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=May 18, 2005{{source needed}}
=Honolulu, Hawaii United States

'''William Blanchette''' played the role of Aaron Littleton as a boy in Kate's custody from {{ep}} onwards. Before his first appearance in the last scenes of {{ep}} he was only credited in press releases as "child" to prevent spoilers, and in the credits of {{ep}} he was credited as "two year old boy."

First portrayed 'baby Aaron' in season 2, when he was six months old. He got the part of Aaron Littleton in season 2 because he "gurgled well."  {{source needed}}  William appeared in two episodes {{ep}} and {{ep}}. 

Casting director Julie Carlson says of William, "We are hoping he hasn't grown that much and that he is not looking that much different. It would be a challenge at the end of the year because he is older. If he has grown 4 inches, will the audience know?". {{source needed}} 

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