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With Michael's help, Nikita survived the destruction of a Freedom League hideout in the first season's final episode. Since then, She has been on the run from Section One. While working as a waitress, Nikita is captured by the Freedom League and used as bait to avenge Section One. During Section's raid, Nikita manages to escape and save Michael's life, and later on an abandoned ship, she and Michael share a night of passion. However, Michael and Nikita's lie about her true whereabouts is in danger of being exposed.


Nikita is reassigned to Special Operative Jurgen to retrain her after her capture by the Freedom League. When Section is contacted by Kudrin, a Freedom Leaguer who could verify Nikita's story, Section seeks to capture him for questioning. To keep Kudrin from revealing the truth, Michael deliberately attempts to kill him during the mission, but Kudrin survives, and Madeline as well as Jurgen start unraveling Michael and Nikita's lie.


Birkoff discovers that a seemingly random series of terrorist activities are being perpetrated by a six man mercenary army Section One dubs 'Helix.' Jurgen helps Nikita back to full operative status in preparation for Section's attack against Helix, but Michael is concerned about Nikita and Jurgen's growing relationship. Convinced Jurgen is manipulating Nikita in order to expose her, Michael and Jurgen come to blows.

APPROACHING ZERO (Updated 2000-2-27)

Nikita is at her apartment with Jurgen. She questions his past and he avoids the subject, then reminds her that he covered for her and Michael when he didn't reveal she wasn't a hostage while outside Section. Michael drops by, "Just wanted to see how you were doing." After seeing Jurgen, Michael leaves - somewhat troubled by the scene. Operations briefs the team on a missing satellite that crashed into the ocean. Section must recover the satellite before its nuclear power source falls into the wrong hands. The team departs and boards a ship near the splashdown site, spreading out to search the ship. Back in Section, Birkoff is monitoring an aircraft approaching the ship, the jet fires at the ship, destroying it moments after the team leaps over the side.

Operations debriefs the team. Michael tells Jurgen to assist Walter with an analysis. Jurgen replies, "I'll get to it in the morning." Operations watches the exchange somewhat amused at Jurgen's blatant disregard for an order. As Nikita and Jurgen leave, she questions how he got away with disobeying. He dodges the question. Michael reports to Madeline and informs her that Nikita and Jurgen are forming an attachment. "Keep me informed." she replies in dismissal. Next morning, Michael asks Nikita why she wasn't in when he called. Nikita accuses him of being jealous, and he leads her to believe he doesn't care if she sees Jurgen. Briefing, the satellite was actually military and is programmed with defense codes - its recovery is even more urgent. Madeline questions Nikita, probing her feelings toward Jurgen. Walter gets Nikita wired for the mission. A team assembles to leave but as Nikita approaches, Michael receives a call aborting the mission. He simply turns and walks away from a confused Nikita. Later, as Walter helps Nikita remove her monitoring equipment he gets paged and Michael takes his place. He leaves a single sensor on the middle of her back.

Nikita goes to Jurgen's house and Michael and Madeline listen as Nikita says its over between her and Michael. Michael continues to monitor as Birkoff attempts to establish some type of lock. As Jurgen and Nikita start to get intimate Michael asks Birkoff, "Do you have a lock...hurry." Birkoff reports success and Michael immediately calls Nikita in. Operations briefs Jurgen and Nikita on their mission, they capture their target and return. Meanwhile, Michael and Birkoff break into Jurgen's house with some high-tech equipment and accomplish their own mission. When Jurgen and Nikita return Operations tells Jurgen to start following orders. Jurgen has a revelation and dashes off down the corridor with Nikita close behind, he races to his house and finds his computer has been compromised. "I'm dead." he states to a confused Nikita. Then Jurgen elaborates about the damaging info that he had on Section, which was why he was allowed more freedom. But Section has done damage control. He turns on Nikita as he realizes the only why Section could've gotten past the security was from inside - and shows her the sensor that Michael left on her back. Nikita realizes she was used. Jurgen tells her to leave. Nikita confronts Michael with an icy stare, then they enter his office for privacy. Michael explains he never meant to hurt her but Jurgen couldn't be allowed to have power over Section. "I have to keep my feelings separate. They're not often seen...but they're there."

A team departs for the, finally discovered, location of the satellite to retrieve the onboard computer. They infiltrate the compound killing numerous guards in the way. Michael finds the satellite enclosed in bullet proof glass and nearly ready to upload the deciphered data. Operations orders it destroyed and Michael places a charge as the team evacuates. However, the charge malfunctions and someone must detonate it manually (no chance of survival). Michael starts inside, Jurgen tells him he wants to do it then shoots Michael in the leg and rushes inside. Jurgen activates the charge and the building crumbles around him. Operations and Madeline offer Nikita a vacation. She runs into Michael on her way out. "Jurgen trained me...I'll miss him." "So will I."

