Twenty dollar bill

{{I=Henrygale3.JPG=right=250=Henry Gale's $20 note in {{crossref}}.}}
A '''twenty dollar bill''' was found by Sayid in the wallet of Henry Gale at the location of the balloon in {{ep}}. We see this bill in {{ep}}.  

On the bill a note is written from Henry Gale to Jennifer Gale.  The writing, along with the driver's license in the wallet and the fact that corpse was a man, proved that Ben's claim of being Henry Gale was false.

Screencaps show the bill to be a US $20 bill, specifically ''SERIES 2004'' (therefore introduced into circulation on October 9, 2003 http//, serial number ''EF61363822B''. This dates the balloon crash to sometime between October 9, 2003 and the finding of the balloon by Sayid on November 21, 2004.

The message in the note reads as follows

Well you were
right. Crossing
the Pacific
isn't easy.
I owe you a
beer. I'm
hiking to one of
the beaches to
start a
signal fire, but
if you're reading
this, I guess I didn't
make it. I'm sorry,
I love you Jenny,
always have,
always will.
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