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|designer=Chuck Joneshttp// Chuck Jones' personal website''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''

'''Alien Grunts''' are the primary combatant force of the Nihilanth's Xen army.

FileAgrunt firing.jpg|thumb|left|200px|An Alien Grunt firing his Hivehand.
Tough, strong, and extremely hostile, Alien Grunts stand about seven feet tall and are armed with a biological weapon called the Hivehand which launches living projectiles autonomous, insect-like creatures known as hornets which home in on their targets. At close range, they will also use hand-to-hand combat. Alien Grunts share many physical characteristics with their Vortigaunt counterparts multiple red eyes, backwards-jointed legs, hoofed feet, and a short arm extending from their mid-torso which is used for feeding.

They are equipped with metallic-like armor around the groin and shoulders, as well as helmets and shoes. However, several areas of their body are still left exposed. Alien Grunts take significantly reduced damage if shot in the armor rather than their exposed flesh with a .357 Magnum or Crossbow (Half-Life)|Crossbow; lower impact rounds, such as 9mm Pistol (Half-Life)|pistol or Submachine Gun (Half-Life)|Submachine Gun bullets, buckshot, and even the primary fire of the Tau Cannon, will outright ricochet off the armor without doing any damage at all since the protection negates 20 points of damage from many sources.

Alien Grunts use intelligent soldier-based combat tactics, for instance running between cover and firing at unseen enemies so that the hornets will track foes around corners. They have almost twice as much health compared to Hazardous Environment Combat Unit|HECU Marines. Combined with their bullet-deflecting partial body armor, this gives them high durability in battle. They also demonstrate superhuman strength in various scripted sequences seen throughout the game, such as punching a soldier through a concrete wall, quickly prying open a large set of heavy blast doors, and thriving in harsh conditions and high radiation areas.

Alien Grunts can be found being transported through Mines|the mines on Xen stored in pod-shaped containers. They are also often transported by Alien Crafts. At one point in the game, a group of Alien Grunts appear to have set up an Energy Cannon, implying the necessity for external weaponry.

==Behind the scenes==
FileAlien grunt 3.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Colored concept art.
The Alien Grunt was initially known as the Alien Warrior Vortigaunt. Before the Hivehand, the Alien Grunt was planned to use List of cut Alien Grunt weapons|different type of weapons.''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar'' An early version of the Alien Grunt model had blue armor (initial concept art featured green armor while early model renders depicted a bright silver armor) and lacked the Hivehand, instead firing hornets directly from its right hand.''Half-Life'' (pre-release) This model was kept in the retail ''Half-Life'' as a sprite for the Alien Grunts forming the distant back rows in the "bad" ending. The final Alien Grunt model also features an unused variation in which it lacks a Hivehand akin to its early model.

In Online Gaming Review's early ''Half-Life'' Monster of the Week Feature preview, Alien Grunts were given the WikipediaTaxonomy (biology)|taxonomic designation "Xenotherium myrmex." The creatures discharged from their Hivehands are referred to as "thornets," and their regeneration is explained as being as a result of continued breeding in their host's para-coelomic cavity. The Alien Grunts' armor is described as not being a product of alien technology but rather a biologically extruded exoskeleton synthesized from a diet rich in certain xenotic minerals. Their preferred ration is said to come in the mobile form of Chumtoads, an alien type which ended up being cut and not appearing in the original ''Half-Life''.{{IA|19980210182841/http//|''Half-Life'' - Monster of the Week feature|}}

===''Half-Life'' Alpha===

FileAlpha alien grunt.png|Alpha version.
FileC3a1 helipad01.jpg
FileAlpha c2a4b 03.jpg|Alien Grunts being held in containment chambers.
FileAlpha c2a4c 03.jpg
FileAlpha c2a4c 04.jpg


FileAlien grunt concept2.jpg|Concept art.
FileBlack hole gun.jpg|Ditto.
FileAlien Organic Chainsaw.jpg|Ditto.
FileSpore missile launcher.jpg|Ditto.
FileAlien grunt concept black.jpg|Promotional artwork.
FileDhabihEng AgruntGordon.jpg|Ditto, facing off against Gordon Freeman.
FileHalf-Life ad Alien Grunt.jpg|Promotional image.
FileAgrunt early model.jpg|Early model.
FileAgrunt early model 2.jpg|Front view.
Filei_alien1.jpg|Model renders.
FileRtb 060.jpg|Head variants.
FileAgrunt betaflash0.jpg|In ''Anomalous Materials''.
File0007-hlbs7.jpg|In ''Alien Research Lab''.
FileAlien Grunts Kiosk.jpg|Ditto.
FileShowcase map 1.jpg|In a technology demo.
FileAGrunt demo.jpg|Ditto, close-up.
FileAgrunt corridorbeta.jpg|Alien Grunts attacking the player (note the built-in Hivehand).
FileAlien grunt heavy tunnel.jpg|Human Sergeant, Alien Grunt, HECU grunt, and dead scientist in a tunnel.
FileHornet particle tracers.jpg|Ditto. Note particle tracers.
FileAgrunt running beta.jpg|In ''Communications Center''.
FileEarly Agrunt and scientists.jpg|Alien Grunt and two dead scientists in an early Datacore map which originally was to appear in singleplayer.
FileEarly agrunt with hivehand.jpg|Alien Grunt firing an early Hivehand which resembles the FileAlien organic assault rifle con.jpg|Alien Organic Assault Rifle.
FileEarly Alien Grunts firing.jpg|Early Alien Grunts firing Hivehands. Note the blue tracer used instead of red.


FileHl agrunt01.png|Alien Grunt.
FileHl agrunt02.png|Ditto, without Hivehand.
FileHldc agrunt01.png|Dreamcast version.
FileHldc agrunt02.png|Ditto, without Hivehand.
FileHl agrunt01 hd.png|Half-Life High Definition Pack|High Definition version.
FileHl agrunt02 hd.png|Ditto, without Hivehand.
FileHlpsx agrunt01.png|PlayStation 2 version.
FileHlpsx agrunt02.png|Ditto, without Hivehand.
FileHldy agrunt01.png|''Decay'' version.
FileHldy agrunt02.png|Ditto, without Hivehand.
FileAgrunt sprite.png|In sprite form.
FileAgrunt sprite Source.png|Ditto, Half-Life Source|Source version.
FileC2a4d grunt.jpg
FileC2a4e grunt.jpg
FileC2a5e0002.jpg|Alien Grunts being unloaded by an Alien Craft.
FileC2a5e osprey.jpg|Alien Grunts attacking soldiers.
FileSnark mine c3a10014.jpg|A Grunt standing near a Snark Egg.
FileC3a1b cannon.jpg|An Energy Cannon.
FileXen mines warehouse.jpg|Barrel-like containers with Alien Grunts inside.

==List of appearances==
*''Half-Life'' {{1st}}
*''Half-Life Opposing Force''
*''Half-Life Blue Shift''
*''Half-Life Decay''
*''Half-Life 2 Raising the Bar''

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*{{YouTube|Z2V4lfdFSvc|Alien Grunts in the ''Alien Research Lab''}}

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