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'''Terry O'Quinn''' is an wikipediaEmmy Award actor who played two roles, John Locke and The Man in Black, who had taken the appearance of John.

Irish-American actor '''Terrance "Terry" O'Quinn''' (born Terrance Quinn) was born and raised in wikipediaMichigan. He attended wikipediaCentral Michigan University. 

Terry is a veteran actor with over 30 years of experience. He had notable roles in films such as wikipediaThe Stepfather (1987 film)|''The Stepfather'' in 1987 and wikipediaTombstone (film)|''Tombstone'' in 1993, though his movie credits extend to wikipediaThe Rocketeer (film)(where he played wikipediaHoward Hughes) and small roles in wikipediaOld School (film)|''Old School'' and wikipediaPrimal Fear (film)|''Primal Fear''. His TV credits include wikipediaStar Trek The Next Generation|''Star Trek The Next Generation'', wikipediaJAG (TV series)|''JAG'', and wikipediaThe West Wing|''The West Wing''. He is good friends with wikipediaTen Thirteen Productions's wikipediaChris Carter (screenwriter), having appeared in most of his work as a guest star in two episodes of wikipediaThe X-Files|''The X-Files'' (one of the roles was the "http//www.tv.com/the-x-files/trust-no-1/episode/97628/summary.html Shadow Man", an unstoppable killer who successfully pretended to be a friend), a supporting role in wikipediaThe X-Files (film)|''The X-Files Fight the Future'', and recurring roles on wikipediaHarsh Realm|''Harsh Realm'' and wikipediaMillennium (TV series)|''Millennium''. After acting in his recurring role on {{it}}, he was already well-known to director J.J. Abrams, who recruited him for his new show ''Lost''.  He is one of the few cast members who did not have to audition, because J.J. began to imagine O'Quinn in the part of Locke before the actor was even offered it.

FileAlias-TerryOQuinn.jpgTerry moved from his wikipediaMaryland home to wikipediaHawaii with wife Lori after shooting for ''Lost'' began. 

The couple have 2 sons Oliver and Hunter.

Following ''Lost'', NBC picked up a pilot for a TV show entitled wikipediaOdd Jobs (TV series)|"''Odd Jobs''" starring Terry and his ''Lost'' co-star Michael Emerson.http//nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2010/09/nbc_picks_up_jj_abrams_linus_l.html NY Mag NBC Picks Up J.J. Abrams' Linus & Locke Show, 9/22/2010 

==Media appearances==
*wikipediaAlias (TV series)|''Alias''
*wikipediaDiagnosis Murder|''Diagnosis Murder''
*wikipediaJAG (TV series)|''JAG'''
*wikipediaNCIS (TV series)|''NCIS'''
*wikipediaLaw & Order Criminal Intent|''Law & Order Criminal Intent''
*wikipediaMatlock (TV series)|''Matlock''
*wikipediaMillennium (TV series)|''Millennium''
*wikipediaRoswell (TV series)|''Roswell''
*wikipediaStar Trek The Next Generation|''Star Trek The Next Generation''
*wikipediaThe Twilight Zone|''The Twilight Zone''
*wikipediaThe West Wing|''The West Wing''
*wikipediaThe X-Files|''The X-Files''
Ring Of Fire

{{I=RikerPressman.jpg=right=250=O'Quinn on Star Trek The Next Generation}}

*wikipediaThe Stepfather (1987 film)|''The Stepfather''(1987)
*wikipediaThe Rocketeer (film)(1991)
*wikipediaOld School (film)|''Old School'' (2003)

===Talk show===

O'Quinn has appeared as a talk show guest in the following
*January 3, 2005 - wikipediaGood Day L.A.(S3 E1165)
*February 16, 2005 - wikipediaThe View (U.S. TV series)(S8 E1044)
*May 15, 2006 - wikipediaLive with Regis and Kelly(S18 E613)

O'Quinn has been featured as the main topic of the following magazine articles


*August 8, 2004 Sunset on the Beach (Season 1 premiere), Honolulu, HI
*September 30, 2006 Sunset on the Beach (Season 3 premiere), Honolulu, HI; he did not attend Season 2's event.
*wikipediaTV.com.com interview at ''Sunset on the Beach'' http//www.tv.com/video/7100/jack-bender-yunjin-kim-daniel-dae-kim-and-terry-oquinn-exclusive-interview?
*September 22, 2007 Provided narration for ''The Lost Symphony'' with the ''Honolulu Symphony Toyota Pops''.

*Received ''Emmy Award'' nominations in 2005, 2007, and 2010 in the category of ''Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series'' for his portrayal of John Locke. He won the 2007 award for his work in season 3, beating out, among other nominees, fellow Lost actor Michael Emerson.

*Has been experienced in wikipediaPercussion instrument since high school. He is also a talented wikipediaguitarist and wikipediaSinger. However, he denies ever having played in a band. And neither has he ever been a bodyguard or a boxer.http//forum.thefuselage.com/showpost.php?p=59511&postcount=2
*Also had a recurring role in ''"The West Wing"'' as ''General Nicholas Alexander''. He can be seen with his moustache.
*Guest-starred in an episode of http//www.startrek.com/startrek/view/series/TNG/index.html Star Trek The Next Generation named http//www.startrek.com/startrek/view/series/TNG/episode/68634.html The Pegasus, where he portrayed an http//memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Erik_Pressman Admiral intent on recovering a secret experiment that caused the destruction of a ship twelve years before.  As http//memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Erik_Pressman Admiral Pressman, he shows similar zeal in recovering the device as John Locke does investigating The Island.  The device is located in the ship's main engineering- the ship was not destroyed but instead is fused with an asteroid, making the interior look somewhat similar to a certain The Swan .
*Portrayed a serial killer in ''"The Stepfather"'' series of movies. The killer's real name is never revealed and he behaves very much like Locke when he loses his temper or becomes upset.
*He elongated his last name to ''"O'Quinn"'' from his real name of ''"Quinn"'' to distinguish himself from another person named ''Terry Quinn'' already acting in films.
*Was not a bodyguard, contrary to what IMDB has said. http//www.prestonandsteve.com/audio/247.mp3 Listen 
*He has been balding since his early 20s and has appeared with a partially or entirely shaved head in most of his films.
*He is a particularly big wikipediaNeil Young fan and can do a dead-on impression of him.http//www.tv.com/terry-oquinn/person/2490/biography.html
*In {{ep}}, Locke's parents were played by Kevin Tighe and Swoosie Kurtz, who are both only 8 years older than O'Quinn himself.
*Although always friendly on set, he usually keeps private and mysterious habits apart from his younger "Lost" co-stars, who often get together for parties when not shooting. He keeps this enigmatic aura so they will regard him similarly to the way they regard his mysterious character Locke.
*Played a part in ''JAG'' as ''Admiral Thomas Boone''.
*Two of the episodes of ''JAG'' he had screen time with François Chau (Dr. Pierre Chang).
*Also played ''Col. Will Ryan'' on wikipediaDonald Bellisario. Bellisario's ''JAG'' spin-off wikipediaNCIS (TV series), making him one of five ''Lost'' cast members on that show  Josh Holloway  (Sawyer), Emilie de Ravin (Claire), William Mapother (Ethan), and Alan Dale (Charles Widmore) have also been on NCIS.


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*http//www.terryoquinn.org/ terryoquinn.org
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*http//www.abcmedianet.com/web/showpage/showpage.aspx?program_id=001648&type=oquinn Biography - at ABC Medianet
*http//www.tv.com/terry-oquinn/person/2490/summary.html tv.com

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