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DJ Dan/Podcast Archive=Tonya Jefferson =Alive =Podcast co-host }} '''Tonya Jefferson''' is DJ Dan's assistant and call screener, in the podcasts that were part of the alternate reality game The Lost Experience. ==Official biography== "Tonya Jefferson holds a Ph.D. in Communications from USC'S Annenberg School of Communications. Mother of two, she is often found reeling DJ Dan back into orbit with her patented DJ Dan Double Strength Tractor Beam. And if that doesn't work, she uses powdered donuts." ==Additional information== * Her goal in life is to meet the entire cast of ''Gunsmoke''. * She is obsessed with TV westerns. * DJ Dan claims that Tonya is a "master of Jujitsu," although he was probably just kidding when he said this. {{crossref, 2006 Live Podcast Transcript/Part 2}} {{Nav-TLEC}} CategoryThe Lost Experience, Tonya CategoryCharacters in The Lost Experience, Tonya CategoryCharacters, Tonya