NEW REGIME (updated 4-11-99)

An operative shoots Operations during a briefing about a R1 a new nerve gas. During the ordeal Nikita notices a trace of concern for Operations in Michael. While Operations is in intensive care, Egran Petrosian (the deep cover agent rescued last season) takes command and immediately starts giving orders and changing assignments. Operations is near death when Madeline threatens the doctors, ordering them to the impossible then the unthinkable to keep him alive. Michael is sent on a mission to retrieve a disk, he is about to be caught but Nikita orders his successful retrieval (against procedure). Petrosian congratulates Nikita then asks her to be his second-in-command. Nikita meets Madeline outside Operations room and despite warnings from Madeline, Nikita believes that Petrosian is the better man to run Section One because of his straightforwardness and accepts his offer. Petrosian asks her to spy on Walter. Operatives infiltrate a hospital to secure a doctor connected with R1, the mission nearly fails when Sykes makes a mistake. Petrosian sends Michael and Nikita on a date apparently as a reward to her. Nikita is sent to interrogate and dispose of the doctor, who gives the location as northern Iraq after Nikita promises his freedom. Nikita asks Birkoff to research the operative who shot Operations, his mother in particular. Petrosian orders Nikita to cancel Bikes, Madeline shoots from the shadows when Nikita hesitates. Madeline tells Nikita Petrosian must be stopped cause he hired the hit on Operations. Nikita offers that Madeline may have tampered with files to turn her against Petrosian. Madeline asks her to choose sides, Nikita replies, "I no longer take orders form you." Nikita offers to kill Operations for Petrosian. She sets up a computer anomaly as a diversion and during the mission to northern Iraq enters Operations room. When Nikita appears unable to finish Petrosian steps in and injects Operations. It was a trap. Madeline and Operations confront Petrosian. Later Petrosian asks Operations to shake his hand as a last request, Operations complies. Nikita talks briefly to Madeline, says she had a taste of what its like to be her and doesn't like it.


When Michael is sent to assassinate an arms supplier, the operation is breached, and Michael enters 'mandatory refusal' - a situation where he must break off communication with Section and complete the mission at all costs. Unfortunately, the arms dealer kidnaps Madeline, and Operations believes the only way to protect her is to kill Michael if necessary. However, Nikita has other plans.


Section One attempts to stop a bombing at a school yard, and Nikita observes that Michael knows more about the nature of the bomb than he should. When Nikita questions Michael about this, he brushes her off, but Nikita knows he is hiding something. The next day, she follows Michael, and discovers that he is meeting the bomber. Michael and the bomber, Rene, were student protestors involved in terrorist activities in the 1980's, and their paths have crossed once again. But when Operations asks Michael to betray his friend, Michael's loyalties are divided.


Nikita and Michael are sent to a Balkan nation to assassinate Radovan Luka, an arms buyer for rebels who are waging a campaign of ethnic cleansing. When Nikita and Michael arrive in the country, they discover two displaced children, and Nikita forces Michael into protecting them. However, the children's safety distracts Nikita from her opportunity to shoot Luka, and now, Nikita and Michael must risk all their lives by infiltrating a Balkan death camp to kill him.

OPEN HEART (updated 4-18-99)

Red Cell has created a human time bomb and Section has two weeks to find the carrier and target. Nikita enters a prison to capture a Red Cell operative, Jenna Vogler, present at the surgery. Birkoff finds that a United Nations is the probable target. Inside the prison, Nikita approaches Vogler while operatives wait outside to execute the mission. However, an anomaly occurs when a military inspection occurs. The mission is aborted and Nikita is left inside. While redesigning the scenario Birkoff discovers tunnels beneath the jail, one of which will lead out but now Nikita must convince Vogler to go with her. Michael visits Nikita, as her lawyer, and gives her a new com link. Meanwhile, Walter asks Birkoff to research Belinda and operative he's interested in. Birkoff finds she's scheduled to be terminated and changes the file without telling Walter. Inside Nikita begins to befriend Vogler. They check out the tunnels that night and on the way back Nikita is caught, She's interrogated and severely beaten. Vogler thanks her but questions why she did it, then the two become more intimate. The next night they escaped from the prison. Vogler was taken to be interrogated, but she seemed to well trained to respond to there test. They showed her photos while monitoring her reaction to no avail, then Nikita talked to her to try affecting her. Then Michael questions Birkoff about a post-sequence result and has Birkoff replay the sequence while he watches the photos, he sees his reflection. Nikita finds the scar from surgery on Vogler, and she's sent to containment - she is the bomb. Red Cell wanted her to be taken to Section, the real target, not a United Nations. Operations gives Birkoff a warning about tampering with files and congratulates Nikita.


