La Femme Nikita: Season 3 Episodes

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Since the incident involving Adrian, the mother of Section, Nikita has been assigned more missions recently. Upon returning from a mission, an operative tells Nikita about some friends who shouldn't have been out - and were killed. The dead operatives were witnesses in the Adrian incident and Nikita gets suspicious. Ops and Madeline say this will be Nikita's last mission, and Michael doesn't know. Nikita is assigned point on an observation mission against New Path, prior to the mission she speaks with Walter about her suspicions that she's about to be cancelled. During the mission Operations calls Birkoff away from his post, Nikita is ordered to hold position. She escapes multiple attacks and dives thru a window on to a car and runs into the crowded streets. Now certain she was setup, she returns to Section with Chris - the team leader - who assures her he was doing his job. Madeline states that, "apparently we trained her to well." Nikita confides in Birkoff, who explains Oversight to her. Then Birkoff assists her in stealing a retina scan from Chris then breaking into a classified area to get Michael's address. Upon arriving Nikita thinks she has the wrong house, then finds out Michael has a wife and son. She questions Michael if the family is real and asks for his help. He meets with Nikita later and they form a plan. George, from Oversight, tells Madeline and Operations he'll crush them if he finds they killed Adrian. Michael, Birkoff, and Nikita corner Chris and blackmail him to plant a bug in Madeline's office. Birkoff is nearly caught while establishing a link to the bug directed to Oversight. Nikita is sent on another mission, Michael confronts Madeline, "abort the mission or else..." But Madeline found the bug. Nikita is apparently double-crossed by Chris. However, upon receiving a call from Oversight Operations orders a different building targeted and destroyed. The team returns to Section, and Nikita meets with Operations and Madeline. They tell her she is no longer a threat. But they lied and Oversight is watching, furthermore they are aware Birkoff assisted but decide he's too valuable. Then Michael admits the marriage is part of a mission and the child is his.


Michael's ongoing mission for the past three years involved marrying and having a child with Elana, the daughter of an elusive terrorist. Simone, Michael's deceased real wife, knew of the mission but they didn't discuss it. Elana hasn't spoken to her father since she was six, and the Section's goal was to have her reconcile with her father, Sala Valchek, so he would be vulnerable. Michael gets Madeline's permission to bring Nikita into the mission to help convince Elana to contact her father; Madeline was aware that Nikita already visited him. Madeline interrogates two bombers from an embassy bombing. Leading to information tying him to a faction of Red Cell and a link to a former friend Dave Williams. Nikita brings Williams in by infiltrating an office complex and jumping, with him, from the eighteenth floor on to an airbag. Section produces a letter sent to Elana from her father. This along with Nikita's visits, prompts her to write back. Section manipulates the letter and has it delivered to Valchek through a now cooperative, after his interrogation, Williams. Section provides a verifiable origin for the letter, and Valchek's man initiates contact. After several visits Elana asks Nikita to move in; Section moves quickly to strengthen her background since they are now under Valchek's observation. Nikita dreams of Michael the first night in the house. Operations wants Valchek at all cost, and designs an elaborate plan to eliminate him after Elana receives directions to a meeting spot. Nikita feels heart broken for Michael since, while Elana and Adam will be safe, he will never see them after the mission is complete. Nikita babysits Adam when Michael and Alan go to a park to meet her father. However, he only sends an assistant to give her a gift for Adam. Operations and Madeline decide Valchek is not in a hurry to see his daughter so they plan to give him an urgent reason.


Section wants Michael to poison Elena to expedite Valchek's visit. Nikita is assigned to confirm the action. As per Walter's instructions, Michael puts the drug in Elena's wine. But he 'accidentally' knocks the glass out of her hand before she could drink. Operations was not pleased. Michael leads a team to interrogate a man linked to Valchek; they wire the man to allow Madeline to question him through a Virtual Reality style interface. Upon returning home, Michael realizes that Section poisoned Elena while he was out. Madeline sends Nikita to meet Michael at the hospital. Michael tells Nikita, "If she dies, they die." Valchek is informed of the situation and has Michael kidnapped and brought to him. Michael asks him to come see his dying daughter but he declines. After returning to the hospital, Michael asks Operations to send the antidote since Valchek wasn't coming. Nikita and Michael bring Adam to see his mother, Nikita suggests that Michael call Walter for the antidote, but Valchek's man calls at the same time. After his men sweep the hospital, Sala Valchek enters Elena's room. Section operatives take out his backup, then an operative shoots Valchek and Michael in front of Elena. Michael debriefs with Madeline and Operations. They acknowledge his personal sacrifice, and assure him that Elena and Adam will be provided for - Michael never spoke - and later wandered the streets in thought. An operative who just moved next door to Nikita, visited her, apparently Section killed Elena anyhow.

