Section Areas and Levels

Section Areas    Physical levels

Section Areas

Briefing Table
Place where teams and operatives are informed about their upcoming mission.
briefing friend briefingtable briefing friend

Main computer area, and area for all communications, Head of Comm. is Birkoff, after he dies, Quinn takes over.
comm - nikita comm - friend comm - love comm

This is the area where all the weapons are stored, also comm units and other equipments that operatives need. Head of munitions is Walter.
munitions munitions munitions

The Perch
This is Operations office.
The Perch - Friend The Perch - Friend Perch - 101

The Tower
This is the area where Operations and Madeline spent their time together

Madeline's Office
Also wardrobe for Operatives, later moves to other office
Maddy´s Office nikita Maddy´s Office love Maddy´s Office love

Michael's Office
Is taken over by O´Brian in Season 5
Micheal's Office Micheal's Office

Birkoff's room
Birkoff lives inside Section, he hasn't left Section in 7 years, untill Nikita takes him out to a club in the episode Noise

Ready Room
This is the room where operatives can rest between mission, when they are on stand-by
Micheal's Office Micheal's Office

White Room
All hostiles and if necessary Section operatives are being interrogated here. Mostly done by Madeline. Torture Twins are assigned to enforce cooperation.
White Room 506 White Room Charity White Room Charity

War Room
All hostiles and if necessary Section operatives are being interrogated here. Mostly done by Madeline. Torture Twins are assigned to enforce cooperation.
War Room War Room

Van Access
Entry to sections main floor
Van access Van Access Van Access

All vehicles and other transport operatives use to get to the mission sites is located here

Air Tactical
Missions that require air control are being supervised here. Air tactical also handles all flight from and to mission sites.
Micheal 103 Mick 422 Nikita 103 Nikita 103

Area in Section where hostiles are held before and between interrogation, or before being cancelled.
containment 316 containment

The Farm
Here recruits have their 2 year training when they join Section.
Farm Section8 - 411 The Farm The Farm -TTBH

Where Time To Be Hero's Recruits were kept.
quarters quarters quarters

Section  8
Where Time To Be Hero's recruits trained in Comm.
Section 8 - Comm Section 8 - Comm

South Portal
Claire tried to escape Section One going thru the South Portal Exit- (TTBH)
South Portal -TTBH South Portal -TTBH

Training Area

training area - 101 Training Training Area

Medical Bay/Recovery
When operatives are injured, they stay here.
Medical Bay Mother Medical 217 Medical 313 Medical Bay Isolation Rooms

Lab 4
Lab 4 Lab 4

Main area for gathering and processing Intel. All workstations of Operatives are located in this area. SIMS are being showed here.
Systems Systems Systems

This is the main Agency of all the Sections and of Oversight

Oversight Oversight

Another area, where operatives handle incoming data, only on a global scale.

This is where Operations and Madeline meet with third parties.
comitee 301 Mr Jones Comitee

Evaluation Room
In this room, operative where evualted by Nikita and Mr. Jones in the episode Four Light Years Farther
Evaluation ROOM Walter in Evaluation Room Walter in Evaluation Room

This is the room and area where Nikita was trained by Jurgen after leaving Section for 6 months

Reprogramming Reprogramming

Not an actual area in Section, these Operatives clean up after a mission, so no evidence is left.
Housekeeping Ep Friend

Physical Levels in Section (20)

LEVEL 1= Where Nikita was sent to report on probationary status after contacting Micheal (NOLF)
Nikita's Quarters

LEVEL 2= Where the Gemstone file was located (AG)and to where Data Retrieval and Verification (DRV) sends flagged anomalies for a closer look (AGT)
level 2

LEVEL 3= Reprogramming and where Jerome was housed (HCFF)

LEVEL 4= Medical Bay and meeting point for Operatives. Hallway in which Micheal met Abby to talk (CAM), presumably the same hallway in which he met Nikita numerous times in s3 and s4; where Sarah Gerard was housed (BIS); where Birkoff was when Nikita was looking for him (GOH)
level 4 - 222 level 4 - 222 level 4 Stairs level 4 Systems level 4

LEVEL 5= Where buffered hostiles are kept (PP)
level 5  level 5 Access

LEVEL 8= Retirement and Genetic Lab (IOD) from where Operations pulled all operatives to assist in the search for Michael and Nikita (UTRH)
Level 8 Level 8 Level 8 Level 8 Level 8 Level 8

LEVEL 9= Area for which Madeline had a proposal to send to George (ONJ)

LEVEL 11= Where Nikita had followed Operations in an attempt to kill him (NOLF)
level 2

Level 17= Cryo Lab(TANM)
Cryo Lab Cryo Lab Cryo Lab

Level 20= False Exit. Where Madeline caught Dori without clearance (TANM)
False Exit False Exit False Exit