Because of a shortage of operatives, Nikita is promoted to team leader three years ahead of schedule. She is now responsible for all aspects of a Section mission: operative selection, planning, and successful execution. Her assignment is to capture a dealer in spent nuclear fuel rods, but intel is sketchy, and the mission is more dangerous than usual. To make matters worse, one of Nikita?s team, Vizcano, is unruly and disobedient. Nikita must find a way to control her, or run the risk of failing the mission.


Section believes that the imprisoned leader of a terrorist group is funneling orders for an upcoming attack through his lawyer, Armel. Nikita and Michael pose as an average suburban married couple in order to trick Armel into believing Nikita is a retired psychic. Convinced, Armel kidnaps Nikita and forces her to psychically 'contact' his son, who died in a traffic accident. However, Nikita discovers that Armel's son is very much alive, and being held by Section.

GAMBIT (6-7-98)

Gambit aired during Season One.


A rogue NSA agent must be contained. During a mission Nikita learns that an operative, Terry, is pregnant. And Nikita later believes that Michael may be the father. Operations informs Nikita that she will be under close observation, however Nikita covers for Terry and attempts to protect the unborn child. Terry leaves Section but Michael and Nikita recapture her. Terry then defects to assist the rogue NSA agent. In the end Nikita confronts and stops her - the rogue agent is recovered and Terry probably has an abortion. Michael tells Nikita he is not the father, I think she believes him.

NOT WAS (6-21-98)

Red Cell is kidnapping agents to extract intelligence. Michael is captured and brainwashed by Red Cell tactician Orlando Perez. Nikita recovers him and helps hide the memory loss - knowing he would be cancelled if Operations found out. Operations and Madeline suspect that Michael's mind has been tampered with and assume Nikita has helped hide it. In a mission to stop Red Cell, Michael is shot and recovers his memory upon waking - but is he the same. While Michael's amnesia persisted he told Nikita he loved her and wanted to be with her...but Nikita resisted telling Michael he was not himself. Also Operations appeared to be jealous of an operative talking with Madeline.

DOUBLE DATE (6-28-98)

David Fanning, captured in a previous episode in which Michael seduced his wife as part of the mission, is brought back as an operative. Michael and Nikita must team with David to stop an organization which is training mercenaries. After completing the mission David kills the operatives watching him and takes Nikita hostage - giving Michael 48 hours to find his wife, Lisa. Michael meets Birkoff in an arcade and gets his help, Birkoff cooperates because he knows Michael will kill him if he doesn't. Michael again seduces Lisa and takes her to David, before turning her over Michael gives her a poison. Nikita manages to free herself while Fanning waits for Michael. Lisa and David leave together - Michael and Nikita return to Section One. We see David taking a drink of water from the canteen Lisa is carrying, she insists she's not thirsty. Then we see her drop the empty vial of poison while David is walking away.

FUZZY LOGIC (7-5-98)

A terrorist group is using a code to tunnel into a Defense Department satellite and use it for seemingly unrelated terrorist attacks. When a vital coded message is intercepted that Birkoff can't break, Section One brings in a teenage computer genius to assist. They protect him by concealing all unnecessary information so they may release him when the task is accomplished. Birkoff is somewhat jealous when the kid breaks the code with relative ease. After cracking the message the kid escapes and wanders through Section, Nikita covers for him and finds him. He tells her he wants to stay, but Operations finds out and orders his cancellation. However, the kid programmed a virus into the uncoded message; so they trick the kid into removing the virus after Birkoff confesses that he's not good enough to do it. They let the teen believe he's going home but they take him back to the Section. One of Nikita's neighbors is selling heroine, so she kills a couple of drug dealers and calls 'house cleaning' to get rid of them.

OLD HABITS (7-12-98)

Bright Star, a terrorist group, is building bombs from land mines so that they can't be traced. Gregory Formitz an Section informant, makes fake IDs for Bright Star so Section One plans to use him as their way 'in.' Nikita is to be the liaison between Formitz and Section but she soon finds that he is a serial killer. Section One tolerates his actions since they are sacrificing a few to save many. However Formitz tells Nikita the girl, Danielle, he plans to kill next and she attempts to protect her. The mission is a success when the Section apparently finds Danielle and gives her to Formitz. When Nikita learns that Formitz is still free she leaks his location to remaining Bright Star members and he is executed. Michael asks Nikita if she gave Formitz up and she replies no - but he is obviously aware she did.