GATES OF HELL (1-24-99)

The last of a four part arc exploring Michael more intimately than before. The episode opens with Michael mourning the loss of his son Adam. Section tries to get Rhevich's (affiliated with Red Cell) lap top which contains vital intel. Michael is not focused on the mission, Operations speaks to him about his own son, whom he did not see grow up while a POW in Vietnam. Operations tells Michael to, "Get over it." Michael is assigned a position at tactical, Nikita stays to observe, and covers for him when his concentration falters. Birkoff speaks to Walter about a secret file he found, which he believed was an attempt by Operations to spy on Oversight. Madeline tells Operations it would, "be a pity to destroy Michael. He's worth the effort." But he disagrees. Nikita and Michael are assigned a mission that involves Rhevich and his son, during the mission the father shoots the son in his own attempt to escape. This prompts Michael to leave his hidden position, gets captured by a surveillance tape, and chase after the man, after killing him he removes a mask - a plan by Section to make Michael believe the man killed his own son. Madeline questions Operations judgment on the failed plan. Nikita persuades Birkoff to give her Michael's new address, then finds him playing the cello - it was Adam's birthday. Someone takes a shot at him, and he isn't phased. Nikita begins guarding Michael since he seems to have given up on life. Walter and Birkoff devise a plan to blackmail Operations with the file, but when they present it, Operations scolds them for taking so long to pass the test. Informing them that he planted it to test their ability and reactions. Thoroughly dismayed they return to their posts and Birkoff places the file in a cabinet - Operations quickly retrieves it and Birkoff realizes it wasn't a test. Michael is late to a briefing, and prepares for a third mission to obtain Rhevich. During the attack Nikita is captured, while Michael is observing. Operations tells him to abort, he says, "No." and gives chase on a motorcycle. Michael finds them interrogating Nikita, after killing several mercenaries he informs Rhevich, "the man who killed your son is dead." then shoots him. Michael appears to have recovered, taking initiative to return Nikita to Section. Operations planned for Nikita's abduction, knowing it would likely prompt Michael back into action, he tells Madeline that a closer relationship may help their performance - though it will be closely monitored. Michael and Nikita go out for coffee.

DID NOT AIR (1-31-99)

La Femme Nikita did not air this week.

(2-7-99) thru (2-28-99)

A four week series of La Femme Nikita's most wanted. Episodes picked by LFN fans via the Internet.


A young boy blows himself up in a crowded shopping mall. The man responsible is Ivan Chernov, and Section One plans to stop him. Michael and Nikita, pose as cocaine dealers and arrange to meet Chernov. However, to Nikita's surprise Michael sells her to Chernov and she is taken to his compound. In Section, Felix threatens to kill Birkoff. Birkoff asks Michael what to do. Michael simply says, "Don't let him." Nikita awakes in a cage and triggers her transponder allowing Section to get her location, then Chernov arrives. He tells her to strip, she reluctantly complies, and she is exposed to some type of scan. After a brief discussion with Chernov Nikita suspects that something more is going on, and asks Birkoff to have the retrieval mission delayed. Operations agrees, Madeline and Operations realize their suspicions may be right. Chernov allows Nikita to explore the compound. In Section, Birkoff is getting more nervous about Felix and goes to Walter for advice, then reassigns Felix to an earlier mission. While exploring Nikita finds a very disturbing training center for turning young boys into suicide bombers. Chernov plans to make Nikita a mother, they subdue her and take one of her eggs. After awaking, Nikita tells Birkoff to send in a team, then assaults the guards and tries to escape. Nikita finds Chernov in a lab. Holding him hostage she discovers he is doing genetic experiments; cloning. As the team attacks Chernov realizes he has been set up and injects himself with poison. Birkoff, back in Section, is confronted by Felix about his reassignment and promises to return. Birkoff gets an 'emergency' gun from Walter. Nikita learns from Madeline that one of Chernov's children made it out, then asks to go after him. Birkoff questions Madeline about a missing tape from Felix's mission, he can't confirm his death - then realizes that Section might be testing him and Madeline can't tell him anyhow. Nikita finds the boy and manages to disarm him by appealing to his trained killer instinct. Later after talking with Walter, Nikita discovers Section has been more successful than Chernov with cloning. She believes one girl might be her clone and takes Michael to the room to prove herself. However, the room is now empty. Birkoff becomes trapped in a corridor and, hearing footsteps, prepares to shoot Felix - but its Operations and he nervously retreats.

CAT AND MOUSE (3-14-99)

A man in a wheel chair is attempting to trick Section One, and has created a woman, Abby, to replace Nikita. Nikita arrives at a briefing with a cold, apparently a new terrorist is creating biological weapons. Nikita and Michael recover samples from the chemical lab and set a charge for 90 seconds. During the somewhat chaotic departure, Abby shoots Nikita with a tranquilizer then takes her place returning to Section. The real Nikita is taken to a compound where she awakes to meet the man in the wheel chair, remembering him as her torturer from a previous mission whom she thought was dead. Back in Section Michael has suspicions about Nikita's sudden recovery from her cold, but Abby keeps her cover. Nikita must cooperate or Abby will kill Michael, so Nikita talks Abby through various procedures. Since Nikita doesn't have access to the mission profile Abby seduces Birkoff while the profile is remotely downloaded. Birkoff talks to Walter about the encounter, but neither yet realizes it wasn't the real Nikita. During another briefing Klans Honig, a supplier, is named as the subject of the next mission. Michael asks Nikita why she's wearing glasses. She (Abby) tells him her eyes are sore, but she needs them so her boss can see what's going on. During the next mission, Birkoff suspects a trap and orders an abort but all operatives except Michael and Nikita are killed. However, when reviewing tapes of the mission its revealed that Nikita was deliberately avoided by the terrorists. Nikita is suspected of working with Red Cell. Operations tells Michael to watch Nikita, then tells Madeline to watch Michael. Nikita, the real one, suggests to her captor that she and Michael go out on their nights off. He believes it since it fits with her file. So Abby proposes the idea to Michael and he plays along. That night he seduces Abby, then the phone rings calling them in. Nikita (Abby) runs into Walter, he says there's a flash mission. They prepare to depart, Michael removes her glasses and smashes them as Section infilitrates the compound. The man begs Nikita to finish what she started and kill him. When Birkoff meets the real Nikita again he is confused but she relieves his insecurity. Then Nikita faces Abby but hesitates to kill her, Madeline tells her she may regret not doing it herself. Michael watches on a screen outside as a gunshot is fired.


