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YouTube =Tracey R. =32http// (born 1975) =Australiahttp// =Alive }} '''Tracey R''' is a friend of Sam Thomas, in the storyline of the alternate reality game Find 815. Via email, she acts as Sam's home base, counselor and investigator. Tracey gathered information about the ''Christiane I'', Oscar Talbot, ''Black Rock'' and the ''aurora australis''. {{Crossref/January 1/January 9/January 10}}{{Crossref/January 24}}. When Sam found out he wouldn't be home for Christmas, he asked Tracey to call his Sam's mother and to reassure her everything was alright. When Tracey made the call, she and Sam's mom decided to spend Christmas Eve together. {{Crossref/January 15/January 22}}. ==Trivia== * The video camera that Sam used for his video diaries was actually Tracey's. {{Crossref/January 10}}. * Tracey owned a dog named '''Holden''' {{Crossref/January 9}}. * Tracey once visited Bali and was very enthousiastic about it {{Crossref/January 1/January 17}}. * Tracey may be named after Tracey Robertson, the CEO and co-founder of ''Hoodlum''. ''Hoodlum'' is the company that created the Find 815 ARG. ==Youtube Account== * An account on YouTube was found with the username "traceyr1975". It has the Oceanic ad and the one that was hacked by Sam Thomas. http// ** It also reveals that she is 32 years old and from Australia. {{Nav-F815C}} deTracey R esTracey R frTracey R itTracey R ptTracey R CategoryFind 815 CategoryCharacters CategoryCharacters in Find 815CategoryUnseen Characters CategoryExpanded Universe