Zoran Savo

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=Zoran Savo 
=Zoran Savo
=52 (born 1952)
=Chenchey, Bosria
=President of the Chenchey Institute of Research
=Reported by Elliott

'''Zoran Savo''' is the main antagonist in the video game ''Lost Via Domus''.

Savo was born on May 3, 1952. Savo graduated from Whitney University in 1973. After completing his PhD in Neurological DNA, he moved to United States in Lost. In 1988 he joined Alvar Hanso's group at the Laboratoire de Biologie Neurologique in Paris where he studied genetics of the human brain. In 1992, Savo was appointed the first President of the Chenchey Institute of Research. Because of his institutes's humanitarian work, he has been named an International Union (IU) Goodwill Ambassador of Peace and Tolerance. He is on a diplomatic mission to Sydney to promote a human rights amendment to the IU Charter of Rights signed by over 50 nations.

In truth, he has been in contact with the Hanso Foundation, specifically with one of its members, Characters (Via Domus). He has made a deal with Mittelwerk to purchase Sarin gas from the foundation, to be used in ESP experiments he will be conducting. Elliott and Lisa are on to him, but Elliott tips off Savo's body guards about Lisa in order to cause a distraction, gaining him access to Savo's meeting with Mittelwerk. Upon being notified of Lisa by his Bodyguard (Via Domus), Savo has her brought to him, and he executes her. Elliott manages to take a picture of this murder, but Savo sees him and orders Beady Eyes to chase after him.

A letter was found by Elliott Maslow in Rico's Pawn Shop.  The letter was from Thomas Mittelwerk to the Hanso Foundation Board of Directors. It read

*''To the Board of Directors, Hanso Foundation, I'm pleased to announce the commencement of Phase 2 of the Chenchey Project. We will now begin to explore the human brain in ways never before imagined. The results will no doubt astound. I thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. Warmest Regards, TM''. 

While aboard Oceanic Flight 815, Elliott Maslow found a magazine with a front page article about Savo.  It read
August 7th, 2004 - Zoran Savo, President of the Chenchey Institute of Research, has been awarded the International Union Humanitas Award in recognition of his considerable contributions to brain pattern research. Savo, currently on a speaking tour in Australia, announced he was "shocked and delighted" by the recognition.''}} {{Nav-ViaDomus}} {{DEFAULTSORTSavo, Zoran}} deZoran Savo esZoran Savo ptZoran Savo CategoryVia Domus