A man is brought in for interrogation about his relationship to Bodenheim and Nikolai Markali a European politician, Operations forces him to confess as he wanted for the video. Since Markali is popular Operations decides to work through Nikolai's wife Corinne. Corinne's also Operations ex-wife who remarried when Paul (Operations) decided to stay MIA to work in Section. Operations is suspected both by Section and Oversight of having a personal motive but the mission is executed anyhow. Madeline poses as Corinne's new therapist and alters her mind with a powerful drug. Nikita goes to work in Markali's campaign office and is ordered to seduce him. Section arranges for Nikita to save his life, and get closer to him. Operations watches the playback of Corinne's session with Madeline and appears to still love her. Nikita speaks to Madeline about her doubts but is told to proceed. Nikita takes Markali to her house for dinner and when she fails to seduce him Section alters the video to show otherwise. When Corinne can't find Markali one night Madeline begins feeding the thought of an affair. Corinne calls a private investigator that Her therapist recommended and Michael answers, he delivers the altered video. Nikita recovers files from Markali's system for Birkoff to decode and perhaps further implicate Markali. Nikolai rushes home to Corinne and sees the video, the next day he confronts Nikita and asks her to tell the truth. Instead she continues the lie, and Corinne gets even more unstable. Madeline, posing as the therapist, calls Markali and tells him to rush home to his wife since she may be suicidal. Then Michael goes to Corinne and tells her that Markali plans to kill her, but he'll help. When Nikolai returns home she murders him. After Birkoff decrypted the files Madeline apologizes to Operations for questioning his motives. Nikita tells Michael that knowing Markali was dirty doesn't make her feel any better.


Section One is after the directory of a terrorist organization, but the file is encrypted such that it cannot be copied or downloaded without destroying itself. Nikita is at a bar, she gets two guys to fight over her then knocks the bigger one out with a bottle the other man, Kruger, is taken to Section. Kruger has a photographic memory and is needed to memorize the directory since it cannot be copied by any other means. He is taken to the White Room where he's shown evidence that he killed the man that Nikita knocked out. Madeline asks him to join Section as his only alternative. Nikita is informed that Kruger is a shadow recruit and will be released after the mission, she later learns that Section intends to keep him and begins to question her own arrival at Section One. Birkoff has a new assistant with a crush on him. He reluctantly accepts help from a cocky operative, Gregory, by operations orders. Gregory sets up Birkoff's new assistant to be cancelled for tampering in Birkoff's machine, when Birkoff realizes Gregory was probably behind it and says he'll kill him if he's lying. Nikita asks Walter how to get to her files, questioning why she was framed, but he can't help her. Nikita uses a computer node without authorization and goes back to the location she was framed at. Madeline asks Nikita to become Kruger's trainer. After beginning the training she asks to take him on a live sim. She uses the time to find the man who helped frame her. He is an operative and agrees to send her some files but she won't have much time to view them. Nikita has Kruger memorize the sim he supposedly completed. Michael questions Nikita about her live sim and she tells him what she was really after, he agrees not to interfere but won't help. Birkoff and Gregory locate the directory, Nikita and Kruger infiltrate the building. Nikita fights off the guards as Kruger memorizes the file, later reciting it to Section analysts. Nikita takes Kruger to memorize the files she supposed to receive but finds that her accomplice has been cancelled. Nikita questions Birkoff about the operative but learns nothing, he didn't exist. Operations and Madeline know Nikita is looking for answers.


