SECTION ONE TERMS                   

A and E - Refers to access and egress, which are outlined in the mission profile.

A and R - Advance and Retreat

Abeyance, in - Section One’s doghouse. If you’re in abeyance, you will get all the crappy kamikaze-type missions, from which your safe return is not a consideration. As a matter of fact, the whole idea is that you won’t return. If, by some miracle you do return, they’ll just send you on another one. It is possible to be in Abeyance, and not even know it.

Accelerated Clock - Indicates assignment is to be completed faster than normally required.

Access Card - Security card indicating users clearance level, therefore allowing/denying entrance to sensitive levels in Section One.

Advanced Digital Sensor System - Security system to protect computer files from being downloaded or copied. System shuts down when it detects any electro-magnetic activity.

Agency, theA nebulous higher authority to which Operations must answer. Best guess is that it refers to Oversight and/or the Centre, but this has never been made clear.

Alpha Levels - Psychological levels recruits pass thru when first brought into Section One. (i.e. denial, fear, distrust, suicide, etc.)

Alpha Point - Location of the mission van during a live mission.

Alpha Secure - Indicates a transmission has a high level of authentication.

Article Three - Although not clearly defined it would appear that an Article Three protocol can be initiated or requested when the seat of authority and power is in question. Both sides are allowed to present evidence to the Head of Centre to support their position. The outcome of an Article Three proceeding is severe. . .one person lives and retains control, the other dies.

B-Net - Communications channel often used by active teams during a blackout.

Bakunin - The favorite writer of computer geek J.B. Mentioned in S1 "Simone".

Black Track - A detailed taped account of tactical command's actions during a live mission. Records all computerized functions and reveals any profile deviations from a tactical standpoint.

Blood Cover - When an operative poses as someone’s relative as part of a mission profile. Michael assumed a blood cover when he married Elena in order to apprehend her father Salla Vacek in S3.

BreachedThis is what you call it when somebody hacks into Section’s computer system, or circumvents their security measures.

C-Band - Communications frequency used to locate missing teams by honing in on their beacon.

CM-12 - A state of the art missile guidance chip. Frederick Borsos attempts to steal the chip in S1 "Missing".

Cardinal, The - Leader of Red Cell. The Cardinal is captured and killed in S4 "Line in The Sand".

Caspar Project, The - Beta tested for over a year. A powder like substance is used to prime the subject's system. Emotions are manipulated using visual cues. The subject can be made to "feel" an emotion and have no voluntary control over it. Used on Nikita in S3 "Under The Influence".

Cancel - To kill.

Centre, the - The organization to which Oversight must answer. Currently, the highest known level in the hierarchy of which Section One and Oversight are parts.

CIA Central Intelligence Agency

Clean Pick - Tactical strategy to retrieve a target/hostile without alerting the members of his/her organization.

Close Quarter Standby (CQS) – This is when operatives are required to stay on Section One premises for days or even weeks at a time, so that they will be ready for action on a moment’s notice.

Closure - Completion of a mission.

Cold Mission - A mission which is done with no field support, strictly for the purpose of gathering Intel.

Cold Operative - An operative who specializes in killing.

Collateral, Acceptable - People or objects which are considered expendable during a mission.

Collateral, Class One - An innocent deemed expendable for the sake of the mission and Section One security.

Compromised - Describes an operative who has been captured or discovered by the enemy.

Condition 6 - Mission strategy, recon is considered hot unless advised to the contrary. All intel must be verified through tactical command in Comm.

Condition 8 - Shoot to kill. . .Section operative has gone rogue.

Condition Black A code phrase which means the operative has been exposed by outsiders, meaning their "cover" is blown.

Condition BlueA code phrase which indicates that the target's base has been evacuated.

Condition Gray A code phrase which indicates that an operative has been abducted by the Target.

Containment - Where Section One prisoners are held.

Containment Segregation - A procedure to isolate all departments within Section should a lethal substance be introduced into the environment. Containment segregation is initiated from Comm and is announced by an alarm and a 15 second warning. Walls used to isolate departments are impermeable to bacteria and viruses, although apparently not bullet proof! Protocol cannot be overridden, not even by Operation, until the hazardous substance is contained.

