TimelineNovember 2004


==Day 41 - Monday, 1 November 2004==
"'''Deus Ex Machina'''"
* John Locke and Boone Carlyle set out to find a Drug smugglers' plane Locke saw in a dream the night prior. Michael Dawson and Jin-Soo Kwon continue working on the Rafts. Jack Shephard offers to check Sawyer's headaches, but is refused. Locke's legs continue to weaken to the point that he can no longer walk and he and Boone find Goldie's body in a tree. Kate Austen forces Sawyer to see Jack.
* Locke tells Boone about his legs and paralysis before the crash, Boone tells Locke about Theresa, and they find the Beechcraft. Jack diagnoses Sawyer with hyperopia and Sayid Jarrah welds two halves of eyeglasses together for him. Boone climbs up to the plane, finds Yemi's body and the Virgin Mary statues, and speaks to Bernard Nadler via the plane's radio just before the plane falls out of the canopy and crashes to the ground.
"'''The Other 48 Days'''"
* Ana Lucia Cortez believes Boone Carlyle is one of the Others when they hear him, and shuts off the radio. Eko Tunde ends his 40 days of silence to comfort Ana.
"'''Jin Has a Temper-Tantrum on the Golf Course'''"
* Jin's failure to score a putt on the golf course causes him to break down about the lack of communication and his unfortunate luck on the Island in front of a baffled Hugo "Hurley" Reyes and Michael Dawson. ''(NOTE This date is confirmed in 2008 Yearbook of the Official Lost Magazine'')
* The TimelineTime shifts, 1 November 2004time flash occurs and Charlotte Lewis collapses with a nosebleed.
"'''Deus Ex Machina'''"
* Locke carries a seriously injured Boone back to the caves before leaving, to Jack's fury.
"'''Do No Harm'''"
* Boone's lung collapses and Jack promises to save him. Jin works hard on the raft despite Michael telling him to take a break. Kate returns to the beach to get alcohol from Sawyer for Boone's injuries. Jack and Sun-Hwa Kwon set Boone's broken leg. Kate breaks some of the bottles when she trips before finding Claire Littleton going into labor. Jin, working on the raft, is the only person who hears her calls for help. Jack prepares for a blood transfusion to Boone, but is the only person with confirmed O- blood type. Sayid takes Shannon Rutherford on a date to a secluded beach.
"'''Deus Ex Machina'''","'''Live Together, Die Alone'''"
* Desmond Hume contemplates suicide before discovering Penelope's Penny's letter inside his copy of ''Our Mutual Friend''. He flies into a rage at his seemingly hopeless situation before hearing Locke - who is banging on the Hatch in anger at Boone's injury. Desmond shines a light up the shaft to investigate, and the light inspires Locke. Desmond realizes the outside world hasn't been destroyed by the system failure, and regains hope.
"'''Do No Harm'''"
* With Jack occupied, Kate, Charlie Pace, and Jin stay with Claire as she prepares to give birth. Jack realizes he cannot save Boone's crushed leg and that Locke lied about the cause of Boone's injuries, so he prepares to amputate the leg with Michael's help. Immediately before the amputation Boone tells Jack to stop trying and let him go.
* Aaron Littleton is born.
* Boone Carlyle dies.

==Day 42 - Tuesday, 2 November 2004==
"'''Do No Harm'''"
* Claire Littleton brings Aaron Littleton, her newborn son, to the beach camp. Jack Shephard tells Shannon Rutherford that Boone Carlyle has died, blaming John Locke.
"'''The Greater Good'''"
* Shannon and Sayid Jarrah mourn Boone's death. Kate Austen finds Jack walking in circles through the jungle looking for Locke. Sayid speaks of Boone's courage at Boone's funeral before Locke appears, calling him a hero. Jack attacks Locke, claiming he could have saved Boone's life if Locke had told the truth about Boone's injuries, while Sayid and Kate urge him to rest. Sun-Hwa Kwon and Charlie Pace urge Claire to rest, but she is concerned for her baby.
* Locke asks for Shannon's forgiveness, but Shannon asks Sayid to "do something" about Locke. Kate gives Jack sleeping pills in his juice to force him to rest. Sayid asks Locke to take him to the Drug smuggler's plane. Charlie has trouble keeping the baby quiet and discovers Sawyer's voice will calm him. Locke shows Sayid the heroin, tells him about the Nigeria in Lost Goldie, and confesses to hitting him over the head on TimelineSeptember 2004, 29 September 2004. Sayid confiscates the gun Locke took from one of the priests.
* Sayid tells Shannon Boone's death was an accident. Shannon, still angry, steals the key for the Halliburton case from the sleeping Jack and takes one of the guns to try to kill Locke, but Sayid stops her. Sawyer reads for the baby.
* That night, Sayid feels guilty for Shannon, confronts Locke, and demands to be taken to the Hatch.
"'''The Glass Ballerina'''"
* WikipediaGeorge W. Bush. Bush is re-elected as President of the United States, an event Benjamin Linus later relays to Jack.

==Day 43 - Wednesday, 3 November 2004==
"'''Born to Run'''"
* Charlie Pace believes Drive Shaft's records will have gone platinum due to his disappearance. Leslie Arzt warns Michael Dawson that it is nearly monsoon season and the Rafts has to be launched as soon as possible. Kate Austen she will end up on the raft. Jin-Soo Kwon tells Sun-Hwa Kwon he's leaving on the raft. Sayid Jarrah takes Jack Shephard to John Locke and the Hatch. Michael considers kicking James "Sawyer" Ford off the raft for Kate - who has been secretly preparing her escape as a convict, including burning the picture out of the drowned Joanna Miller's passport.
"'''Tropical Depression'''"
"'''Born to Run'''"
* Sun and Kate try to make Jin sick by poisoning his water, but Michael drinks the water instead and becomes sick. Kate looks for Jack's help, and he discovers the poison. Michael blames Sawyer, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes and Jack suspect Kate. Charlie writes "Monster Eats the Pilot". Sawyer claims Kate framed him because she's a character secrets who wants to evade rescue by the authorities, and Kate confesses she is a fugitive. Jack discovers Sun poisoned the water, but tells nobody. Sun confesses to trying to stop Jin from risking his life on the raft.
* That night, Sawyer explains himself to Kate. Walter Lloyd confesses to Michael that he burned the Rafts. Sun tells her accomplice Kate that Jack knows what they did.

