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=October 19th, 2004
'''''', a.k.a. '''The Fuselage''', is the official site of the creative team behind Lost, sponsored by J.J. Abrams. It contains a threaded discussion forum (aka, message board) where fans can communicate with one another and share all of the latest theories, spoilers, and speculation. In addition, there are special forums with "VIPs", i.e. cast and crew, that occasionally frequent the site (some more than others) and will answer fan questions.  Occasionally, insider and LostpediaCanon information is given through these means, to clarify controversial points from the show. As of June 2007, the discussion forums had 57,717 registered users, 69,729 threads, and 1,540,944 posts.  Script supervisor Gregg Nations and actor Jorge Garcia are known for replying to the forums relatively frequently.

The website also features a wealth of information about the show and provides users with a complete avatar gallery of the Losties.

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