Michael accepts a mission from an unknown organization to drug someone. Back in Section, Operations announces that Oversight wants a quick turn over on the current Shadow Brigade situation. Operations later remarks that the man responsible is in fact Gustav Pog, supposedly dead, not the Shadow Brigade. Michael calls in Nikita, then talks briefly to Walter. George, from Oversight, brought down Pog when Operations failed and now Operations has apparently become obsessed with Pog still being alive. Later Michael tells Nikita she doesn't need to understand why Operations is pursuing this idea. Operatives raid a former safe house only to find no hostiles, Operations cancels an op for failing in the mission. Birkoff tells Nikita to forget about the incident. Nikita then goes to Madeline concerned about Operations behavior, Madeline tells her to leave. Operations slaps Birkoff during a discussion, appearing more unstable. Nikita, Walter, Birkoff, and several other operatives meet secretly to discuss going to Oversight. Nikita approaches Michael about taking out Operations, but he proposes the complete the current mission first. The mission again finds no hostiles, Operations orders Nikita to kill innocents and she refuses, Operations tells Birkoff that Nikita will be cancelled. Nikita returns and is taken to the room, Michael prevents her from escaping. Madeline interrogates her in the White Room. Asking her about the 'secret' meeting, then lets her go. Madeline tells Nikita that they're aware of Operations condition - that he has been compromised by someone on the inside and then tells her to stay out of site and calm the others down. Nikita complies, telling Birkoff to delay contacting Oversight, then talks to Michael. Michael runs into Madeline, she questions him about a time discrepancy in a previous mission. Michael tells her he'll look into it, then contacts someone to speed up the schedule. Operations orders a new mission. Michael refuses and confronts Operations asking him to step down. Michael assumes control of Section after having Operations and Madeline escorted away. Michael contacts Philo, "I'm in." Nikita goes to Michael, whom George put in temporary command. Michael tells her to accompany him to Oversight concerning her promotion to second in command. However, they don't really go to Oversight but rather a meeting with Philo, a top person in Red Cell. Nikita now knows it was Michael who compromised Operations and that Operations will die. Michael shoots Nikita after she refuses to go play along. Red Cell members arrive an agree to take Michael to meet Philo in person. Michael is taken to an airport and meets with Philo in a plane. They discuss their agreement with Michael in charge of Section and Philo helping keep him there. Nikita crashes thru the gates. Michael and Nikita secure Philo. Back in Section, Madeline is released and medics are called to treat Operations. The plan to bring out Philo succeeded. Later Nikita tells Michael she'll have to stop being so predictable that Section can manipulate her in this manner. Operations relieves Michael, then remarks to Madeline that Michael might be his successor.


A group of terrorists are talking and passing around photos, then they kill their informants. One of the men, Carl, is captured and interrogated to find his brother Simon's location and some missing anthrax rockets. Nikita is used to reprogram Carl after Section wipes his mind. While doing routine research Birkoff finds that Operations son has been killed by a man due for a meeting in Section later in the week. He tells Madeline but she tells him not to concern himself with it. Operations is very troubled after viewing the file on his son. After seeing how distraught Operations is Madeline calls George at Over Sight about a matter. Nikita talks to Walter about her troubled feelings. Walter analyzes the mission file given to her and finds that she's being conditioned to care for Carl. After speaking to Madeline she slaps Michael. Carl and Nikita meet with Husan, after the meeting Section killed everyone else. Simon contacts Carl and they go to meet him. While there, Simon begins to have recall. After Nikita confirms the location of the Anthrax, operatives attack. During the attack Carl kills Simon while trying to protect Nikita. The shock brings back his memory and he's about to shoot Nikita but Michael shoots first, killing him. Back in Section, Madeline and Operations are meeting with George when the man who killed Operations' son arrives. Operations kills him upon arrival. George unexpectedly thanks him, telling him that no one embezzles Section funds. Madeline had already informed George of that situation, Operations plays along. George says although One was being considered for termination he would keep it open - for now. Operations thanks Madeline. Nikita, at home, still feeling effects of her conditioning destroys several paintings as Madeline watches remotely.

WALK ON BY (4-25-99)

Nikita spots a new operative, Jaimy, that she knew in her old life. She tells him that they don't know each other. Briefing, Stephanie Grove was abducted this morning and must be extracted or eliminated. Operations orders new recruits to be used on the mission so Jaimy is included. When Jaimy has difficulty determining whether a couple people are innocents or hostiles Nikita leaves her position to assist, they were innocent. Luckily Michael didn't need her help. Jaimy offers Nikita a deal, her mother for her help. Nikita is reluctant since he never was a friend but later goes to see him. He tells her that her mother, Roberta Worth, quit drinking and has been searching for her all these years even hiring a detective. Walter asks a friend to check on a woman from his past, and take a few pics, on an upcoming mission. Michael asks Nikita to meet him on her day off but she tells him she has plans. Nikita finds the detective her mother hired and makes him give up the case. Madeline intercepts Walter's photos altering them and attaching a phone number. Walter arranges a meeting and slips when he mentions Section One briefly. Later Madeline and Operations question Beverly, the woman who impersonated Walter's old girlfriend, they realize he did compromise Section although Beverly tried lying. Operations cancels Beverly but says he owes Walter for Belinda. Nikita asks Michael for help in dealing with her mother, he poses as a detective to see how much her mother knows. Nikita tells Michael she knows how it must end, her mother must die, but she wants to see her mother again. He reluctantly arranges it. Michael takes Roberta to a hospital to see Nikita on life support. He tells her that Nikita volunteered for top secret medical experiments and is now terminal, giving her mother the choice of freeing her. Her mother apologizes for the past then tells Michael to end it as she leaves. Nikita meets Madeline the next day and tells her that she did know Jaimy in the past but was not a friend. She runs into Walter and Operations hears him say he doesn't want to see his old girlfriend again, then goes to thank Michael. Tells him it was the sweetest thing he ever did for her, allowing her mother to live.