Critical Mass - The amount of personnel required to maintain functionality within the Section. If critical mass is not sustained the Agency will disenfranchise and the Section will be destroyed along with any remaining operatives.

Dark - Indicates an operative is off Section tracking and surveillance, and maintaining radio silence. An operative may request Dark Approach when pursuing a target so that no electromagnetic signature gives away their position.

Dark Team: Term used by The Collective. A contingency suicide team used as backup to their primary team. If the primary team is eliminated, the Dark Team will contain the situation by suicide bombing.

Deep Cover - When an operative assumes a long-term identity outside of Section as part of a mission profile.

DefCom Scenario - A defensive posture taken when a live nuclear warhead is involved.

Delta Alarm: Alarm within Section indicating a nuclear detonation above ground. After such an alarm is sounded a lock-up is initiated and everyone is brought in.

Directory - The master list of all operatives in Section One, including current assignments, locations, psych profiles, etc.

DOD Department of Defense.

Egress Three - Backup egress route. A backup route is used if the primary route is destroyed or blocked by hostiles. Primary and backup routes are outlined on the operative’s panels with mission parameters and objectives.

End Game - The ultimate purpose or goal of a mission or series of missions.

Exposure - If you are recognized outside of Section, you are said to be "exposed." Examples would be bumping into an acquaintance from your old life, or being ambushed by enemy agents in your home.

Flash Mission - This is when operatives are dispatched on a mission without being briefed on the mission profile or end game prior to departure. Pertinent Intel is issued en route by the team leader.

Floating Backup - Backup teams which are strategically placed (often with sniper rifles) before a mission begins.

Forced Hypnotic Regression - Form of psychological torture supposedly used by the Freedom League on Nikita. The aggressor mentally reduces the victim to a child then tries to build them back up. It can destroy the victim’s emotional structure in a matter of days. Residual effects might include nightmares. Although not actually used, Jurgen bases his evaluation of Nikita on this theory to pacify Operations and Madeline.

Go - A Japanese game for two, played with counters on a board that is ruled with 19 vertical and 19 horizontal lines. Played by Jurgen in S2 "Spec Ops". Every move is a cover for something else. Jurgen encouraged Nikita to play it during her reprogramming sessions.

Hot - Describes an object or location worth checking out during the course of a mission.

Housekeeping - These are the scary guys and gals who come in and clean up whatever mess you may have left behind after a mission. i.e. blood, fingerprints, dead bodies, etc.

Incubate - To maintain favorable conditions that will facilitate the end game. . .including the cancellation of innocents aware of Section One’s existence and activities.

Incidental - Usually refers to unexpected, but non-critical, losses during a mission.

Ingress – Points of entry on an active mission. Ingress routes are monitored by Tactical Command in Comm.

Innocents - The ordinary people that Section One is ultimately supposed to protect.

Insurrection - Open revolt against Operations' authority.

Intel - Short for Intelligence. Refers to data gathered for a mission.

Jacques - Code name for Michael Samuelle.

Josephine - Code name for Nikita.

MADELINE A.I. - A full size simulation of the Chief Strategist, incorporating her well documented her psychological and analytical profiles combined with Birkoff’s artificial intelligence program. The technology is a step beyond the holographic. It incorporates atmospheric stimulation, which means she has mobility within a limited range. Networking the program allowed her to be present anywhere in Section and an element of galvanic resistance allowed her to be tactile to a certain degree. Although the database included memories, she could not process data like a human brain, and therefore could only perform what she was programmed to do. After some fatal errors that affected critical missions, Paul deletes her files permanently, cancelling the program. The simulation is profiled in S5 "A Girl Who Wasn’t There".

Mandatory Refusal - A contingency utilized by field operatives when Section has been breached. The operative attempts to complete the mission at all costs, forsaking all communication and contact with Section until the end game has been achieved.

Material - Refers to a recruit which has been assigned to an operative for training. i.e. During her 2-year training period, Nikita was Michael's material.

Mobile Comm - This is when Birkoff takes his act on the road, providing on-site (or nearly on-site) verbal guidance to operatives from the confines of the mission van.

NSA National Security Agency

Operations - The title for the person who runs Section One.

