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'''Thekla Reuten''' is a Dutch actress who played the role of Elsa in {{ep}}. She has appeared in numerous Dutch films and television shows, along with some work in America, including the television series ''Sleeper Cell''.

* She starred in the Oscar-nominated movie ''Twin Sisters'' (2003)
* She played Anna Teshemka in ''Highlander The Source'' (2007)
* Along with Reuten, two other ''Lost'' actors also appeared in ''Sleeper Cell'' Sonya Walger (Penelope Widmore) and Marc Casabani (Tariq).
* She played Marie in ''In Bruges'' (2008). Another Lost actor, Zeljko Ivanek (Edmund Burke), also appears in the film.
* She had a role in the pilot of WikipediaDay One (TV series), a cancelled NBC Universal 13-episode sci-fi television series about apartment residents that survive an world-wide cataclysm. Jesse Alexander was executive producer/writer.http//

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