CHARITY (5-2-99)

Charity originally aired during season one.

LOVE and NOT WAS (5-9-99)

Love was originally aired during season one.

Not Was was originally aired during season two.


Adrian's Garden and End Game aired this Sunday. They were the last two episodes from Season Two.


Looking For Michael and Someone Else's Shadow were the first two episodes of season three.


Opening Night Jitters and Gates Of Hell reaired this week.


Walter, while examining a high tech explosive device, accidentally arms it and has to run to a disposal unit after finding the nearby one jammed. Black March is discussed during a briefing, they're a freelance group of terrorists led by Greycheck and Caroline. A mission is launched to execute them. While preparing for the mission Nikita and Walter speak briefly about a couple of operatives in love. Walter saying it always ends badly. During the mission the woman is shot and Mark, her boyfriend goes after her compromising the mission. Nikita and the couple are captured before they can be extracted. Michael orders Birkoff to find them, against standard protocol. All three are interrogated, Mark breaks when his girlfriend is tortured giving the location of a Substation. the Black March leaders escape just as Section arrives to rescue Nikita and Mark, the woman being killed as Greycheck left. Nikita urges Mark not to tell Operations, offering to help him. They are debriefed by Madeline, she suspects something is awry. Mike stops by to find Walter feeling guilty about the failed mission, since the gun sights were off. Nikita feeds Birkoff false intel to delay the follow up mission and goes on a mission of her own after getting guns from Walter. Nikita and Mark go to a dance club undercover, Nikita kills Caroline in the restroom but Mark misses Greycheck. Upon returning Mark tells Operations that Nikita compromised the Substation, and Nikita is taken to Obeyance. Both Nikita and Mark pass Madeline's test and both tell her that if she's as good as she says then she should know who's telling the truth. Birkoff and Walter are interrogated also, Walter deliberately lies. Operations and Madeline discuss the situation, Madeline believes Nikita but not sure, she tells Operations to give Walter a 'pat on the back'. Michael tells Nikita he'll bring Greycheck in alive and asks her what she wants him to say - the truth. She questions whether Michael believes her, he replies yes. Operations stops to see Walter, doesn't go well. Michael interrogates Greycheck to no avail, then asks Operations for a second chance. Greycheck tells the truth after he believes Nikita is executed. Greycheck is taken to Evaluation, to Nikita's disgust. Later, Nikita thanks Michael and visits Mark asking him if he really loved the girl. When Nikita runs into Madeline she tells her its wrong that Mark's dead and Greycheck's alive. Madeline replies, "he's not."


Madeline and Operations are discussing a possible promotion for Michael over lunch. Madeline suggests that Michael will be upset over not getting the promotion to Head Strategist. Operations goes against her advice and gives it to Salman instead. Michael wakes Nikita and tells her, "we're getting out." Briefing, Vincent Thomas of Red Cell is escalating his efforts. Afterward Michael distracts Walter while Nikita swipes a field router. Enroute to the mission site Michael tells Nikita he doesn't need her to go, he wants her to. They infiltrate an abandoned location and slip away, after jamming communications, while the rest of the team is in the basement. the rest of the team reports them missing when communications are restored. Salman gets in Walter's face. Operations has some stern words with the new Head Strategist, stating he knew this would likely happen. Operations and Madeline find Salman painfully interrogating Walter, they disapprove and make him stop. Michael and Nikita arrive at a farm house, which turns out to be Michael's. He makes dinner and they share a somewhat intimate evening. Madeline tells Operations that she suspected Michael of something, the speaks briefly to Walter essentially apologizing for his rough treatment. Nikita awakes alone to find a note from Michael informing her that he went to town. While in town Michael is captured and taken to Containment. Nikita hides in the houses basement nearly leaving the router to be discovered, then uses it to mislead the operatives above. Back in Section Michael is interrogated, but refuses to break until Operations tells Salman to use Michael's son against him. Finally Nikita's location is revealed and Section storms the farm house subduing Nikita. Salman kills two operatives, Nikita realizes he must be Red Cell as he assaults her. Michael arrives and has Salman detained. Operations and Michael had been working together to get rid of Salman. Michael successfully interrogates Salman. Operations thanks Walter, giving him a treasured souvenir from when he was a POW. Michael and Nikita reminisce briefly.