==Day 44 - Thursday, 4 November 2004==
"'''Exodus, Part 1'''"
* Walter Lloyd watches Danielle Rousseau walk to the beach camp to warn the survivors that the Others are coming. Jack Shephard gathers the camp to help Michael Dawson launch the Rafts. While launching, they see a pillar of black smoke - just what Rousseau predicted. John Locke, Sayid Jarrah, and Jack show Hugo "Hurley" Reyes and Rousseau the Hatch as a possible hiding place.
* Jack organizes an expedition to the Black Rock to get dynamite to blow open the Hatch. Michael pushes James "Sawyer" Ford aside after accusing him of messing up the launch. Sawyer goes off into the jungle to cut a new mast from bamboo.  Jack gives a gun to Sawyer, who tells of his encounter with Christian Shephard's father. Kate Austen asks to join the dynamite expedition and looks to say goodbye to Sawyer, but he is away.
* Rousseau, Jack, Leslie Arzt, Hurley, Locke, and Kate leave for the Black Rock. Sawyer brings the mast he cut. Arzt is chased by the Monster, which Rousseau says is a security system to protect the Island. Walt gives Vincent to Shannon Rutherford saying the dog will look after her. Sayid brings Michael a radar emitter and a flare gun. Jin-Soo Kwon and Sun-Hwa Kwon reconcile when she hands him a notebook with korean-to-english translations and pronunciations to help him communicate. They apologize to each other, make amends, and Jin boards the raft, blaming himself for her place on the island and revealing that he is going to save her. Charlie Pace collects messages in a message bottle to send on the raft. 
* Rousseau, Jack, Arzt, Hurley, Locke, and Kate arrive at the Black Rock - and discover that it is not a geologic formation, but an old sailing ship in the jungle.
* The raft is launched.
"'''Exodus, Part 2'''"
* Sayid tells the camp to head for the Caves, but Claire Littleton is struggling to care for Aaron Littleton, so Charlie asks for a gun to defend her with. Rousseau leaves the group, having shown them how to get dynamite, and Jack, Locke, and Kate enter the Black Rock and bring out a crate of dynamite. Immediately after bringing out the crate, the group is lectured by Arzt and the dangers of dynamite while he demonstrates how to safely handle it - before it explodes in his hand, killing him. Walt, Michael, Sawyer, and Jin watch the rather large Island pass by, wondering why it was never discovered. Shannon brings Boone's things with her only managing to carry everything with Sayid's help. Despite the dangers, Jack and Locke start to collect more dynamite.
* Charlie creates a baby bjorn for Claire, Rousseau shows up looking for Sayid, and Claire remembers scratching Rousseau. Rousseau kidnaps Aaron; Charlie and Sayid set out to bring him back. Locke and Kate draw sticks to determine who will carry the dynamite - the job goes to Locke and Kate. The rudder falls off the raft, Sawyer jumps in and recovers it, and Michael finds his gun.
* 90 minutes before sunset, the dynamite is carried back to the hatch. Shannon, Sun, and Claire discuss Fate. Sayid and Charlie run toward the pillar of smoke and rest near the Drug smuggler's plane, where Charlie takes one of the Virgin Mary statues. 
*At the sound of the Monster, Hurley and Kate run, Locke leaves to see it, and Jack follows Locke. Locke is taken and dragged to a cerberus vent by the Monster, but Jack holds on and refuses to let him go. He instructs Kate to retrieve dynamite - placed in his bag instead of hers even after they drew straws - and she throws it down the vent, freeing Locke. Jin fixes the rudder and gives the Rolex watch to Michael. Sun consoles Claire. Charlie is hit by one of Rousseau's traps and Sayid cauterizes the wound with gunpowder.
* At night, Locke tells Jack that he believes they were all brought to the Island for a reason, and that Boone's death was "a sacrifice the Island demanded" as part of a test.
* The raft's radar shows an object nearby, but Michael does not want to waste their only flare. However, at urging from Sawyer, Michael launches it. The object returns on their radar and is revealed to be a ship. The raft group is overjoyed, but their celebration at seeming rescue is cut short when Tom Friendly on the other boat demands Walt. The raft is blown up, Sawyer shot, and Walt taken.
* Sayid and Charlie retreive Aaron from Rousseau, who heard from the whispers that the Others were coming for Walt, and had taken Aaron to attempt a trade for her Alexandra Rousseau. Hurley discovers the Numbers inscribed on the the Hatch and tries to prevent the lighting of the fuse, but the Hatch is blown open. Aaron is returned to Claire, Shannon and Claire are happy to see Sayid and Charlie returned. Locke and Jack look down the Hatch.
"'''Man of Science, Man of Faith'''"
* Desmond Hume wakes up, push the button, and goes through his "morning" routine. However, he is interupted by something shaking his shelter. Grabbing guns, putting on a jumpsuit, and turning down the lights, he sets mirrors in the hatch - and discovers Jack and Locke looking down the hatch.
* Jack thinks it would be futile to hide the survivors down in the hatch, as the ladder is broken. Charlie claims that there are no other people on the Island. Kate points out the quarantine marker on the door. Shannon pursues Vincent into the jungle, but instead finds Walt, soaking wet. He whispers something before disappearing. Roughly five hours after his encounter with the Monster, Locke confronts Kate's questions with the proposition that they're both crazy for seeing a moving column of smoke. Hurley tells Jack about the Numbers.

==Day 45 - Friday, 5 November 2004==
"'''Man of Science, Man of Faith'''"
* Approximately three hours before sunrise, Jack Shephard tells the survivors they will be safe at the Caves. John Locke gathers cable to climb into the Hatch and Kate Austen follows him. Immediately before she reaches the bottom of the shaft, a blinding light shines up the shaft, the cable is pulled from Locke's hand, and Kate disappears.
* James "Sawyer" Ford pulls a drowning Michael Dawson out of the water and gives him CPR. Locke follows Kate into the Hatch and is met with by Desmond Hume with a gun. Sawyer shouts for Jin-Soo Kwon, Michael blames him, and a shark hits the Rafts. Sawyer swims to another piece of raft and pulls the bullet out of his shoulder. Desmond takes Kate and Locke captive when he realizes they are not his replacements and gets Locke to tie Kate up and put her in the The Swan.
* Jack leaves the caves for the Hatch. Claire Littleton finds the Virgin Mary statue that Charlie Pace took. Sawyer realizes the The Others' boatsthe Island and the Others were looking for Walt. Kate frees herself with the help of a knife Locke slipped her, helps herself to an Apollo Bar, and climbs into the vents. Desmond questions Locke on the outside world, the survivors, and illness before making him enter the Numbers into the Swan computer.
"'''Man of Science, Man of Faith'''"
* Jack climbs down the Hatch after Locke and Kate. He explores the station, coming upon the Swan computer before Locke is brought out at gunpoint by Desmond. Jack is shocked to recognize the man he met at a stadium years ago.
* As Sawyer swims his way to one of the raft's pontoons, Michael shoots a shark with a DHARMA logo on it. At sunrise, Michael promises to get Walter Lloyd back as they see they've moved closer to the Island.
"'''The Other 48 Days'''"
* Cindy Chandler and Libby Smith find Jin-Soo Kwon washed ashore. The tailies tie him up, but he manages to run away.
* As Michael and Sawyer make land, Jin runs out of the woods yelling "Others" wildly as five people with crude weapons stand over them Eko Tunde, Ana Lucia Cortez, Libby, Cindy, and Bernard Nadler.
* Eko throws the three into the tiger pit while Michael demands to know where Walt is. Kate climbs out of the vents into the Gun vaults where she picks up a rifle, which she proceeds to take to the geodome and hit Desmond with. As he is falling, he accidentally shoots the Swan computer - with 97 minutes left on the countdown. Kate is sent to get Sayid Jarrah to fix it. Desmond tells his story, shortly before working on the computer. Hugo "Hurley" Reyes comments on things at the beach returning to normal - but Kate arrives at the beach for Sayid's help.
"'''Orientation'''", "'''The Other 48 Days'''"
* Eko hits Ana Lucia at her request before dumping her into the tiger pit to find out who Sawyer, Michael and Jin really are.
* Locke and Jack watch the Swan Orientation film (Locke watches it twice). Ana Lucia tells her story to Sawyer, Michael, and Jin. With 49 minutes left, Desmond is unable to repair the computer and runs away. Jack leaves the despondent Locke alone with the smoking computer. Shortly thereafter, Sayid, Kate, and Hurley arrive in the hatch. While looking for a breaker box, Hurley finds the pantry, marveling at the food within. Ana Lucia forcibly takes Sawyer's gun and gets Eko to pull her out. Sayid fixes the computer. Jack returns in time to give the correct the Numbers, but Locke makes Jack push the button. Hereafter, Locke and the survivors take over entering the Numbers.

