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'''Valery Storojik''' (Russian '''Валерий Сторожик''') is the voice actors who dubbed the parts of Ben, Desmond, and Bernard in the Russia language broadcasts of ''Lost''. His name is alternatively transliterated as "'''Valery Storozhik'''" or "'''Valeri Storozhik'''".

Storojik is originally from Ukraine and graduated from the wikipediaM.S. Schepkin Higher Theatre School (Institute).S. Schepkin Higher Theatre School and Mossovet Theatre.  One of his first roles was in Hungary director Aleksandr Mitta's 1982 musical fairy tale ''Skazka stranstviy'' (''The Fairy Tale of Wanderings'', also known as ''Story of the Voyages'').  He appeared as the director in the award-winning film ''Den polnoluniya'' (''Day of the Full Moon''), and appeared as himself in the comedy ''Zaveshchaniye Stalina'' (''Stalin's Testament''). Storojik most recently appeared in the 2004 feature ''Vsadnik po imeni Sme'' (''The Rider Named Death'').

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