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The '''telescopic baton''' was a Weapons employed by Ben. It appeared harmless until the baton was extended, a fact which Ben took advantage of to take multiple enemies by surprise.

The telescopic steel baton was used by Ben to beat Sawyer to the point of unconsciousness, after he tried to escape from his Hydra imprisonment. {{Crossref}}

Before surrendering himself to the freighter mercenaries outside the Orchid, Ben asked Locke to hold on to his baton, which Locke confusedly agreed to do. {{crossref}}  Later, when the two were inside the Orchid, Ben asked to have it back when they heard the elevator moving. {{crossref}}
{{I=BatonKeamy.jpg=200=left=Ben stuns Keamy with his baton. {{Crossref}}}}
Ben used his baton to stun Keamy after he jumped from a locker in the Orchid. He hit Keamy around the face, causing Keamy to drop his knife, then again in the arm as Keamy reached to pick it up, causing him to drop to the floor where Ben proceeded to stab him. {{crossref}}

It was also used by Ben to knock out a Bedouins in the Sahara.  When the Bedouin patted Ben down, he felt something in Ben's right pocket. He motioned to Ben to remove the thing by tapping it with the barrel of his gun. Ben smiled and waved innocently as he removed the object, which appeared to the Bedouins to be a small metal cylinder. Ben held it up to show that it was harmless, then with a flick of his wrist the small cylinder telescoped into a baton. Ben whirled around, hitting the off-guard Bedouin in the head and using his body as cover as he fired several shots into the other Bedouin's chest. {{Crossref}}

Ben was also prepared to use the baton as an emergency backup in case a London doorman interfered with his plans, but it didn't turn out to be necessary. {{crossref}}

{{I=Extended Baton.jpg=right=300=The extended baton}} {{br}} ==Trivia== *Ben's baton appears to be a 16" model. *The telescopic baton appears to be an homage to the character of Agent 355 in the ''wikipediaY The Last Man'' comic book by Brian K. Vaughan. Vaughan co-wrote {{ep}}. ==See also== * Weapons * Real world examples of the baton http// {{Nav-Ben}} esVara extensible de Ben frMatraque télescopique CategoryItems CategoryWeapons