==Day 45 to Day 55==
"'''Room 23 (mobisode)'''"
* Juliet Burke and Benjamin Linus argue over how to deal with Walter Lloyd, who is being held in Room 23.
"'''The Other Woman'''"
* Ben comes to see Juliet, reading the file on Jack provided by Mikhail Bakunin. Ben then takes Juliet to see Goodwin's body, having been impaled an unknown time earlier by Ana Lucia Cortez. Ben reveals he knows about Juliet and Goodwin's affair, claiming that she "is his".

==Day 46 - Saturday, 6 November 2004==
"'''Everybody Hates Hugo'''"
* Hugo "Hurley" Reyes falls asleep at the Swan computer and dreams of raiding the pantry, being stopped by an English-speaking Jin-Soo Kwon and the shop clerk wearing a Mr. Cluck's costume. Kate Austen wakes him to push the button. Charlie Pace asks Hurley about the Hatch, to which Hurley lies he doesn't know anything. Hurley takes Rose Nadler to the Swan station in an effort to find somebody who is trustworthy and can help him with his task of organizing and rationing food. Claire Littleton finds the message bottle washed up on the beach. Hurley and Rose catalogue the food from the pantry. Charlie follows John Locke into the jungle looking for answers about the Hatch. Sayid Jarrah tries to break through the concrete wall to the Incident Room - to no avail.
* Jin and Michael Dawson are let out of the tiger pit by the tailies. After some time James "Sawyer" Ford is also let out, and the three of them are taken to the Arrow.
* Locke tells Charlie about the button and the food. Charlie asks Hurley for peanut butter but Hurley refuses, to Charlie's frustration. Jack Shephard and Sayid crawl under the Swan to find away around the conrete wall. Kate takes a shower, suggesting to Jack that he do the same. Claire and Shannon Rutherford show the message bottle to Sun-Hwa Kwon. Upon arriving at the Arrow, Jin, Michael, and Sawyer discover only 5 tailies remain, even after Libby Smith said that there were 23 of them. After Locke refuses to let Hurley quit managing the food, Hurley gathers the leftover dynamite to destroy the food. Rose stops him and he decides instead to arrange a feast for the survivors. Hurley gives Charlie peanut butter to give to Claire. Sun buries the message bottle. Bernard Nadler asks about Rose on one side of the island, while Rose keeps an Apollo Bar for Bernard on the other side.
"'''One of Them'''"
* Hurley keeps some of the food from the swan pantry in a secret Hurley's stash.

==Day 47 - Sunday, 7 November 2004==
"'''...And Found'''"
* Sun-Hwa Kwon realizes that she has lost her Sun's wedding ring. The tailies gather food and water before setting off to join mid-section survivors. Jack Shephard offers to help Sun find her ring. Jin-Soo Kwon helps Ana Lucia Cortez and Bernard Nadler catch fish. Michael Dawson wants to look for fruit inland, but Libby Smith tells him that's where "the Others" live, so he runs off to look for Walt on his own. Jin and Eko Tunde go after him and come across a boar and Goodwin's body.
* Sun looks for her ring in her Sun's garden, eventually ripping it up in anger, unaware of the presence of John Locke. He tells her of his recent contentedness with life when she remarks that she has never seen him angry. Eko finds Michael's tracks, commenting that "they" don't leave tracks. Eko hears something and they hide from a group of about a dozen passing Others, one of whom is Zach carrying a teddy bear. Sun tells Kate Austen that Jin is not alright because the message bottle washed ashore.
* James "Sawyer" Ford slows the trip to the beach camp and Ana Lucia threatens to leave him behind. While Eko looks for the trail, Michael tells Jin to go back. Jin and Eko convince Michael to come back with them. When Sun digs up the message bottle, Kate sees Sun's ring in the sand, to which Sun is overjoyed.
* At night, Sayid Jarrah shows Shannon Rutherford the shelter he built for her. Michael returns to the tailies as they continue to the beach camp. When Sayid steps out of the tent to get water, Shannon sees another vision of Walter Lloyd speaking backwards, this time in her tent. Sayid believes she was dreaming. Charlie Pace and Claire Littleton carrying Aaron Littleton gather around Shannon in response to her distress, and Charlie berates Claire for waking Aaron before insisting on carrying the baby.

==Day 48 - Monday, 8 November 2004==
* James "Sawyer" Ford collapses again. Rose Nadler hangs laundry, despite Hugo "Hurley" Reyes suggesting the Hatch's dryer. Shannon Rutherford attempts to use Walt's clothes to get Vincent to track him like a bloodhound, but he takes her to Boone's grave instead. John Locke shows Claire Littleton how to swaddle Aaron Littleton, and she discusses her relationship with Charlie. Eko Tunde recommends cutting inland to get the injured Sawyer back sooner despite the protests of Ana Lucia Cortez. Charlie comes to take Aaron off Claire's hands again, despite slight reservations on her part. Ana tells Michael the Tailies story and why they're afraid of the Others.
* When Sayid Jarrah finds Shannon, she leaves him to continue looking for Walt. Locke hints to Charlie that he knows about his heroin stash, having been told by Claire that he possessed a Virgin Mary statues. Sawyer collapses unconscious, so Michael and Eko make a stretcher to carry him. Sayid follows Shannon inland after Walt. As the tail-section travellers climb an embankment with the unconscious Sawyer, Cindy Chandler vanishes without a trace and they are spooked by the whispers. Shannon and Sayid see Walt in the jungle. Shannon pursues Walt.
* Ana Lucia accidentally shoots Shannon in her sternum from a distance of about ten feet.
* Shannon dies almost instantly in the arms of Sayid.
* Sayid attempts to attack Ana Lucia in anger, but she knocks him unconscious with Eko's help and forces Libby to tie him up. While filling a water bottle, Jack Shephard and Rose watch a golf ball fall into the water, shot by Hurley, Charlie, and Kate Austen. Despite Ana, Eko carries Sawyer back towards the camp, while Libby tries to convince Ana to let Sayid go. Kate challenges Jack to a golf course - he eventually shoots a ball into the woods. Eko runs into Jack, who brings Sawyer to the Swan. Jack cools Sawyer down in the shower while Locke and Eko meet. Ana sends Michael to collect some things for her in exchange for Sayid's freedom.
* Jack tries to give Sawyer antibiotics, but it takes Kate to get him to swallow it. Ana lets Bernard, Libby, and Jin go to the beach camp. Michael finds Sun-Hwa Kwon at her garden and is taken to the Swan. Eko eventually describes to Jack what happened, and Jack prepares to go after Sayid when Eko tells him of Ana Lucia. Ana tells Sayid about Jason, then cuts him free, offering to let him kill her.
* Kate tends to Sawyer while Michael, Jin and the tailies are reunited with the fuselage survivors. Rose and Bernard reunite after being separated for 48 days on the island. Jack meets Ana Lucia in the jungle. Sayid carries Shannon's body to the beach.

