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===Main Characters from the United Kingdom===
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===Other characters from the United Kingdom===
Charles Widmore, Naomi Dorrit, Liam Pace, Brother Campbell, Megan Pace, Karen Pace, Simon Pace, Donovan, Ruth, Derek, Lucy Heatherton, Francis Heatherton, Tommy, Jimmy Lennon

===Important UK Companies===
Widmore Corporation

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*Charlotte Lewis was (supposedly) raised in Bromsgrove, near Worcester, England.
*On leaving the monastery, Desmond apparently left with Penny to travel to http//www.historic-carlisle.org.uk Carlisle in northern England. {{crossref}}  
*Charlotte Lewis was (supposedly) born in Essex
*Desmond Hume was from Glasgow where he was in the Royal Scots Regiment. His army camp, Camp Millar, was located north of Glasgow. {{crossref}}
*Charlotte Lewis did undergraduate studies at University of Kent
* Location of Moriah Vineyards and the monastery Desmond spent time at. {{crossref}}
*Desmond served in the military and was dishonorably discharged after serving time in a UK military prison at Halstead. {{crossref}}
*Drive Shaft were touring through http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clitheroe Clitheroe (a town in Lancashire) when Charlie heard one of Drive Shaft's songs on the radio - one of the best moments of his life according to his list. {{crossref}}

* Charlie Pace and Liam Pace shared a flat in Lambeth, London. (In the scene where Liam left Charlie to clean up his life, he entered Brixton underground station.) {{crossref}}
* Drive Shaft was hired to film a diaper advertisement set to You All Everybody in London. {{crossref}}
* According to Tommy, Lucy and Francis Heatherton were from Knightsbridge (an exclusive area of London). {{crossref}}
* Sayid Jarrah was arrested at Heathrow Airport and taken to Australia. {{crossref}}
* Penelope Widmore's residence was in Knightsbridge, according to the address on Desmond's letters. {{crossref}}
* Desmond met with Penny on the River Thames near Westminster Bridge to propose. {{crossref}}
* London would also seem to be the location of Desmond's flat, a building owned by the Widmore Corporation, Ms. Hawking's shop, the pub and Donovan's University. {{crossref}}
** In the episode {{ep}}, Desmond recognized Charlie busking Wonderwall in a street.
* According to Amina, Yemi Tunde was to leave for a church in London a few days after he was shot. Mr. Eko said that he would take Yemi's place. After Eko killed Emeka, Amina told Eko to start afresh in London. {{crossref}}

*Charlie Pace was born in http//www.visitnorthwest.com/manchester/ Manchester, in northern England {{crossref}}, which was also home to Naomi. {{crossref}}
*Drive Shaft performed their first gig at The Night and Day Bar.  This is an actual music venue in Manchester although it is called the http//www.nightnday.org Night and Day Café. {{crossref}}
*Naomi Dorrit was identified as being from Manchester by Michael, and spoke with a Mancunian accent. {{crossref}}
*Charlotte Lewis received a DPhil at Oxford University. {{crossref}}
*Daniel Faraday was a physics professor at The Queen's College, Oxford University when Desmond met him there in 1996. {{crossref}}
*Desmond returned to Oxford University in 2007 to search for Eloise Hawking's mother. {{crossref}}
*Theresa Spencer fell ill in Oxford. {{crossref}}

*The ''Black Rock'' ship was from Portsmouth. {{crossref}}
*Francis Heatherton bought a paper company in Slough. {{crossref}}

==In The Lost Experience==
*On thehansofoundation.org website
**It is mentioned on that Alvar Hanso was present in London on 14 June 2000, one of the rare public appearances by the Hanso Foundation's CEO & Founder.
**There is a http//thehansofoundation.org/press/extra/uploads/london directory at the site named London; it is empty.
*A video that posted by Persephone shows Hugh McIntyre in London, with a women who is purportedly not his wife (GidgetGirl).
*Two of the Hansoexposed.com glyphs were found in real-world locations in the UK, as well as numbers other glyphs hidden on UK-based websites.

==Location map==
{{.333805, -2.063515~Bromsgrove;
54.895121, -2.933568~Carlisle;
51.361072, 1.131092~Eddington;
51.945183, 0.639022~Halstead;
51.296261, 1.067612~University Of Kent;
53.872821, -2.390725~Clitheroe;
51.500152, -0.126236~London;
53.480712, -2.234376~Manchester;
51.752276, -1.255824~Oxford;
51.469194,-0.455246~Heathrow Airport;
51.489112, -0.11067~Lambeth;
51.498736, -0.17955~Knightsbridge;
51.462209, -0.114035~Brixton;
50.798914, -1.091163~Portsmouth
=54.901882, -3.867187

*The UK was featured in every single season of ''Lost'' except for Season 6. This is because the majority of episodes in the season used the flash-sideways narrative, which was set entirely in Los Angeles.

==See also==
*World locations - classification by worldwide cities


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