HAND TO HAND (6-20-99)

Nikita awakes from a nightmare of herself drowning. In Section, Operations briefs them on Meyer's execution. Rene, from Oversight is doing an evaluation and Operations sticks close - ultimately having an affair with her. Nikita and Michael infiltrate Meyer's talent agency where he prostitutes immigrants and lost girls, Nikita as a girl in search of help and Michael looking for entertainment. Madeline asks Birkoff for a file on Rene but Operations froze the file, she alter warns Operations to be careful. Nikita tags Meyer and Section begins tracking him. True to her character Nikita comforts a young girl she's with realizing there's more than just prostitution at this 'talent agency'. The girls fight a champion to the death for an audience. Michael arrives undercover at Nikita's location choosing her to accompany him to his room. Michael tells her she's getting out tonight, but she refuses insisting she help the girls. Nikita and her new companion question the other girls about what will happen to them, then her new 'friend' is taken to the pit and killed. Back at Section, Madeline tells Rene to leave since she violated protocol. Rene leaves reluctantly. Nikita is taken to the water filled pit, while Michael watches, Birkoff warns him not to interfere. They await Meyer's arrival at the show. Nikita quits before killing the champion, after the other woman gets out, a lid lowers over the pool trapping Nikita. While Nikita is struggling Michael kills Meyer. Nikita fakes drowning, as the cover rises she kills the guards then tells the campion fighter to free the others. Operations speaks to Madeline about Rene's departure. Tells her if she feels more than friendship that he'll make the incident disappear, asks her to meet him later. Nikita speaks to Walter about her future.

BEFORE I SLEEP (6-27-99)

Madeline interrogates Baylin concerning Marco Ashe. She tells her they are considering her as an operative and asks her to help lead them to Ashe. She agrees. Nikita and Michael follow her, Baylin abruptly speeds away then turns and hits their car head on as Nikita and Michael jump clear. Operations briefs them on Sarah Gerrard, a terminally ill woman that can replace Baylin. Madeline meets Sarah and convinces her to help, essentially telling her the truth. Sarah meets Nikita and begins her training. Sarah is taken on a live mission to meet a man, she gets scared and begins telling the truth, Michael shoots the man. Nikita debriefs with Madeline, she tells her that Sarah needs more work with men. Nikita suspects that Section infected Sarah and Michael agrees to help her look. Sarah goes to meet Ashe and lets him seduce her. Mission was a success, though Sarah is disturbed when she learns Ashe was killed. Michael tells Nikita that Sarah was monitored prior to Baylin's suicide but that doesn't mean anything. Nikita confronts Madeline with her idea and Madeline admits it and tells Nikita they have a cure which Sarah can have after she succeeds in her mission to destroy Alliance HQ. Sarah infiltrates the building and arms the bomb, then site atop it attempting suicide. Nikita goes in and refuses to leave without her, they both escape the building in time. Madeline discusses the mission with Operations, she tells him that she had to lie to Nikita - Section didn't infect Sarah and they have no cure. they decide to take Nikita off the next mission to let her spend time with Sarah, Madeline apparently tells Nikita the truth.


La Femme Nikita did not air this week.


Imitation of Death and Love And Country aired earlier in this season.


Boris Tyco, affiliated with Glass Curtain, is brought in for interrogation. He gets loose and nearly kills Madeline on his way out of Containment. Birkoff informs Michael that Boris was to new of a recruit to be in possession of a signal tracker, so its unknown why he had one. Operations checks on Madeline and realizes a breech has occurred, Birkoff gives the signal. Michael makes his way on to the same level as Boris, where he has left a trail of operatives, and orders Birkoff to seal the level. Michael kills him but not before he makes a transmission. Tyco's associates receive a complete, though encrypted, file on Section One as well as coordinates. During a high level briefing among Operations, Madeline, and Michael Birkoff informs them that the hostiles have Section One's location and will have attack capability in about two hours. Operations orders an evacuation, gives some last minute instructions then contacts George. Birkoff confirms that Boris was fed to them by Freddy Alan, an arms dealer they've used in the past, but couldn't have worked alone. Michael and Operations are the last to leave a barren Section minutes before its incineration. They speak briefly on the way out, Michael has been in Section for nine years Operations for 24. Nick, Nikita's neighbor informant, comes to visit her and she tells him to disappear for his own good when she gets called in. Nikita and Michael arrive, with a hostile, to a temporary base. The man breaks giving what he knows. Operations and Nikita follow up on the info, Nikita posing as an art dealer. However, when she takes to long Operations gets impatient and threatens to kill an assistant. Nikita talks him out of it. They return to the temp base empty handed. Nikita gets a call from Nick, he found Freddy Alan. Michael recovers Alan and, given the time constraints interrogates him rather crudely, finds that Harold Sparks is behind the attack. Section destroys Sparks' compound with him in it. Sparks was believed dead from a previous mission. Operations thanks Nikita for keeping her calm. Section One moves into a new compound. Michael and Nikita have dinner.


