'''YTMND''' is a website phenomenon based around user submissions of images, slideshows, or simple animations paired with a looping sound clip. Topics of these relatively simple videos are usually trendy pop culture references that vary from the obvious to the trivial or obscure. "YTMND" may also be used as a noun to refer to any such animation.  The initials stand for ''"You're The Man Now Dog."''

There is a growing body of Lost-related YTMNDs. 

List of Lost-related YTMNDs

===Fish biscuit===
*http// Fish Bizkit 
*http// Fish Biscuit Remix
*http// Another Fish Biscuit Remix
*http// Red Herring
*http// Sawyer Hits the Jackpot
*http// Roly Poly Fish Biscuit
*http// Sawyer found something
*http// Tom's Fish Biscuit is Stolen
*http// Taste likes strawberries
*http// Conan Summons a Fish Biscuit
*http// Medieval Fish Biscuit
*http// Homemade fish biscuits
*http// Yoshi Got Himself a Fish Biscuit

===''O RLY''===
*http// Sawyer O RLY ?????
*http// Lost O RLY?
*http// O Rly owl on LOST!
*http// O RLY owl on Lost
*http// Red Sox Won... O RLY??

*http// Surfin' Locke
*http// Locke Always Leaves Happy
*http// Poketrainer Locke
*http// The Ballad of John Locke
*http// Locke fails at pushing the button
*http// Locke Loves mentos
*http// Things are Looking Bad for Locke
*http// Locke stops YTMND fads
*http// Locke finds his twin
*http// John Locke had ONE weakness
*http// Locke is pissed off
*http// Locke holds Jack's hand
*http// Locke is in trouble
*http// A-Ha John Locke
*http// Medieval John Locke
*http// Locke and Eko enjoy Goonies
*http// Locke Wants Conan's Butterfingers
*http// Locke Rocks The Fuck Out!
*http// Locke finds a new station
*http// John Locke is Okay!
*http// Picard Lost in Love w/ Locke

*http// Over Here At The Banyan Trees - Locke and his Banyan Trees in Lost Via Domus
*http// Hurley Explains Lost - Hurley explains the plot of Lost in a nutshell.
*http// Coapfeel - based on Alexandra Rousseau and Kate's Blooper.
*http// LOST in Translation - based on a Blooper in The Whole Truth.
*http// Sawyer sucks at Donkey Kong
*http// Sawyer is not having a wonderful time.
*http// Lost 1976
*http// The Baby's First Words!!!
*http// The Truth about Walt
*http// Hurley Busts a Move
*http// Jack and the Chocolate Bar
*http// Where is your Lost now?
*http// Gman visits Lost
*http// MacGyver saves the cast of Lost
*http// Lost Toast
*http// Adebisi is Coming to Lost
*http// Lost in Eternia?!?
*http// Darth Vader is Lost!
*http// WAAAAAAAAALT! Metal Gear Style
*http// Sayid's Soul Glo
*http// Hurley having a wonderful time
*http// Jack gets LOST in the cake song
*http// Shake That Bunny!
*http// Rescued!?
*http// Connery's advice to the castaways of Lost
*http// Jack and Desmond arguing
*http// Who Benry REALLY is...
*http// Did Juliet say something?
*http// 300TMND in the Present
*http// Hurley's Diet is Threatened
*http// Lost Portal
*http// Don't tell Hillary what she can't do!

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* - a website based on a YTMND-like animation.

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*http// Wikipedia