room in LAB3. FileAlpha c2a4c 04.jpg|The player activates the emergency switch to exit the room. FileAlpha c2a4c 05.jpg|The emergency exit in LAB3. ====Pre-release==== FileHwguy in-game.jpg|Human Sergeant standing along with soldiers. FileHLPF 04.png|Ditto, closeup. FileHECU in unknown location.jpg FileHECU cave entrance.jpg FileInside Barnacle.jpg FileSecurity guard in Barnacle.jpg File00 Lab.jpg FileTanks.jpg FileHLPF 29.png File0007-hlbs7.jpg FileYellow Bullsquid cornered.jpg FileYellow Bullsquid spitting.jpg FileIntroduction HLPF map.jpg FileAlien Grunts Kiosk.jpg ==Notes== {{notelist}} ==References== {{reflist}} ==External links== *{{YouTube|GWqNkOMyKAA|''Half-Life'' Pre-release Video from 1997}} *{{YouTube|Z2V4lfdFSvc|''Half-Life'' Pre-release Video #2 from 1997}} *{{YouTube|rmWce02xLbs|''Half-Life Preliminary Findings'' - Introduction}} - Features footage at 0021, 0027, 0034, 0042, and 0049. *{{YouTube|-5hGB_JRs8s|''Half-Life Preliminary Findings'' - Indeep}} - Features footage at 0144. *{{YouTube|05tAjTpMoPM|''Half-Life Preliminary Findings'' - Jay Stelly interview}} - Features footage at 0036. *{{YouTube|FerAlK9GRSY|''Half-Life Preliminary Findings'' - Ken Birdwell interview}} - Features footage at 0048 and 0053. *{{YouTube|W90QncBwtr4|''Half-Life Preliminary Findings'' - Barnacle}} *{{YouTube|FE3hwTGO698|''Half-Life'' trailer from GameStar magazine}} - Features footage at 0020 *{{YouTube|phTjVY04_k0&t{{=}}19m44s|''Half-Life'' Alpha developer playthrough}} - Recorded from the included demo files. {{Chapters}} {{Locations}} {{Black Mesa}} CategoryBlack Mesa Research Facility locations CategoryCut locations CategoryHalf-Life Alpha chapters