==Day 49 - Tuesday, 9 November 2004==
* Sometime during the very early hours of the morning, Paulo pops some nicotene gum and is caught digging a hole by Locke, who suggests he hide his secrets somewhere more permanent than the eroding beach.
"'''What Kate Did'''"
* Jin-Soo Kwon and Sun-Hwa Kwon wake up together after having been finally reunited the previous day. Sayid Jarrah digs a grave for Shannon Rutherford. James "Sawyer" Ford wakes up and, still very sick, reveals that he loves Kate Austen, to Jack's distress. In the jungle, Kate sees a Kate's horse from her past, later staying at the Swan to watch over Sawyer in order for Jack to go to Shannon's funeral. Eko Tunde tries to convince Ana-Lucia Cortez to attend, although she refuses. At Shannon's funeral, Sayid gives a eulogy as two of her closest friends on the Island, Sun and Claire, look on with the rest of the castaways. Back at the Swan, Sawyer seems to channel the spirit of Wayne Janssen, asking why Kate killed him and attempting to choke her. She runs from the Swan. John Locke and Jack return to find the alarm going off, nearly at the end of the 108 minutes, and Sawyer unconscious on the floor.
*Paulo goes to the Pearl Station and hides the diamonds in the toilet. While he is in the bathroom, Benjamin Linus and Juliet Burke enter the station, and Paulo overhears Ben's plans to capture Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. He takes a walkie left behind by one of the two, but doesn't tell anyone about seeing the two or the walkie.
"'''What Kate Did'''"
* Kate asks Charlie Pace if he's seen her horse, to which he responds that he has not. Locke cuts Jin's handcuffs off after the man has been wearing them for 43 days. Michael Dawson demonstrates to Locke the blast doors in the Swan, Locke shows him and Eko the Swan Orientation film, Kate tells Jack the Island is driving her crazy, and they have their first kiss. Kate later reveals the same information to Sayid, albeit less emotionally and with no kissing. Eko tells Locke the story of King Josiah and shows him the Bible containing the missing film splice. Hugo "Hurley" Reyes thinks Jack is angry at Sawyer. Kate takes over for Sun caring for Sawyer, thinking Wayne might be possessing him. However, after Kate delivers a tearful explanation for why she murdered Wayne, Sawyer wakes up asking who Wayne is and believing they've been rescued due to the civilized interiors of the Swan. Locke and Eko piece together the film, later revealing a missing clip where Pierre Chang cautions that using the computer for anything other than entering the numbers could cause another The Incident (event). Kate and Sawyer see Kate's horse outside the Swan. Jack has a drink with Ana Lucia. While investigating the Swan Computer, Michael suddenly finds himself able to communicate with Walt on the other end of the computer who refers to him as "Dad" when he says he is Michael.

==Day 51 - Thursday, 11 November 2004==
"'''The 23rd Psalm'''"
* Claire Littleton introduces herself to Eko Tunde and mentions Charlie's Virgin Mary statue, which Eko shows her is filled with heroin. John Locke changes the combination on the Gun vaults, while Michael Dawson comes looking for a gun. Eko demands Charlie take him to where he found the statues. Claire gets mad that Charlie was hiding drugs again. Locke gives Michael shooting lessons. Knowing Charlie is lying, Eko demands to see the drug smugglers' plane. Kate Austen gives James "Sawyer" Ford a haircut and demonstrates through Hugo "Hurley" Reyes that people like him, Michael asks Kate for her shift at the Hatch. Eko finds Goldie's body before facing the Monster with no fear as Charlie looks on.
* Michael chats with Walter Lloyd again before Jack Shephard enters the Swan, promising Michael they'll retrieve his son. Eko finds the beechcraft, cremates Yemi Tunde inside the plane, and seemingly gains greater religious conviction for a job he has by accident. Sun-Hwa Kwon gives Ana-Lucia Cortez a fish to welcome her into their community, Hurley helps Elizabeth Smith make a shelter, Sawyer bugs Kate about his haircut while Jack gives him meds. Claire kicks out Charlie for lying to her. Secretly, Charlie adds to a hidden stash of Virgin Mary statues in the jungle.

==Day 52 - Friday, 12 November 2004==
"'''Enter 77'''"
*Mikhail Bakunin turns 35.

"'''Three Minutes'''"
* Michael Dawson asks John Locke for a gun before knocking him unconscious. He chats on the Swan computer again, presumably with Walter Lloyd, to receive directions.

"'''The Hunting Party'''", "'''Three Minutes'''"
* Jack Shephard wakes up to find Locke unconscious before Michael forces him into the Swan Gun vaults at gun point, locks them in, and goes looking for Walt.

"'''The Hunting Party'''"
*Jack and Locke are trapped in the armory until Kate Austen brings James "Sawyer" Ford to get his bandages changed. Jack, Locke, and Sawyer pursue Michael. Kate asks Hugo "Hurley" Reyes to go to the Swan and watch the computer, which she was told to do, so she can follow the hunting party. Jin-Soo Kwon, overhearing Michael left, wants to follow the group, but Sun-Hwa Kwon forbids him. Locke's tracking skills suggest Michael is going direct north, and knows exactly where he is going. Locke asks Sawyer the origin of his nickname before the three of them follow the sounds of gunshots.

"'''Three Minutes'''"
* Following directions gained from his "Walt" computer chats, Michael comes upon Danny Pickett, holds him at gunpoint, struggles with Tom Friendly, and engages in a firefight before being captured by the Others.
* Kate, following the hunting party, is also captured by the Others.

"'''The Hunting Party'''", "'''Three Minutes'''"
* (Night) Locke looses track of Michael's trail and wants to return to the beach, but Jack refuses. As they are arguing, they are interrupted by Tom. Charlie Pace and Hurley listen to Geronimo Jackson in the Swan and discuss Elizabeth Smith and Claire Littleton as Sayid Jarrah walks, asking where everyone is. After revealing the rest of the Others with him, Tom orders the survivors to stay on their side of the line. Pickett brings Kate to Tom, who asks them to swap their guns for her.

"'''Three Minutes'''"
* Alexandra Linus asks Michael about Claire and, when Tom returns with the guns, knocks Michael out.

==Day 53 - Saturday, 13 November 2004==
* Jin-Soo Kwon cannot sleep waiting for the return of the team searching for Michael. Returning home after their encounter with the Others, Kate Austen apologizes to Jack Shephard for following the search party. Charlie Pace becomes jealous of John Locke for being close to Claire and Aaron Littleton. Jack asks Ana-Lucia Cortez how long she thinks it would take to train an army.

==Day 54 - Sunday, 14 November 2004==
"'''Fire + Water'''"
* Charlie Pace dreams of his childhood, a dream that quickly turns into a nightmare in which Aaron Littleton is stuck in a piano washed out to sea. Upon waking, he frantically checks on him and his mother, Claire Littleton, who are both with John Locke. Kate Austen helps James "Sawyer" Ford with his healing exercises while Hugo "Hurley" Reyes asks about Elizabeth "Libby" Smith. During another nightmare in which Aaron is washed out to sea, Charlie takes the baby from his crib while sleepwalking - upon being found with the child, Claire slaps him.
"'''Three Minutes'''"
* Tom Friendly, Danny Pickett, Alexandra Linus, and two others take Michael Dawson to the Others' decoy village. Beatrice Klugh questions him about his son Walter Lloyd, but doesn't receive much for answers due to Michael's absence from much of Walt's life.