La Femme Nikita did not air due to USA Network's premiere of The Net and Sins Of The City.

INSIDE OUT (7-26-98)

After a failed mission to destroy a possible Red Cell munitions site in Scotland, the returning operatives infect Section One with a deadly virus. Michael and Nikita stayed behind to observe the site and were the only operatives not at risk from the virus - an Anthrax variant. After confirmation that a virus has infected Section, Birkoff initiates a lockdown, sealing everyone into various chambers. Nikita and Michael find the scientist who created the virus and trick him into giving them the cure by simulating his family's freedom - who were still held by Red Cell. During the lockdown Operations discovers that Madeline is infected and orders Birkoff to open his chamber. However, Birkoff refuses since Operations designed the protocol to deny himself that option. Operations breaks out of his chamber anyhow to comfort Madeline - apparently she once saved his life. Nikita and Michael return with the cure and enter Section, risking their own lives since the antidote hadn't been tested. Section One recovers to near full capacity - Madeline and Operations commend a very concerned Birkoff on his performance during the situation. Birkoff gets dumped by Gale, and ends up in the same room as Gale and her new boyfriend during the lockdown, but wins her back in the end.

OFF PROFILE (8-2-98)

A new mission Profiler, Andrea, comes to Section One and goes on a mission with Nikita and Michael, for field experience. The Section must stop the sale of 'designer viruses' (viruses that will target specific races). Michael attempts and succeeds in seducing her, while Nikita is somewhat concerned and jealous. But when Michael tells her he was investigating her and was not interested Andrea plans revenge. When Nikita and Michael go to destroy the lab, Andrea locks Michael in a security chamber. Nikita helps him out and the mission is a success. Upon returning Nikita asks Michael what he plans to do...he replies nothing. Operations informs Nikita that Andrea was cancelled; apparently she was suspected of being emotionally unstable and was being tested - she failed.
Section One is also being investigated by their superiors. Operations asks Walter to lie about a mission in which his fiance, Belinda, was sacrificed. Walter tells Operations that he's not sure if he will cover for him and tells Operations to go ahead and cancel him. Madeline studies Walter and tells Operations that he is willing to die. Section then tries to bribe Walter with a simulation of Belinda on disc, ultimately Walter goes along with the cover story but for his own reasons. He tells Madeline and Operations never to mention Belinda again, and hand them a blank disc. Madeline admits that she does not know what motivates Walter.

LAST NIGHT (8-9-98)

A security breach is suspected in Section One when several; attacks are launched in areas the Section recently withdrew from. The person behind it is known as 'Brutus' and the only known connection is a demolitions expert. Nikita and Michael kidnap the demolition expert for interrogation and find that Brutus only communicates via the Internet, so they back-trace an email to determine Brutus' location. The command center is protected by a computer-controlled machine gun which Nikita destroys. Upon entering the command center they discover that 'Brutus' is a computer. A very advanced computer which issues commands to freelance terrorists over the Internet. Madeline interrogates the computer and tricks it into uplinking with a satellite so Section can scan it. Birkoff gave an estimated time of 12 hours to complete the scan, so Operations asked Madeline to dinner and left Michael in charge, telling him that he was needed on a secret mission. However, the computer tricked Section and scanned it's computers instead - launching attacks on two new locations. Michael refused to contact Operations insisting he would take care of the problem.
Meanwhile Nikita went to search for a young girl, Julia, who may've been shot during the kidnapping and is detained by the girl's suspicious father. Nikita's cover is nearly blown when Michael attempts to call her in to assist and her captors answer the phone - but with Julia's assistance she escapes and completes the assignment Michael needed her for.
Madeline ordered that the computer, Brutus, be dismantled piece by a form of torture. Michael confronts Nikita on her where-abouts and tells her to cancel Julia and anyone involved, she refuses and begs Michael not to kill the family but he does not give a definite response, as usual. Operations confronts Michael about his actions, asking why he did not contact him and threatening to report him to their superiors, but Michael responds with his own threat - informing Operations that he knew about the date with Madeline. Operations lets the matter rest.

