Must Know Characters . . .


The ultimate intelligence bureaucrat. The leader of Section One, he designs the missions, liaisons with the few people in government who know of the Section's existence and makes "personnel" decisions - including who should live and who should die. Nikita learns not to get on the wrong side of him; his human side has been known to appear, but rarely.

A former Vietnam prisoner of war, Operations took over Section One when he won the power struggle between him and Adrian. He has a son outside of Section One, Steven, who appeared in the episode Missing.


The master strategist of Section One. Her specialty isn't hardware or mission logistics, but rather the emotional and psychological aspects of the job. A chess player who uses human souls as pieces, she is completely dedicated to accomplishing the Section's goals while remaining indifferent to the cost. A constant presence, she's often seemingly engaged in some casual activity, while in reality she's observing and analysing every nuance taking place around her.

Though seemly invicible, Madeline is in reality constantly haunted by an incident in her childhood. While fighting for a doll with her sister, Sarah, she pushed her down a flight of stairs and thereby killed her.


The Section One equivalent of James Bond's "Q" who devises gadgets for the operatives. A man with a colorful past, even by the Section's standards, he's weathered, cantankerous and tough as nails. At the same time, he maintains an infallible dedication that provides his operatives with maximum protection in the field. He considers himself an active player in the game of life and love, and is constantly flirting with Nikita.


A computer genius whose talents are instrumental in the success of the Section. A young wise guy, he looks more apt to crack a joke rather than his daily dose of some of the world's most secret and complex codes. The most overtly iconoclastic and cynical person in the group, he's devoted to its goals, even though he has a few of his own.


Nikita's trainer, mentor and Section One superior. Sensual, dark and devious, he remains an enigma and manipulates Nikita in his pursuit of Section One's goals. Yet his actions often seem to have another design, perhaps suggesting that he genuinely cares for her. Regardless of his attraction, Michael's mysterious past prevents him from falling for his latest recruit.

A former University of Paris student, Michael was recruited after he participated in a student bombing organized by Bloody Hour, for which Michael was a member. In Half Life, more of Michael's past is revealed through his former friend Rene Dian, leader of Bloody Hour. Michael also has a sister outside of Section One, who is unaware of the fact that her brother is still alive and working for Section One.


Nikita, a young, beautiful, courageous woman given a difficult choice: join a secret, ruthless government agency . . . or be executed. Falsely accused of a crime she did not commit, Nikita does whatever is necessary to survive. While she works for this covert organization, she desperately tries to create a life of her own on the outside. Whenever she gets close . . . the phone rings and pulls her back into a world of anti-terrorism and underground spies.


Nikita was reassigned to Special Operative Jurgen after her capture by the Freedom League. Jurgen helped Nikita back to full operative status. He also knew about Nikita's secret, that she spent her six months outside of Section, not in capture, but free. Nikita was attracted toward Jurgen, especially since he represented everything Michael wasn't. Unlike Michael, Jurgen showed Nikita his feelings, he let her know that he cared.

Unfortunately, Jurgen had a secret. He has been blackmailing Section One in return for his freedom within Section. Nikita was used as a pawn to retrieve the intel that Jurgen used to blackmail Operations. In the end, Jurgen committed suicide to be free from Section.


A former Section One operative, Simone was believed to be killed years before. Three years after her supposed death, Michael realizes that Simone is not only alive, but that she was in capture for the last three years by Glass Curtain. After Michael and Nikita infiltrated the Glass Curtain compound, Simone killed the leader of Glass Curtain . . . and herself. It is suspected that Simone had a son with Michael.

Michael's past with Simone may be what's preventing him from pursuing a relationship with Nikita now.


An fellow Section One operative, Gail has been dating Birkoff for almost a year now. In Inside Out, Gail left Birkoff for an older, seemly more romantic operative, only to realize later that it was Birkoff she really wanted. Now the question is, will Birkoff take her back?


Walter's wife. She was killed on a suicide mission the day of her marriage to Walter. Walter still holds a grudge against Operations for the death of Belinda.

Gray Wellman

Nikita's first, and so far only, love interest outside of Section One. Gray Wellman was an architect Nikita met on a mission to retrieve the Directory. When her feelings for Gray interfered with her loyalty to Section, she was forced to choose between leaving Gray and stay loyal to the Section, or stay with Gray and risk his life. Nikita left Gray and his young daughter.

Lisa Fanning

The abused wife of an international assassin, David Fanning. Vulnerable and naive, she was seduced twice by Michael for mission purposes. In the end, she killed her husband to find true freedom.