==Day 55 - Monday, 15 November 2004==
"'''Fire + Water'''"
* James "Sawyer" Ford helps Hugo "Hurley" Reyes get to know Elizabeth "Libby" Smith. Charlie Pace asks John Locke to put in a good word for him with Claire Littleton, insisting he isn't using drugs. Hurley recognizes Libby while they do laundry. Charlie tells Eko Tunde about his recent dreams of Aaron Littleton in mortal peril, and decides that the baby needs to be baptized, which he implores Claire to do. Jack Shephard and Ana-Lucia Cortez build her a shelter while they talk about the Others encounter and Kate Austen. Charlie goes to his heroin stash and is caught by Locke, who confiscates it, stating that Charlie has lost the right to a choice over his drugs.
* At night, Charlie lights a fire as a distraction and snatches Aaron to try to baptize him in the sea. Surrounded by the entire camp, a dismayed Eko, and a distressed Claire, Charlie surrenders Aaron to Claire before Locke punches him three times, leaving him in the ocean.

==Day 56 - Tuesday, 16 November 2004==
"'''Fire + Water'''"
* Jack Shephard stitches Charlie's face wound from being punched by John Locke, making Charlie promise that he won't do anything like he did the previous night again, and Charlie states without being asked that he still didn't use drugs. At Claire's request, Eko Tunde baptizes her and her baby at the future site of Eko's church. Locke stores the heroin in the Swan's armory and changes the combination. That night, Charlie broods on the beach, alone.

==Day 57 - Wednesday, 17 November 2004==
"'''The Long Con'''"
* Jack Shephard and John Locke store the handguns from the Halliburton case in the Swan's armory. Jack takes back Sawyer's stash James "Sawyer" Ford stole from the Hatch, angering the man. Kate Austen brings Sawyer a magazine and discuss the changes among the survivors. Hugo "Hurley" Reyes asks Sayid Jarrah to try boosting the performance of the Tailie's radio, an action which the still-depressed Sayid is unenthusiastic about. Ana-Lucia Cortez tells Jack the survivors feel too safe to join their army. Charlie Pace attacks Sun-Hwa Kwon at her Sun's garden while it is raining and leaves before Sawyer and Kate come to her rescue. Ana thinks the Others are back, but Locke says to wait before looking for them in the jungle. Later, Sawyer and Kate go to look and Sawyer, insisting the details of the attack are inconsistent with the Others' past actions, accuses Ana. Becoming ever more suspicious Kate confronts Jack about her, asking him how well he knows her. When Sun wakes up, Jin-Soo Kwon demands a gun, and Kate believes it's part of Ana's maneuver to control the guns.
* That night, Sawyer warns Locke that the camp has formed a posse is coming to open the safe and take the guns, so Locke has Sawyer watch the timer while he himself moves the guns. Jack and Jin come to get the guns, but only find Sawyer and an empty vault. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Locke, Charlie has followed him through the jungle and found the alternate spot where he hid the guns. During a confrontation on the beach, both Jack and Locke are shocked when Sawyer reveals that he, though methods unknown to them, has all the guns hidden away. That night, Kate Sawyer, demanding to know why he wants everyone to hate him. While reading Bad Twin, Hurley is approached by Sayid with the radio, modified to pick up new signals. They listen to a broadcast of Moonlight Serenade from the radio station WXR broadcast, and Hurley, quickly cautioned by Sayid that the transmission is likely nowhere nearby, jokes that the song could be coming from Time travel. During a late night rendezvous of Charlie and Sawyer during which they confirm that their plans went off without a hitch. Upon being asked why he helped Sawyer, Charlie reveals that it was to make Locke look like a fool.
"'''One of Them'''", "'''Two for the Road'''"
* On his way to the survivor's camp, ostensibly to take Locke to the Others, Benjamin Linus gets caught in one of Rousseau's Rousseau's traps.

==Day 58 - Thursday, 18 November 2004==
"'''One of Them'''"
* Upon seeing Danielle Rousseau walking through the jungle, Ana-Lucia Cortez quietly goes back to camp and gets Sayid Jarrah, showing him the intruder. James "Sawyer" Ford cannot sleep from the noise made by a Animals. Upon searching for it, he finds Hugo "Hurley" Reyes eating DHARMA Ranch Composite, and threatens to expose his habits if he does not help with finding the frog. Rousseau shows Ben to Sayid, who speaks to the man. The man claims to be "Henry Gale! From Minnesota!". Sayid cuts him down against Rousseau's warnings that he is the Others. After being cut down, he immediately begins to run, earning him an arrow in the back from Rousseau's crossbow - she then hands him over to Sayid, who brings him to the Swan for medical attention. Ben further expands on his story, claiming to be a balloonist who crashed on the Island and lost his wife two weeks prior.
* Jack Shephard removes the arrow from Henry while Sayid convinces Locke to change the armory combination and lock Sayid in with Henry so that Sayid may torture the man and find if he is lying. Upon having his request fulfilled, Sayid re-introduces himself to Henry as a torturer, and proceeds to torture him. With Hurley's help, Sawyer finds and kills the frog. Locke tries to prevent Jack from stopping the interrogation, but Jack gains leverage when Swan computer begins to go off, forcing Locke to give him the combination as it reaches zero. As Jack pulls Sayid off of Henry, Locke enters the Numbers a moment too late and witnesses the initial stages of a system failure before the computer resets. Sayid concludes Henry is indeed one of them because he feels no remorse for torturing the man, and reminds Charlie Pace of how dangerous the Others are, something he believes Jack has forgotten.
"'''Maternity Leave'''"
* Aaron Littleton develops a rash and fever. Locke seeks to summon Jack's help, but Rousseau convinces Claire Littleton of the possibility that Aaron has the Sickness, even though Jack thinks the rash is minor. Claire begins having flashes of memory, including the interiors of The Staff.

==Day 59 - Friday, 19 November 2004==
"'''Maternity Leave'''"
* Concerned about the continuing apparent sickness of Aaron, Claire Littleton asks Elizabeth "Libby" Smith, a clinical psychologist, to help her remember the period of time when Claire was taken by the Others. Jack Shephard and John Locke discuss what to do with Ben, whose cot is later noticed by Eko as he looks for the saw in the Swan in order to cut down trees for Eko's church. With Libby's help, Claire starts remembering events from her kidnapping, including greater details about an The Staff. Claire leaves Aaron with Sun before she and Kate Austen go to look for Danielle Rousseau, who Claire now vaguely remembers as part of her time away from camp. Eko asks Jack if he may speak to the man they have in the Hatch.
* Rousseau takes them to where she found and was scratched by Claire, prompting a flash of memory that nearly completes the missing gaps for Claire. Following Claire, they find and enter the Staff, hoping to find medicine for Aaron. Searching the station, Kate finds ragged clothing neatly on hangers and Tom with theatrical glue. Claire finds a bootie she knitted for Aaron, causing her to remember Alexandra Linus and the presence of medicine in the operating theater. However, there is no medicine, prompting Claire to first yell at Rousseau about its whereabouts - still believing the woman knows more than she is telling them - before her memory finally becomes complete, and she remembers Rousseau helping her escape.
* Outside of the station, Claire relates to a tearful Rousseau a newly recovered part of her memory about a young woman in her late teens with blue eyes who helped Claire escape and was not like the rest of the Others.
* That evening, Eko asks forgiveness from Henry for the murder of two Others before cutting off his beard tassels. Upon returning to camp, Claire and Kate find that Aaron's fever and rash have both cleared up, and Claire gives him the bootie, stating that she knows they are meant to be together. Using a carefully worded anecdote about wikipediaErnest Hemingway and wikipediaFyodor Dostoevsky, Henry begins to manipulate Locke with use of observations about the power struggle between the older man and Jack.

