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=White Suit
=Seoul, South Korea
=Mr. Paik's henchman
=Sent to kill Byung Han
=Chil Kong

'''White Suit''' is the name given to one of Mr. Paik's henchman. 

After Jin was unable to deliver a message to Byung Han, an angry Mr. Paik sent Jin along with White suit, so that Jin could learn how to "deliver a message." Upon reaching Han's residence, while preparing a silenced pistol, White suit instructed Jin to wait in the car until he returned, at which point they woud drive normally to a riverbank. Jin, fearful that something terrible was going to happen, stormed into Han's residence instead, beating him into submission, telling Han that he "saved his Han's life." He then left, telling white suit that Han had gotten the message.


esTraje blanco
frHomme en blanc
ruЧеловек в белом костюме
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