M-Michael; N-Nikita; Ma-Madeline; B-Birkoff; W-Walter; Ops-Operations


M - (to Suba, after rescuing Nikita)
"Let me give you one piece of advice, mister. Don't get married."


(Nikita after reading Walter's proposition)
N - Uh, Walter? There's no "w" in "menage a trois".

W - I thought I ran a spell-check.


Ma - (to Nikita, after she sees Bauer with Ops)
"Shades of gray. There's no such thing as the enemy anymore."


(Michael talking to operative with a close-shaved head)
M - "Hey Chuck, what's with the hair?"
Chuck - "Had to do something, I was starting to look like you."


B - Uh-oh, she's hot for the guy.
N - Up yours, Birkoff.
B - Any time, babe. My number's in the book.


N - You know you're becoming very predictable, Michael.
You lie, then you say you're sorry. You lie, then you say you're sorry.
Can't you come up with anything more interesting?
M - I do what I have to do. We all do.
It's not what I would choose for myself. Or for us.


Ops - Cancel her.
M - I think that would be a mistake.


N - (to Michael) You're sick. You don't want a person, you want a machine.
I can't do that.
M - You just did.


W - When he thought she died three years ago he just shut himself right off, he didn't talk to anyone until...until you came along, sugar.


M - If it wasn't for the Section, none of us would have a life.
What right do I have to feel cheated?
N - You have the right to feel any way you want.


(after Nikita learns O'Brien has "accepted their offer")
Ma - It's not him you're upset about, it's you. You're finding out something about yourself I've suspected for quite some time.
N - Really - and what's that?
Ma - That you're one of us.
N - I'll never be one of you.
Ma - Hmmm.


(while N and M are in the cages)
M - I don't know what love is anymore.
But the only part of me that's not dead is you.


M- You're the only one of us who still has a soul.
(in the infirmary)
Ma - How is she doing?
M - Better than any of us.
M - It wasn't all a lie.


(speaking with Madeline)
N - Where you see targets and security risks, I see flesh and blood.
Someone's son, someone's friend.
M - I wish things could be different.
N - Me too.