==Day 60 - Saturday, 20 November 2004==
"'''The Whole Truth'''"
* It is Rose's birthday.
* Finding Sun-Hwa Kwon in her garden, Jin-Soo Kwon forces his wife to leave by tearing up the plants there, fearing she will be attacked by the Others. Shortly thereafter, Rose and Bernard Nadler find Sun on the beach, feeling mysteriously ill. John Locke tells Ana Lucia Cortez about Ben. Waiting in the bathroom for Jack Shephard to get out of the shower, Locke suggests to him that they have Ana talk to Henry. Upon Jack responding that he'll ask her, Locke reveals that she is already in the Armory with him. Talking to the man, Ana convinces Henry to draw a Ben's maps to his balloon in order to prove his innocence, agreeing with him that he's "dead already" if he refuses to draw the map. She conceals the map from Locke and Jack and shows Sayid Jarrah and Charlie Pace, taking the two with her to find the balloon and check Henry's story. Sun, with Kate Austen and Jack's help, finds out that she is pregnancies. At night, Sayid tells Ana he does not blame her for Shannon's death.

==Day 61 - Sunday, 21 November 2004==
"'''The Whole Truth'''"
* Ana Lucia Cortez, Charlie Pace, and Sayid Jarrah find the clearing on Ben's map, but at first do not see anything. While looking for oysters to give Rose Nadler a pearl, Bernard Nadler is told by James "Sawyer" Ford in front of Jin-Soo Kwon that Sun-Hwa Kwon is pregnant. Unable to understand them and alone again, Jin replants Sun's garden and tells her he needs her, and she tells him that she is pregnant and that it was always him who was sterile - yet promises she has never been with another man. Jin proclaims it a miracle. "Henry" continues playing mind-games with John Locke and Jack Shephard.
* Locke and Jack get annoyed with "Henry". After 3 hours of searching, Ana Lucia, Sayid, and Charlie find Henry Gale's balloon and a grave containing the body of a male, not a female - the real Henry Gale. Jack says Aaron's fever is gone and Elizabeth "Libby" Smith points out Sawyer"Sawyer" Ford's steep exchange prices for medical supplies. Locke hears noises from the speakers in the Swan announcing a Lockdown incident. He is cut off from the Swan computer when the blast doors in the station come down. Jack plays poker with Sawyer, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, and Kate Austen. Locke agrees to protect "Henry" in return for help in raising one of the lockdown doors. However, Locke gets trapped under the door, so "Henry" climbs through the ventilation system in the pantry to get to the computer. Meanwhile, Jack wins the medical supplies back from Sawyer in a poker game.
* "Henry" enters the numbers right as the hieroglyphics began flipping. The lights in the station go out, only to be replaced almost immediately by black lights, allowing Locke to see the blast door map, but only briefly before the normal lights come back on and "Henry" helps him up from the now-retreating doors. On the way back to the Hatch that night, Jack and Kate find a DHARMA periodic resupply drop. They meet the returning Ana Lucia, Charlie, and Sayid, who confront "Henry" with Henry Gale's driver's license.

==Day 62 - Monday, 22 November 2004==
"'''Live Together, Die Alone'''"
* The survivors have been on the Island for two months.
* With Libby"Libby" Smith's help, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes destroys his Hurley's stash, then immediately afterwards finds out about the supply drop. Given his role in managing the Pantrythe first time, the survivors ask Hurley to manage the new food supply, which he refuses. He then sees Dave in the jungle. Jack Shephard says John Locke has a hairline fracture in his leg from the blast doors. Sayid Jarrah interrogates "Ben" and almost shoots him for information about the Others, but is stopped by Ana Lucia Cortez. Charlie Pace beings helping Eko Tunde with his Eko's church in earnest. While eating, Hurley again sees Dave and chases him through the jungle, before coming across Charlie and Eko on the beach, neither of whom have seen Dave. Hurley asks for the same type of medicine he took at the mental institution from James "Sawyer" Ford and attacks him when Sawyer makes fun of him. Hurley packs some peanut butter and leaves for the caves, intending to live as a hermit, but is interrupted when he drops his peanut butter and sees Dave again.
* Dave tries to convince Hurley that he went into a coma state in the mental institution, making the Island and everything on it a delusion, and urges him to commit 'suicide' to break out of it. While Jack tells the beach camp about their hostage, Locke speaks to "Henry," who tells him he never push the button. Libby convinces Hurley that the Island is real, and kisses him.
"'''Three Minutes'''"
* That evening, Beatrice Klugh tells Michael Dawson that Benjamin Linus has been taken captive, and says they will let he and Walter Lloyd go free if he releases Ben. She gives him 3 minutes with his son. Walt tells Michael that the Others "are not who they say they are... they're pretending" and that they make him take tests. Bea gives Michael another task in addition to freeing Ben - bringing several survivors with him - and gives him a list with the names "Jack Shephard, Kate Austen, Hugo Reyes, and James Ford," telling him to bring them with him to the Others' camp. As a final condition, Michael demands their boat.
"'''The Deal'''"
* In the decoy village, Juliet Burke introduces herself to Michael, telling him that the boat is his and he can take Walt home as soon as Ben is free. She explains that she's worried about Walt because he's special and not ordinary. She's also glad that Michael is getting Walt off the Island and assures him she'll keep her end of the bargain. Furthermore, she tells him about her own deal she made with Ben regarding her Rachel. Michael asks Juliet why she would stay on the Island for her sister's sake, and in turn, Juliet asks Michael if he would do anything for his son.

==Day 63 - Tuesday, 23 November 2004==
* Rose and Bernard Nadler sort the food from the supply drop at the kitchen, a feature of permanence that leads Bernard to suggest that the survivors have given up on rescue. John Locke attempts to sketch the blast door map from memory, getting increasingly frustrated at his apparent inability to do so. Jack Shephard decides he will trade "Ben" to the Others for Walter Lloyd and gathers Kate Austen for his trip to the Line, the only place he knows of to contact them. Bernard gathers people for an idea he has had build a massive "SOS" sign on the beach, to be seen by planes and satellites. Rose, however, believes that the idea is false hope to the survivors, something she voices in front of Bernard's assembled workforce. Still eager, Bernard is unsuccessful in recruiting Eko Tunde and Charlie Pace, who are busy building Eko's church.
* Bernard has trouble keeping workers for the SOS sign. Jack and Kate get caught in one of Rousseau's traps and shoot themselves down. Locke leaves the Hatch and Rose reminds him of the Island's healing powers. Kate tells Jack about the theatrical materials she found at the Staff and voices her displeasure at being left out of the with "Henry". Bernard gives up on his sign after he has lost all his help and Rose tells him that the Island healed her cancer, making her afraid to leave.
* That night, Locke completes his Blast door map, Eko and Charlie continue building their church, and other survivors bond with their family and friends. Waiting for the Others, Jack and Kate instead find Michael Dawson, who crosses the line before passing out in front .
"'''Two for the Road'''"
* Jack carries Michael back to the Swan.