Michael and Nikita spent the night together. Nikita questions Michael about what Section will do about their relationship. He says, "We'll see." Michael briefs with Operations and Madeline. Operations puts him in command while he's away but cautions him against going after Birgomi. The first time Michael has been given full command. Madeline questions Michael about who his successor will be, he names Nikita. Madeline cautions him that Wallace is the senior operative. Michael briefs the team on the Odessa profile which is a planned failure against Birgomi. The team returns but Wallace is dead, the team blames Nikita because she would've been in Wallace's place if Michael had not promoted her. After discussing the incident with Birkoff Nikita suspects that Michael was protecting her. Madeline informs Michael that Oversight has called a meeting where George will be testing him. Nikita tells Michael that she doesn't want special treatment, she want back in the field, then congratulates him. The meeting with Oversight is about inter-Sectional cooperation, Michael introduces an idea that will allow sharing of intel while minimizing risks due to mistrust. George approves of it then speaks privately to Michael about the Odessa mission. He suspected that it was a planned failure, Michael skirts the issue. Then George talks about Madeline and Operations motives for telling Michael not to move on Birgomi, and assures Michael that Oversight will choose when and who replaces Operations. Meanwhile Nikita falls asleep in the armory while talking with Walter, he lets her sleep there. Michael puts Nikita in charge of Birgomi and tells her not to discuss it with Madeline, but the info is leaked to her anyhow and she confronts Michael. She tells him to cancel the mission, he disagrees and tells her to get back to work. Section recovers Lamay, a man linked to Birgomi and extract the location of a disk drive containing information that will bring down Birgomi and his organization. After the mission Madeline tries to persuade Nikita to talk Michael out of the mission, she does try but Michael tells Nikita not to fail him because she's the only person he trust in the world. When the team comes under heavy fire Michael orders Nikita to send men to there deaths. Unable to do that she leaves the van and goes in herself. She successfully recovers the disk drive and orders the withdraw. Michael thanks her upon returning but Nikita is upset over the high losses. Michael is surprised to find Operations back in Section. He learns that George was impressed with his performance. Operations warns him that if anything happens to George he will be vulnerable. Michael responds that if nothing happens then he's in a good position to run Section One. Michael relinquishes command and leaves. Madeline admits that Nikita and Michael make a very good team, but all good teams have their weaknesses.


Michael calls Nikita in early to tell they should stay together. However, after his actions when put in charge she's not sure. Madeline discusses Michael's relationship to Nikita with Operations. Operations wants to let it go, but Madeline has a different idea. Velden is selling weapons on the blackmarket and Section wants him alive. Michael and Nikita enter a nightclub undercover to retrieve a file from a man connected with Velden, they succeed but Michael goes against orders to help Nikita. Upon returning from the mission Madeline calls Nikita in, she tells her to make Michael let go. That night Michael goes to see Nikita at home. He still wants to be together and they spend the night with eachother till Section calls them in. Michael's authority is stripped away. He loses his level-five status and position at Tactical, being assigned to Davenport's team for the next mission to tag Velden. Nikita knows Michael is bothered by Section's actions even though he won't admit it. She tells Madeline to make it stop, she tells Nikita that she must Michael stop loving her. On the final Velden mission, McDaniel, starts to harass Michael. Michael puts him in his place. Michael helps Davenport on the mission and when the profile goes awry Davenport relinquishes command to Michael. Michael makes it look like a third party ripoff, when Velden is meeting a client, then arranges to keep Velden under Section control. After returning to Section Davenport thanks Michael. After Nikita tells him that it has to end, Michael tells Operations its over. He gets reinstated. Michael stops by Nikita's to tell her, "its not over. We will be together." A new Profiler, Valerie, causes some friction between Walter and Birkoff when she becomes involved with both of them. After she tells Birkoff that Walter is a loser and she wants to be with him he walks away. Walter continues romancing her.


Birkoff hesitates during a mission, Operations gives his position to Hillinger. The mission is a success but Birkoff suspects he was setup to look bad. Operations then informs Birkoff that his next mission will be in the field. He will be the 'inside man' in an attempt to take down Crusoe a cult leader and political mercenary that relies on a sophisticated computer network. Madeline informs Operations that his chance for success is slim. Birkoff asks Nikita to watch out for him cause he suspects Operations wants him dead. Then he immerses himself in the task of hacking the system, he successfully gets in and leaves a trail. Birkoff is abducted and taken to the cult's compound. Crusoe tries to recruit him, asking him to help with the security on the computer system. After getting into the computer files he informs Operations that they are linked to Red Cell and asks when he will be retrieved. Operations orders him to stay with it. Nikita finds out Birkoff's return was delayed and asks Hillinger what he knows about it, then threatens him. Nikita then asks Michael about Birkoff's situation and finds that Operations is prepared to leave him there for years. At the compound Birkoff begins to gain trust. He gets a new room. Then Crusoe asks him how long he worked for Section, Birkoff lies then tells him four years. Crusoe assumes he left for his own reason and applauds his honesty. He starts to question why he shouldn't join the cult. Birkoff arranges to meet Nikita at an abandoned building she's familiar with, at Crusoe's request. Nikita barely escapes the meeting and upon returning to Section, Operations orders Michael to take care of Birkoff since he's turned. Nikita accuses Operations of wanting Birkoff dead in the first place. Section retrieves Birkoff. He informs them that he wanted it to seem as though he'd switched sides cause he knew they would come for him, he knew Nikita had a way out of the ambush. Birkoff taps into the computer system to show Operations and Madeline the data he got them access to. He's finally reaccepted. Hillinger and Birkoff are still at eachother's throats.


