A Place in the West

{{Book Infobox
|name=Half-Life A Place in the West
|author=*Ross Joseph Gardner (lead writer)
*Michael Pelletier (co-writer, website developer)
*Heath Heil (illustrator)
*Rachel Deering (lettering) |language=English |subject= |publisher= |date=2014 |pages= |ISBN= |previous= |next= |hidei= }} '''''Half-Life A Place in the West''''' is a webcomic created by Ross Joseph Gardner, Michael Pelletier, Heath Heil, and Rachel Deering,http//aplaceinthewest.net/#/info ''Half-Life A Place in the West'' - about based on the Half-Life (series)|''Half-Life'' video game series. It takes place in between the events of ''Half-Life'' and ''Half-Life 2'', after the Seven Hour War, and follows a man named Albert Kempinski as he searches for his kidnapped daughter. On September 30, 2016, the first issue was released for free on Steam utilizing a new application presentation. ==Issues== *''Following Portents'' *''A Very Modern Major-General'' *''The Eyes of the People'' *''The Dark Between the Stars'' *''Trial By Vortessence'' *''Exodus'' ==References== {{Reflist}} ==External links== *http//aplaceinthewest.net/ Official website *{{Steam|url=466270|text=Half-Life A Place in the West}} {{FanRW}} CategoryFan comics