==Day 64 - Wednesday, 24 November 2004==
"'''Two for the Road'''"
* When Ana Lucia Cortez brings "Ben" food, he attacks her before being knocked out by the nearby John Locke. While Ana is stitching her wound, Elizabeth "Libby" Smith tells her not to do anything stupid, and Ben tells Locke he was coming to take the older man back to the Others before he was caught by Danielle Rousseau. Jack Shephard and Kate Austen arrive at the Swan with Michael Dawson, unconscious after he stumbled out of the jungle in front of them at the line. Ana Lucia unsuccessfuly asks James "Sawyer" Ford for a gun. Upon being asked by Hugo "Hurley" Reyes about date ideas for Libby, Sayid Jarrah suggests Hurley takes Libby to his picnic spot where he once took Shannon Rutherford. Locke thinks the Others may have let Michael go. Ana follows Sawyer, has sex with him, and steals his gun.
* Libby catches Hurley packing for their picnic, and he confesses his plans to give her a surprise before they then set off. Michael wakes up and lies about what he has seen and done. Locke, Jack, and Kate go to get guns from Sawyer. Hurley gets lost and ends up back at their beach, without blankets or drinks, so Libby goes to the Swan for picnic blankets while he goes to find drinks.
"'''The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt'''"
* Hurley goes to Rose and Bernard's tent to "borrow" some wine. Neil'Frogurt' catches Hurley and tells the other man that he is interested in Libby and wants Hurley to stop "holding up the line" before Hurley retorts that he is much farther with Libby than "doing laundry", and is going to a picnic with her.
"'''Two for the Road'''"
* While Jack demands Sawyer give them the guns, Ana plans to kill Ben but cannot do it. Michael tells Ana he'll do it for her but kills her and mortally wounds Libby, who has come for blankets, before shooting himself in the arm and freeing "Henry".
* In a dream, Ana Lucia tells Eko Tunde that he needs to help John, and Yemi Tunde, his brother, tells him to find the 'Question mark'. While Jack, Sawyer, Locke, and Kate return to the Swan blaming each other, a wounded Michael stumbles out of the Hatch. They find Ana dead, but Libby still barely alive. Eko offers he and Locke to go after Ben. Eko demands Locke take him to the '?' on Locke's sketch of the blast door map, which leads them to the Beechcraft.

==Day 65 - Thursday, 25 November 2004 (Thanksgiving Day, USA)==
* Jack Shephard tells James "Sawyer" Ford to get the heroin from his Sawyer's stash, sending Kate Austen with him to see where the stash is. After retreiving it from Sawyer's tent, they tell Hugo "Hurley" Reyes about Libby"Libby" Smith's critical condition. Camping at the Beechcraft while in search of "the question mark", John Locke dreams he is Eko Tunde and sees Yemi Tunde climb the cliff. Upon hearing about the dream, Eko also climbs the cliff, discovering a "?" visible on the ground around the beechcraft. In the ground underneath the crashed plane, they discover hatch to the the Pearl. Hurley tells Michael Dawson about he and Libby's date, which she was retrieving blankets for when she was shot. The Pearl orientation video causes Locke to lose faith in entering the Numbers, but inspires Eko to take over the task.
* Hurley apologizes to Libby for forgetting the blankets who, in a brief moment of lucidity, utters "Michael". In an attempt to reassure the woman, Jack tells her that Michael is okay, and Libby dies with the knowledge of the truth. Upset, Jack packs his supplies, Eko and Locke return, Hurley mourns over Libby, and Michael considers what he has done.
"'''Three Minutes'''"
* Michael burns the Lists's list he received from The Others before insisting that only 5 of the crash survivors go on a newly-planned journey to rescue Walter Lloyd. Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, and Kate take Ana Lucia Cortez and Libby's bodies to the beach for burial. While Michael is cleaning up Libby's blood in The Swan, Eko tells him a parable about hell. Michael then returns to the beach camp, once again insisting that only those five he has already said - Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, and himself - go on the mission. Charlie Pace brings a vaccine from the pallet to Claire and Aaron Littleton. Michael, only just now returning to the beach after being gone, is welcomed by Sun-Hwa Kwon before informing her that Libby and Ana Lucia "were murdered".
* Jack and Sawyer gather weapons for the mission to rescue Walt and Sayid Jarrah asks - and is welcomed by Sawyer - to join. Eko abandons the Eko's church and asks Charlie to help him move into the Swan to start entering the Numbers. Michael gets upset that Sayid is joining and tells him to stay, something Sayid agrees to. Vincent brings Charlie to Sawyer's stash with the last of the heroin-filled Virgin Mary statues, which Charlie throws into the ocean. Jack invites Eko to the funeral but he declines before Sawyer tells Jack about "getting caught in a net" with Ana. While digging two graves, Michael tries to convince Hurley to join their mission.
* At sunset, the survivors gather for the funeral. Locke cuts off his splint before joining them. Sayid warns Jack that he is almost certain Michael has been compromised, and is leading them into a trap. During the funeral for Libby and Ana Lucia, Hurley decides to join the mission to rescue Walt. In the midst of their mourning, Sun sees a Elizabeth (sailboat).
"'''Live Together, Die Alone'''"
* Jack, Sayid and Sawyer swim to the sailboat and find Desmond Hume onboard, drunk. Desmond says after sailing due west for 2 weeks he returned to the Island instead of World locations as expected. Sayid devises a secret plan to evade the Others' trap using Desmond's boat. Locke tries to stop Eko entering the Numbers, but Eko throws him out of the Swan and tells him not to come back.

''The fact that it is Thanksgiving Day is completely ignored by all castaways and Others, possibly because the majority of American survivors are either trekking with Eko or trying to save Libby. Nikki Fernandez later laments that Thanksgiving was forgotten by the survivors in {{ep}}.''

==Day 66 - Friday, 26 November 2004==
"'''Live Together, Die Alone'''"
* Jack Shephard, Kate Austen, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, James "Sawyer" Ford and Michael Dawson set out for Decoy village' camp. Sawyer almost springs one of Rousseau's traps before being cautioned by Kate about the nets. While she is explaining to him that "caught in a net" was not a euphemism for sex, the Hurley bird swoops down on them and Michael realizes his gun is empty when he goes to fire upon it. While John Locke cries outside of the Swan for being thrown out, Charlie Pace tells him of Desmond's arrival during the funeral. Sayid Jarrah, Jin-Soo Kwon, and Sun-Hwa Kwon leave for the Other's camp in the Elizabeth (sailboat).
* That night, Locke tells Desmond about the Pearl and they decide to find out what happens when the button is not pushed. Michael thanks Jack for joining him.
"'''Every Man for Himself'''"
* Benjamin Linus has more X-rays of his spine.

