Air Tactical: Division of Section handling strategic air capabilities including reconnaissance and air to ground missile strikes. Mission targets can be changed mid flight at a word from Operations. I would assume this division also handles all flights to and from active missions. (Fleet appears to include a General Dynamics F-16C "Fighting Falcon" as seen in S3 "Looking for Michael" - at least that's what it looked like).

BioTech: Department responsible for Intel and research within the field of Biotechnology. Operatives in this department assist in outlining protocol for Sectionís response to biotech emergencies.

Comm: Short for Communications. Department is responsible for all aspects of communication within Section One. Duties include Intel gathering, target profiling, mission tactical, Section technical security, satellite uplinks, encryption, decoding, etc. Seymour Birkoff was head of Comm for several years, Kate Quinn replaced him at his death in late S4.

Containment: Containment is a location within Section rather than a functioning department. Containment is a set of cells accessed by heavy steel doors. The area, also surrounded by a steel gate, requires the proper clearance for access. Targets and hostiles are held in containment prior to interrogation.

Cryptoanalysis is the department responsible for verification and analysis of any and all encrypted messages or Intel. Separate from Comm.

Data Retrieval and Verification (DRV) : DRV is located in a lower level of Section One and is responsible for gathering and verifying information on a global scale. Operatives spend hours in front of monitors proofing satellite photos and transmissions. The head of DRV, an operative named Menz, was demoted after disobeying a direct order from Michael in S3 when Michael was acting head of Section.

Farm, The: Training facility for new recruits. While at the Farm recruits learn weapons and ordinance, martial arts, systems, tactical strategy, etc. The Farm was first seen in S4 "Time To Be Heroes" when new recruits were trained on an accelerated clock to replace the manpower at Section Eight. Walter is transferred to The Farm in the S4 finale.

Housekeeping: The department within Section responsible for cleaning up any evidence or indication of Sectionís presence during a mission. Housekeeping will remove bodies, equipment, damaged property or any other collateral that may indicate an incident occurred.

Medical: The department within Section that provides medical attention. Medical will attend to both Section operatives and hostiles as needed. Doctors and nurses are all recruited Section operatives. Medical has access to state of the art equipment and the latest developments in medical research.

Munitions: Location of Sectionís arsenal and equipment inventory. Head of Munitions is Walter. All equipment and weapons are issued from Munitions with the proper clearance. Weapons and gear are then returned to Munitions after a mission is complete and logged back into inventory. Walter has also developed weapons and explosives specifically for Section use. Munitions inventory is closely watched by Madeline and Operations.

Perch, The: Another name for Operationsí office. The Perch overlooks Comm and the common area where briefings are conducted.

Procedures: Mentioned only once in S3 "Walk On By". Michael asks Nikita if she's notified Procedures regarding her mother's quest to find her daughter. She says, "No, they'll take extreme action". It is my assumption that Procedures handles any security breaches or anomalies surrounding the former lives of Section operatives and then formulates a response to insure integrity of the operative's cover. Other duties of this department are unknown.

Reprogramming: Located on Level 3, Reprogramming is an evaluation department for Section operatives. Here, Section ops are put through their paces and assessed as to whether they meet the physical and psychological requirements of Section.
A typical complete physical, psychological and emotional evaluation takes a week.

Retirement: Located on Level 8, little is known about ďRetirementĒ. Walter is sent there for a brief time believing it is a place where medical experiments are conducted. He returns to Section wishing he could stay in retirement! Not such a bad place after all. . .

Systems: A location within, rather than a department of, Section. Systems is also an alternate briefing site where 3-D images are utilized to review mission profiles. Systems is the location of most of the research terminals or workstations used by the operatives.

Tactical: Tactical is a function performed rather than an actual department. Usually the team leader reports to Comm where he/she will coordinate with Birkoff/Quinn to provide tactical oversight (oversight of the mission profile) to the active teams.

Transit:   Transit is the department containing all of Section's mobilization needs. They provide transportation to and from missions, personal vehicles for the operatives, and any vehicles required for undercover missions.  Their fleet is substantial and diverse.

White Room, The: Located deep within Section One, the White Room is where interrogations are performed. Targets are restrained in steel chairs and interrogated by Madeline, Operations or the Team Leader. Motivation to speak is often provided by the Torture Twins.