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'''William Atherton''' plays Principal Reynolds in {{ep}}. According to Jorge Garcia in his podcast Geronimo Jack's Beard, the role was specifically written for him.

Atherton is perhaps best known for playing EPA agent Walter Peck in the 1984 smash comedy, Ghostbusters (He later reprised the character in the 2009 "Ghostbusters The Video Game") and reporter Richard "Dick" Thornburg in the hit action movie Die Hard (1988) and its sequel, Die Hard 2 Die Harder (1990).  

== Selected television roles ==

* ''Boston Legal''
* ''Desperate Housewives''
* ''Law & Order''
* ''Law & OrderSVU''
* ''Monk''
* ''The Twilight Zone''

== Selected film roles ==
* ''Bio-Dome''
* ''The Crow''
* ''Die Hard''
* ''Die Hard 2 Die Harder''
* ''Ghostbusters''
* ''The Last Samurai''
* ''The Pelican Brief''
* ''The Sugarland Express''


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