Operative - A full-fledged spy guy or spy gal in Section, who has graduated from the 2-year training period that all recruits undergo.

Oversight A committee formed of the heads of all the Sections, as well as a chairman who rules over them. Operations aspires to become the Chairman of Oversight.

Plausible Deniability - A scenario in which an operative can justify his/her actions in a morally sensitive situation. The operative will want to believe he/she has "done the right thing" in order to cling to their sanity when the outlook is hopeless.

Priority One - Refers to an extremely important situation or mission. During Priority One situations, operatives will be put on Close Quarter Standby.

Profile - A mission profile is the tactical outline of how a mission will proceed. Profiles include background info, operative positions and functions, target status, weapons and equipment inventory, access and egress, and contingency planning. Profiles are built by special planning operatives called "Profilers", or sometimes by the Team Leader. All profiles are subject to approval by Ops, Madeline, and the Team Leader. Clearance must first be given to act outside the mission profile. Deviating from the profile is grounds for cancellation.

Protocol 5 - Protocol used to strip someone in command of their authority. George initiates a Protocol 5 against Operations in S4 "Line In The Sand" to take him out of play.

Protocol 6 - Tactical strategy to minimize risk of exposure for a team on an active mission. An abeyance operative is used to perform a specific function then sacrificed to avoid detection.

Protocol 8 - Tactical strategy that requires team members to provide cover while the team leader escapes the ambush with the target. The team leader, to provide containment of the situation, initiates an explosion killing the hostiles as well as any remaining Section operatives.

Provisional Status - A probationary period before being returned to Active status. The operative is allowed to participate in missions only if accompanied by his/her trainer. This is separate from the two-year training period.

R-1 - A new strain of nerve gas being developed in Northern Iraq. The gas kills in seconds and has a shelf-life three times that of its nearest competitor.

R45 Footprint – Electronic access strategy. Allows the hacker to access a mainframe computer circumventing security measures and eliminating possible traces. Once access is gained the hacker has total control. Used against Section One and Red Cell in S4 “Sleeping With The Enemy” by a Random playing a war game.

Recruit - An operative in training. Recruits are trained for 2 years before coming full operatives.

Retreat Point (RP) - Point of escape by hostiles or targets during a live mission. Potential retreat points are accounted for in the mission profile. Usually covered by perimeter or backup teams, or simply taken out with explosive charges.

S-7 Trio - The twenty-megaton live nuclear warhead Section One deactivates in S1 "Innocent".

Sample Spaces - All probable possibilities based on the analysis of available information. A sim is run on obtainable Intel then the computer reports possible outcomes or "sample spaces".

Shadow Recruitment - A temporary recruitment where an operative is recruited for a specific task. If they perform they are free to resume their old life after the mission is complete.

Silent Drop - When an operative makes a delivery to a team on an active mission. The operative delivers the material or equipment and then retreats undetected. Silent drops are risky since the movement of an additional operative could expose the team. If the drop cannot be made undetected, an abeyance operative would be used then sacrificed rather than risk exposure.

Splinter Groups - Remnants of hostile organizations that have survived an attack by Section One. These groups are often identified with their original organization because their activities bear the same signature or mode of operation.

Stand Alone Mode - Indicates Comm is currently operating systems offline. No transmissions are taking place that would allow hostiles to tunnel through the system.

Substation - An active, functioning outpost of a particular organization. Section has substations, as do hostile organizations such as Red Cell, Bright Star, etc. Locations of substations are often the subject of critical missions.

Sub-Channel 7: The secured channel Michael uses to communicate with The Collective in the S5 arc.

Target - Usually refers to the person who is to be assassinated or apprehended.

Tracker - A small electronic transmitter used by Section One use to track operatives or other people.

Type I Directive
- An internal dictum (decision). Once made, it can't be changed and is always executed. Used once against Michael and Nikita in S3 Third Party Rip-off.

Watcher - Provides surveillance on the private lives of Section operatives. Through the use of remote cameras placed strategically in the apartments of new recruits, Watchers report on the activities of operatives during their downtime.

Wet Duplicate - An operative or shadow recruit is used to impersonate an individual based on their physical resemblance to them.