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=Led a group of militant thugs into Eko's village
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The '''Thug captain''' was the man who led the group of military thugs that came into Eko's childhood village home to prisoner and hostage situationschildren to join their ranks.  According to the Nigerian priest, they had taken many in the past.  He put a weapons in young Yemi's hands and tried to force him to shoot Shooting victim (young Eko's), but Yemi couldn't do it.  Eko then took the gun, and without hesitation, shootings and life and death the man.  The thug captain, amusedly addressing the boy by the title of "Mr." Eko, laughed and called him a "born killer"; he ripped off the cross from around Eko's neck and told him that he wouldn't need it anymore.  From that day forth, Eko was kidnapped and lived a life as a criminal warlord.


frChef des guérilleros
ruКапитан бандитов
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