==Day 67 - Saturday, 27 November 2004==
"'''Ji Yeon'''"
* Jin-Soo Kwon turns 30 years old.
"'''Live Together, Die Alone'''"
* Sayid Jarrah, Sun-Hwa Kwon and Jin pass the remains of the Statue of Taweret. Desmond Hume creates a Lockdown incident in the Swan, successfully forcing Eko Tunde out of reach of the Swan computer, prompting the priest to climb up out of the Hatch to get Charlie's help. James "Sawyer" Ford, alerted to the presence of pursuing Others by Kate Austen, shoots one of them before Jack Shephard makes Michael Dawson admit to the group that he shot Ana Lucia Cortez and Elizabeth "Libby" Smith to free "Benjamin Linus", and is leading the other four into a trap as part of a deal to get Walter Lloyd back. Jack claims to have prepared a counter-plan around the same that, at the shore of the island, Jin spots the rock with a hole that marks the decoy village' camp.
* Charlie takes Eko to a hidden stash of dynamite from the Black Rock, which Eko takes back to the Swan sets to blow the blast doors. Charlie tries to dissuade him and reason that the Hatch could well be a psychological experiment, but Eko proves it's real by throwing Charlie's belt against the magnetic wall before he sets the fuse, with Charlie only barely managing to escape a fireball by jumping into the escape shaft. Locke prevents Desmond from opening the blast doors to check on them. The sailboat reaches the decoy village - which is abandoned - and Sayid opens the Door, revealing only a rock wall. The rescue party finds the capsule dump - proving that the Pearl was the real psychological experiment - before seeing Sayid's signal miles away from where they were headed. Whispers break out around the group before they are knocked unconscious by stun dart and captured by the Others. In the waning minutes of the timer, Locke tells Desmond about the Pearl and shows him the log printout. Seeing the date of the System Failure he experienced as September 24, 2004, Desmond realizes the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 coincided with the surge of electromagnetism. The Others tie and gag Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, leading them to Pala Ferry, where Kate points out Tom's fake beard. Benjamin Linus arrives with the The Others' boats.
* Locke breaks the Swan computer to prevent Desmond entering the Numbers, so Desmond raises the blast doors to retreive the fail-safe key from ''Our Mutual Friend''. As the countdown timer runs down, metallic objects fly towards the electromagnet and the Swan shakes as if hit by an earthquake. Eko awakes and Locke admits his error. Desmond activates the fail-safe, causing the Swan to 'implode' and the sky to turn purple, as seen and heard across the Island.
"'''Par Avion'''"
* The The Looking Glass guiding the Galaga stopped emitting its locator signal.
"'''Live Together, Die Alone'''"
* Charlie returns to the beach camp, finding that nobody has heard from Eko, Locke, or Desmond. Ben gives Michael a compass bearing of 325 to escape the Island and tells him the Others are "the good guys". Beatrice Klugh sends Hurley back to warn the rest of the survivors to stay away from the other side of the Island, and Ben tells him that Jack, Kate, and Sawyer "are coming home with us". Michael, Walt, and Hurley leave while the rest are hooded and taken away. That night, Claire asks Charlie about what happened in the Swan and kisses him.
* At 305am GMT (7.05pm PST), Mathias and Henrik at the listening station detect an electromagnetic anomaly and inform Penelope Widmore.

==Day 68 - Sunday, 28 November 2004==
* Inside the Hydra station, Jack wakes up to find himself in a locked The Hydra, Kate wakes up in a The Hydra with Tom, and Sawyer wakes up in an Cages across from Karl Martin. Jack meets Juliet. After Kate showers, she finds a dress instead of her clothes, and Tom takes her to have breakfast with Ben. Ben cuffs her warns her the next two weeks will be quite unpleasant. Juliet brings Jack a sandwhich which he refuses and questions him, to which he mostly lies. Karl escapes and releases Sawyer, but Juliet and Tom re-capture them.
* Jack finally lets Juliet bring him food. During Jack's escape attempt, Ben seems willing to sacrifice Juliet's life as Jack opens a hatch releasing water which quickly fills the corridor. Ben saves himself while Juliet and Jack lock themselves in the observation room and she knocks him out. Sawyer figures out the food contraption and gets a fish biscuit and water. Tom puts Kate in the cage opposite Sawyer and removes her cuffs. Juliet tells Jack his life and weakens his resistance using comprehensive information about his ex-wife, and he asks if she's happy. Ben congratulates Juliet on her work which she shrugs off.

* Desmond wakes up in the jungle naked. He sees the imploded The Swan and Desmond's photograph. He calls out wanting to go back and fix it.

* Locke wakes up in the jungle sees Desmond run past him, but is unable to speak. Locke communicates to Charlie that he needs to 'speak to the Island' and builds a sweat lodge. Locke mixes up and takes a Locke's drug and sees Boone in a Locke's dreams#"Further Instructions". Boone tells Locke he needs to "clean up his own mess" before he can help Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Locke goes to find Eko and discovers he was dragged off by a polar bear and tells Charlie to go back. They find the Hatch has imploded, are chased by a polar bear, and find Hurley.
* Locke enters the Polar bear cave with a torch. Desmond meets Hurley and asks him for clothes. Locke finds a toy truck and skeletons and rescues Eko from a polar bear. Desmond tells Hurley about the fail-safe key and mentions a speech made by Locke to save Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. Locke and Charlie carry Eko back while he tells about his dream. When they stop for water, Eko tells Locke he can still save them. Later, at the beach camp, Hurley hears Locke making the speech.

==Day 69 - Monday, 29 November 2004==
* Jin suggests they leave since it has been over a day since lighting the signal, but Sayid and Sun want to keep trying. Colleen Pickett tells Ben and Juliet that Ryan saw Sayid and the boat and is told to get a team together. Tom and Pickett take Kate and Sawyer and put them to work clearing rocks. Sayid discovers the Pala Ferry dock. Alex sneaks up to ask Kate about Karl. Sayid sets an ambush for the Others, suspecting the rest have been caught. Sawyer starts a breakout to test the Others strength, but surrenders when Juliet threatens Kate at gunpoint.
* That night, the Others approach by sea instead and steal the Elizabeth (sailboat). Sun shoots Colleen, is shot by Tom, and falls overboard. Jin brings her to shore glad she's alright. Sawyer explains himself after he and Kate are returned to their cages while Ben watches them. Ben tells Jack his real name and that he has lived on the Island his entire life. He tells him facts of the past 69 days they spent on the Island and playing a video of the Boston Red Sox World Series victory to prove his knowledge, then offers to take him home if he co-operates.

* Michael and Walt reach "an island" where they sell the boat and hop a cargo ferry back to the States.

==Day 70 to Day 75==
* Michael leaves Walt with Michael's mother in New York City.
* Michael attempts suicide by driving a car into a wall.
* Michael wakes in a hospital where he sees a vision of Libby.
* Michael's mother prevents him from seeing Walt when Michael attempts to visit.

==Day 70 - Tuesday, 30 November 2004==
* After seeing a vision of a lightning bolt killing Charlie, Desmond fails to convince Claire to move down the beach. While Juliet visits Jack, Ben interrupts saying there is a situation. While Pickett is about to release Sawyer and Kate for work duty, Tom and others bring Colleen back on a stretcher. Sawyer executes a plan to escape on Ben which fails and he is beaten. He wakes up on a table where Jason (Other)(Other). Desmond asks Paulo to borrow one of the golf clubs. Sawyer wakes up again to find a large bloody patch over his heart and is tricked into believing the Others have put a deadly pacemaker inside his chest. As ordered, Sawyer refuses to answer Kate's questions.
* Kate sees a chance to escape but Sawyer deters her. Juliet asks Jack to save Colleen's life, but he fails. Pickett attacks Sawyer in revenge over his wife. Kate escapes from her cage and Sawyer tells her to leave him, but instead she returns. Having seen Ben's X-rays of a spinal tumor, Jack suspects that the Others want him to save someone. Desmond constructs a lightning rod to deflect the lightning bolt he saw.


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