WEAPONS & EQUIPMENT             

Baby Glock: Common handgun found in Section's arsenal. 9mm semi-automatic pistol with standard 17 round magazine inserted in handgrip. Birkoff used one to defend himself against Felix in S3 "Imitation Of Death".

Beretta 92-F: Another medium sized 9mm semi-automatic pistol commonly used by Section operatives. Nikita uses one in her Shanghai retreat in S3 "Looking For Michael".

Browning 28 Tracking Device: Surveillance/tracking module used by Section One and the Israelis. This was attached to the hull of Alec Chandler's yacht to track a download in S1 "Charity".

Cesium Crystal: A device implanted subcutaneously in operatives for tracking purposes. Most operatives aren't even aware of its existence. Tracking is accomplished through Comm using clock frequencies which allows Section to pinpoint an operative's location anywhere in the world. Acts like a homing device.

Chevrolet Suburban: Black Chevy Suburbans are used when transporting small team units. Section will also use the Suburbans when it is trying to display a show of strength as in the “stadium trade” when Madeline is exchanged for Satin Tate in S4 “Sleeping With The Enemy”. Actual specs on the Suburban vary from year to year so suffice it to say that they get the job done!! Quantity owned by Section is unknown.

Comm Device: Micro-dot placed behind the ear of Section operatives to provide radio communications with tactical command. The device allows operatives to hear communications "in their head" rather than a microphone broadcast that could be overheard. Comm devices are issued and returned to Munitions.

Comm-Sat Alpha: Center’s most sophisticated communications satellite. Serves as the link for six other orbiting satellites. Every byte of data that is up-linked or down-linked passes through Alpha. After a month of orbital decay the satellite dropped from orbit resulting in the loss of communication. The satellite’s disappearance highly exposed Center as it’s central processing unit contained highly confidential and classified information. Nikita and Michael are sent in to investigate in S4 "Catch A Falling Star".

Compound Glucose Chip:
A microchip planted via inoculation into all new recruits. Gives a DNA specific thermal tag to the Section satellite for tracking purposes. Can be bypassed using a lead or titanium shield.

Field Router: Hand held device used to scramble Section communication frequencies inactivate tracking capability among other things. Device can receive and transmit simultaneously. As with all Section equipment, the field router is kept locked up in Munitions. Proper clearance is required for retrieval. Used in the S3 episode "Beyond The Pale".

Grunen-412: An explosive resembling a small black box. Detonator is pitch and roll sensitive.

Head Set: Communication device used during tactical inside Section One as well as the mission van. The device fits into the ear of the operative and allows communication with the onsite team. Again, head sets are kept in equipment lock-up at Munitions.

KL-6: A hand held security module found only in Section. If found outside Section the module would need to be authenticated by a high level Section operative. Actual function is unknown.

KL-Transform: Platform used to run sims and programs. Besides containing optimum storage space, the device has a very large frequency domain delta that gives off significant electronic noise when used. Use of the device compromised active teams during live missions in S1 "Noise".

Mission Van: Black Winnebago Rialta. Front-wheel drive, four wheel disc brakes, fully independent torsion bar front suspension and a four-speed automatic transmission. Engineered from the ground up, the Rialta sports a VW chassis and a stout but fuel-efficient 140hp Volkswagen-engineered VR6 engine. Mission van interiors are custom equipped to store equipment, seat a full team of operatives, and provide communication uplinks for mobile comm. Exterior mounted cameras provide perimeter scans to ensure safe egress for the active team. Quantity owned by Section is unknown.

P-6: A handgun once found in Section's arsenal. P-6's were commonly used by operatives until their use was discontinued in early S3. Adrian's operatives were recognized in the third ep of S4 when they were using P-6's to attack Michael and Adrian. Michael knew Section no longer issued that particular handgun to their operatives.

PF3 Communicator: One prototype is known to exist. Nikita finds one in Adrian’s coffin even though the device has not been formally deployed for operative use. A communication transmitter suspended from a necklace chain, the device supports remote real time communication.

Panel: A Section One "PDA" used to distribute mission profile information to the operatives. Intel is downloaded and updated from Comm. Panels are issued during mission prep in Munitions. Panels can also be used for sub-contact between operatives during a mission, usually in the form of encrypted messages.

Phasing Shell: Similar to a Virtual Reality mechanism, the device uses the input it gets from the subject provoking a much more profound reality. Primarily used for psychological programming (brainwashing). The program is very protective of itself. . .subject’s are induced to suicide should anything trespass into the trigger zone. The device conditions subjects to accomplish tasks not requiring expertise. . .suicide assassinations. It works by allowing the subject to control its past, to chase away the dark memories and feel at peace. The shell puts a new face on their terror. . .a face the designer chooses. With a change in the frequency spectrums the phasing time can be reduced drastically.

Porsche Boxster S: Nikita’s “primary transportation”. The car was originally driven by Jurgen, in the Season 2 opening arc. The Boxster packs a 3.2 liter, water-cooled 6 cylinder (featuring 4 valves per cylinder) engine, with 250 horsepower @ 6250 rpm, 225 lb-ft maximum torque @ 4500 rpm, and a top speed of 162 mph. . .that's 0-62 in 5.9 seconds!

RT Unit: An instrument of torture that inserts probes on the C-2 vertebrae and apparently applies a steady electrical current. The unit is considered archaic, but effective and is primarily used in third world countries. The unit is used on Madeline in S2 "Mandatory Refusal" by Dorian Enquist.

Shadow Disk: Must be read by a synchronous drive to avoid self-destruction. If carefully executed, information can be captured and uploaded in seconds, without triggering the self-destruct mechanism. The disk also allows the user to conduct untraceable transmissions.

Styr Aug: An automatic rifle within Section's arsenal. The Aug sports a 508 millimeter barrel with flash suppressor, 6 groove rifling, 650 rounds per minute, with a built-in 1.4 times optical sight that can be converted to electro-optical. One of the first weapons introduced to new recruits in training.

Veytoss: The highly sophisticated computer program used by Centre. It has the ability to make strikingly accurate predictions based on intel input and analysis. Veytoss predicted that Michael Samuelle was "The Mole" even though he was supposedly killed in an abeyance mission. Veytoss also predicts a time of chaos, Section falling apart, faced with a powerful new enemy. It also predicts the arrival of a "savior", someone extraordinary who would put everything right.