IN BETWEEN (8-16-98)

Able Gelner, a former Red Cell member, plans to fund a series of terrorist attacks but needs to transfer the funds without notice. Michael and Nikita go in saying they can transfer the money. Nikita meets a man, Giraldi, who knows she is Section, and he gives her a card to give to Operations. Operations tells Nikita to keep quiet and not to trust the man. During a second meeting with Gelner, Giraldi arranges to meet secretly with Nikita.
Nikita finds out that Giraldi's real name is Charles Sand an operative who has been out of Section for nine years, waiting to be brought back in. He was taken by Red Cell mid-mission and formed a relationship with Gelner but never gave up vital Section info. Sand gave Nikita info on Gelner and told her to go to Madeline if Operations still would not trust him. Nikita got Birkoff to check on Charles Sand and finds out that he tried to contact Section One every month but Operations rerouted his communications and deleted them. Nikita reports to Operations and he upgrades her status to report directly to him and changed the mission profile to include canceling Giraldi (Sand). Nikita told Madeline everything about the situation and found out that Sand was Madeline's husband. Madeline tells Nikita to bring him in. Prior to the mission Michael tells Nikita that he's no longer her mentor. The profile is executed and Nikita corners Sand, she is about to kill him when Madeline appears. Madeline kills him herself after a brief meeting - there was no way to bring him back. After the debriefing Operations meets with Madeline. She congratulates him...he simply says "thank you." Nikita's old friend, Carla, comes to visit and ends up moving in. However, she is somebody's plant.


Carla and Steven kidnap Nikita and take her to meet someone. When Michael can not contact Nikita he asks Birkoff to locate her clock frequency (Section implanted a tracking device in her without her knowing). However, when Birkoff tried to locate her, the signal was being tampered with. Madeline is still upset with Operations about Charles and when he brings in Ray, to be trained as her back up, assumes he will be her replacement. Nikita meets Adrian - who knows about Section One - she gives Nikita a cover story and tells her she will be convinced of the importance of the situation on her next mission. Michael confronts Nikita when she returns appearing to accept her story but knowing that someone tampered with her 'clock.' After a successful mission to Central Africa an unknown plane kills two operatives and shoots a circle around Michael. Nikita asks Walter about Adrian; he tells Nikita she's the Mother of Section One, she founded the organization, and the only person Madeline was ever afraid of. During a second meeting with Adrian Nikita learns that Adrian wants her help to destroy Section - she needs someone on the inside. Adrian explains the background of how the Sections were formed and how Operations slowly changed the Section to serve itself and him. And that no one man should have that much power. Adrian stays in contact with Nikita and talks Nikita through a plan to get the info she needs. Adrian gets her Level-2 access codes and directs her to an undocumented part of Section One and then tells her how to make a link that will let her download data. Michael almost catches Nikita but she talks her way out of it and returns to meet Adrian. Nikita wants out but after Operations manipulated a mission, which Ray was in charge of, to kill a man Oversight wanted alive (but he wanted dead) - Nikita agrees to help. After the apparent failure Ray faces cancellation and Madeline realizes Operations brought the man in to save her.


Walter finds Nikita coming out of a classified area but doesn't report her. Nikita delivers another file to Adrian and tells her she is getting nervous. Adrian gives Nikita a device for Michael to 'find' on their next mission, which will help her gain access to the most secret part of Section One and the file on 'Gemstone'. Michael finds the device and returns it to Section to be investigated. Nikita gets the Gemstone file but while it's downloading she attempts to view the personnel directory and sets off an alarm. Adrian framed a different operative who got cancelled. With the security breech unresolved Operations begins a general inquiry. However, Adrian tells Nikita how to pass the test but Nikita is still suspected along with two other operatives one of whom must be working with Adrian. Michael confronts Nikita at her apartment and offers to help save her, but Nikita refuses to confess. Michael tells Operations she is working with Adrian. Nikita takes the file to Adrian and views it; seeing that Section One supported and kept Hussein in power. Adrian discusses, with Nikita, the four men who could deal with the file and expose Section One - Operations is aware of the four possibilities and kills one of them as Nikita is about to deliver the file. Nikita returns with Adrian to her house but Section One is already there. Michael tells Nikita to run but she refuses. The two ladies are brought back to Section where Operations releases Nikita and congratulates her on her latest mission - to bring in Adrian. Operations orders Adrian's cancellation but Nikita tells him, "It's not over till I say it's over." She made a copy of the Gemstone file and has it set to release over the Internet unless she intervenes. Operations and Adrian lobby for her support, but in the end she does not release the file. Believing that without Section perhaps the world would be worse. Operations tells Madeline to take care of Adrian and cancel Nikita, however, Madeline tells him to send Nikita on more frequent missions and eventually the problem will take care of itself.

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