Birkoff and Hillinger are doing tactical for a mission. the team leader, Victor, is lost when Hillinger gets cocky and endangers the mission. Hillinger tells Birkoff that Section has new recruits to take his place, so they'll cancel him, Birkoff covers for him. George is upset with Operations and puts Section One on a tight leash, Operations blames Madeline. A man from a Naval Intelligence Group goes rogue, Section attempts to get to him through a mistress. Hillinger is on tactical because Birkoff is needed on site, Birkoff objects but can't tell the truth. Section infiltrates the building, Hillinger tries to get Birkoff killed, mission success. An angry Birkoff goes straight to Hillinger, then takes the evidence to Operations and tells all realizing that Hillinger lied about the new recruits. Madeline puts Hillinger in Abeyance. Operations tells Madeline to meet him tonight, he uses her. George learns of a weak link concerning Operations. Madeline is upset and goes to Operations only to receive the same arrogant treatment. She arranges to meet George and they plan to take care of Operations. George tells Madeline when its over she'll run the Sections. Nikita tries to get off Hillinger's Abeyance mission, Michael says no. She helps Hillinger to make it out alive. Madeline tells Operations he can use her anytime he needs to. George finds out Operations is working with his 'enemy' but decides its not enough to bring him down. Nikita goes on a second Abeyance mission with Hillinger, she tries to warn him but he apparently dies. Madeline and Operations set up George, Operations demands his resignation and wants his resources returned. George agrees (but was this part of his plan with Madeline?) Operations meets George again, says there was never anything between he and Madeline. George calls in Hillinger (he's alive) who retrieved the files on Adrian. George and Operations have reached an apparent stand still.


Section brings in a man, saves his life, Madeline extracts Crimson Star's base camp then kills him. Nick, a Section informant, visits Nikita and asks her to play his wife when his mother comes to visit. She agrees. Operations and Madeline suspect that Nikita and Michael's relationship might not be over, Madeline informs Operations that she already has the under observation. they are briefed on a mission to eliminate Crimson Stars base camp. Madeline orders Birkoff to sweep everyone's Panel when they return she suspects unauthorized communication. Nikita encounters a slight delay with an incorrect entry code but retrieves the target. Then she calls for extraction cause she's surrounded. Michael reports that she must've been taken hostage. he goes after her and requests Section not monitor him for safety concerns. Operations complies. Nikita and Michael secretly meet. They return with a cover story. While Nikita is recovering Birkoff picks up her Panel, Walter stops by and realizes Birkoff will find the encrypted messages. Birkoff questions Walter after examining the Panel, says he'll have to turn it in. Michael requests to take a small team to ensure that Crimson Star's camp was destroyed, Operations considers it. Operations praises Birkoff for his decision, Birkoff is concerned about Walter. Madeline calls in Walter telling him that he's jeopardizing their future, we have bigger plans for them. Walter decides to cooperate. Operations and Madeline decide to see where Nikita and Michael will take the relationship. Operations sends out Nikita and Michael to confirm the previous mission, and sends a shadow team behind them. Michael gives Walter another file for the Panels. During the mission Michael requests to go off line, granted. The shadow team stays at a distance and monitors the actions. Michael and Nikita surprisingly return with the mission target, apparently Walter found a way to warn them. Nick's mom doesn't show. Walter forgives Birkoff and tells him he still knows some tricks.


Nikita is concerned that Section will interfere with her and Michael's relationship. Operations meets with Madeline to discuss finding evidence of Michael and Nikita's meetings. They decide to proceed with their plan without substantial evidence on the next mission. The team is briefed on Genefex; a company tied to Red Cell. Michael and Nikita are sent to investigate then destroy the lab. Operations informs Walter that he is aware that he helped Nikita and Michael again and he's being sent to Retirement. Walter replies that he'd rather be canceled. Michael tells Nikita that Section is up to something as they depart. They go undercover at Genefex. Michael quickly finds the substance Section wanted and tells Birkoff that he'll need 10 hours to work out a profile. Then Michael requests to go dark for 10 minutes. Back at Section Walter is considering suicide. Two men take him away as Birkoff watches and promises to help. Birkoff goes to Operations, asking him to delay anything drastic for a few days. Operations agrees. During his blackout Michael retrieves the substance without Section's knowledge. Meanwhile Nikita transmits a file to Section. The two meet. Birkoff sets up Walter's replacement to have an accident. Nikita's profile gets changed. While Michael is supposedly retrieving that substance, Nikita is sent on a task that leads her to Madeline. Madeline informs her that she's about to be modified, she'll no longer desire Michael. Michael realizes that there are operatives at Genefex, and knows Nikita is in danger. He finds Nikita alone and appearing normal. She tells him that Section delayed the destruction of the lab. They return to Section One. Operations informs them that mission has been modified, they must return to get Ramone Khasha then destroy the lab. Madeline believes the treatment worked on Nikita and they plan to see if Nikita is willing to kill Michael. Khasha is abducted, mission success. Michael is the last one out, he gets delayed and Section orders Nikita to detonate. Section knows Michael has time to clear the building but Nikita doesn't, she hesitates briefly before following the order. Walter is back in Section but Retirement was not as expected, like a vacation. Birkoff suspects it was some sort of test. Michael goes to Nikita's house, she's painting, and tries to be affectionate. He suspects Section did something to her, and after several attempts, finally grabs her arm and asks what they did. She replies, "nothing." then with a sad look, "I don't know. Don't remember. I don't love you anymore." Michael is devastated, after a brief pause he walks out. "I won't let them do this."

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