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'''Tovard Hanso''' was the owner of the Black Rock ledger|''Black Rock'' ledger, the journal of the first mate of the ''Black Rock'' sailing vessel.  Hanso sold the ledger at a Southfield's auction to Charles Widmore for money|£380,000 in 1996.  Prior to the sale, only members of Hanso's family were privy to the contents of the ledger. {{crossref}}

Tovard is a relative of both Magnus Hanso, the owner of the ''Black Rock'', and Alvar Hanso, CEO of the Hanso Group and founder of the Hanso Foundation. {{crossref}}

{{I=4x05e-tovard-widmore.jpg=left=300=The name Tovard Hanso was first revealed during an auction for a Black Rock artifact {{crossref}}}}
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