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'''Tony Lee''' portrayed Jae Lee. During his teenage years, Lee attended Le Conte High School in wikipediaLos Angeles, California. After this, Lee went to college at the wikipediaUniversity of California, Berkeley, here he studied Law, and subsequently graduated with a degree. Most of his roles in various TV shows are non-recurring. 

Lee appears in the extra ''Lost on Location The Glass Ballerina'' on the Lost The Complete Third Season (DVD).

==Other roles==
*wikipediaNovel Romance|''Novel Romance''
*wikipediaWithout a Trace|''Without a Trace''
*wikipediaShackles (film)|''Shackles''
*wikipediaMonk (TV series)|''Monk''
*wikipediaThe Seat Filler|''The Seat Filler''
*wikipediaJAG (TV series)|''JAG''
*wikipediaER (TV series)|''ER''
*wikipediaThe Tracy Morgan Show|''The Tracy Morgan Show'' 
*wikipediaThe West Wing|''The West Wing''
*wikipediaDragnet (1987 film)|''Dragnet''
*''One Last Ride''
*wikipedia24 (TV series)|''24''
*''English for All''
*wikipediaArrest & Trial|''Arrest & Trial''
*wikipediaCity of Angels (2000 TV series)|''City of Angels'' 
*Tony has also been the production manager in wikipediaDavid Chase''A Ribbon Of Dreams''.


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