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---- ==Act One== This episode is entitled "The Economist"
a named shared by a British magazine
which publishes its articles anonymously. The man asking questions is Miles Straume
he is part of the freighter team
and has the ability to commune with the dead. Naomi Dorrit was part of the team
and made first contact with the survivors
but she was killed by John Locke. This scene was shot in Kualoa Ranch
on the island of Oahu.
Kualoa has been a location for many films
including ''Jurassic Park'' and ''Pearl Harbor''. The chopper is a Bell Helicopter
Textron UH-1 Iroquois.
Its nickname is "Huey". Charlotte is an anthropologist.
While she was on a dig in a desert in Tunisia
she came across the remains of a polar bear
wearing a collar from the DHARMA Initiative. The survivors have been stranded for 92 days.
In that time, only Michael and Walt
have been able to leave the island. ''(Sayid is playing golf)''
The 375 yard, par 4, 17th hole
on the Fazio Course
at Oahu's Turtle Bay Resort
is doubling as a Seychelles golf paradise. ''(Sayid "I am... one of the Oceanic 6")''
We now know this is a flash forward.
Sayid is the fourth survivor
of the Oceanic 6 to be revealed. ''(Sayid shoots and kills Mr. Avellino)''
Sayid vowed he'd never torture again
so one might wonder if he ever found
redemption on the island. ==Act Two== ''(Sayid is recognized by a stranger)''
We've also seen Jack and Hurley
deal with public recognition since the crash.
It would seem the Oceanic 6
have been making headlines. Crushed ice and special FX
turn Honolulu into snowy Berlin. The freighter people are in search of Ben
but Naomi claimed
she was hired by Penny Widmore
to find Desmond. Kate is usually Jack's "go-to" woman
but Jack has another plan for her. ''(Locke and group find the grey ash but do not see Jacob's cabin)''
Locke saw the grey ash circling Jacob's cabin
during his last visit.
Hurley also saw the cabin, but now we know
it was somehow in a different location. Ben claims he gets his orders from Jacob
and while Locke could not see Jacob
when Ben introduced them
Locke did hear Jacob say, "Help me." ''(Hurley and Locke argue over what to do with Charlotte)''
Perhaps Hurley's regret
which he shared with Jack in a flash forward
of choosing Locke over Jack
began at this moment. At the end of Season 3
Jack told Kate that he loved her.
In island time, that was only a few days ago. ''(Jack "Sawyer won't let him Locke, hurt or kill Kate")''
Jack and Sawyer are rivals
for Kate's affection
so it's a big deal that Jack
is trusting Sawyer to protect her. ==Act Three== ''(Sayid carries Elsa's pager instead of letting her leave it behind)''
If Elsa's boss calls, Sayid wants to know
as the man is Sayid's target for a hit. Daniel Faraday is a physicist
and is using his experiments
to gain greater understanding
of the unique geophysical makeup of the island. The ship is 80 nautical miles from the island
that's the equivalent of 92.0623 miles. A small rocket was launched
from the freighter to the island.
But it's non-arrival is an indication
that traveling to the island
is not as easy as it seems. ''(at the Barracks)''
The LOST writers refer to this place
as "New Otherton."
These barracks were originally home
to members of the DHARMA Initiative.
More recently, they were occupied
by the Others, who have since left
on Ben's orders to go to the Temple. This was Juliet's house
and the site of the Others' book club meeting
in Episode 301, "A Tale of Two Cities." ==Act Four== ''(Miles calls Hurley "tubby"; Hurley "Oh, awesome, ship sent us another Sawyer.")''
Sawyer has called Hurley
Jabba, Stay Puft and Jumbotron
among other nicknames. ''(Jack "Did the Red Sox really win the World Series?")''
Ben once showed Jack a tape of the Red Sox
winning the 2004 World Series
to prove he had access to the outside world. ''(rocket arrives)''
The clocks were in sync before the launch
but the clock from the payload rocket
is 3118 ahead of Faraday's island clock. ''(Desmond sees the helicopter)''
Desmond saw a helicopter in one of his "flashes."
He told Charlie he saw Claire and Aaron
leaving the island in a helicopter
prompting Charlie to sacrifice himself
to help secure their rescue. This is Ben's house
and along with the rest of "New Otherton"
it is actually part of YMCA Camp Erdman
on the north shore of Oahu. Jack Kerouac's ''On the Road'' is a story
about hitchhiking across America
its main character, Dean Moriarty
is the alias on Ben's passport. ''(Sayid and Kate are lured into a trap by Hurley)''
This turn of events is an homage
to ''The Empire Strikes Back''
when Han Solo was lured into a trap
by Lando Calrissian. ==Act Five== ''(Hurley, to Sayid "I saw you snap that guy's neck with... your legs.")''
Sayid used his legs to snap the neck of
of one of the Others when
he was recently their prisoner. ''(Ben "I guess they're running out of jail space.")''
The Others don't have a jail per se
but they did use this rec room to hold Kate
when she was caught trying to rescue Jack
in Episode 313, "The Man from Tallahassee." ''(Sayid and Elsa laying together in bed)''
The song playing is ''If You Stayed Over''
performed by Bonobo. Lyrics include "If I breathe in the future
...Breathe out the past, yeah." ''(Sayid "His name is on a list")''
The Others kept lists of the survivors
but this is the first list
to be mentioned off the island. Sayid has a history of letting his feelings
get in the way of business.
While in the Republican Guard
he fell in love with his prisoner, Nadia
and risked his life to set her free. ==Act Six== Desmond's girlfriend Penny
is the daughter
of the wealthy and powerful
Charles Widmore. ''(Daniel, to Frank "...follow the same exact bearing...")''
Ben told Michael to follow a bearing of 325
when Michael left in a boat with his son, Walt.
Those instructions, as well as Faraday's
are more clues to the nature of the island. ''(Jack is not going on the helicopter)''
There is only one thing
that could keep Jack from leaving the island
Kate. ''(helicopter leaves the island)''
LOST co-creator Damon Lindelof
told ''Entertainment Weekly'' this scene has
"the first bird's-eye view of the island
in the history of the show." It is appropriate this flash forward unfolds
against the backdrop of Berlin
a city where east meets west
where the unimaginable once happened
and two opposing sides unified. CategorySeason 4