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'''Tariq''' (Arabic '''طارق''') was Sayid's superior in the Republican Guard during wikipediaOperation Desert Storm. When U.S. forces entered a bunker, he ordered the destruction of numerous documents. He was captured alongside Sayid.

He was interrogated concerning the whereabouts of a U.S. pilot, but he refused to answer. This led Inman to convince Sayid to torture him for the information. Inman encouraged Sayid by telling him that Tariq was responsible for spreading sarin gas on a village where Sayid had relatives.

Sayid eventually gave in and tortured Tariq with a set of tools provided by Inman. Tariq revealed that the captured U.S. pilot had been killed two days earlier.

During the interrogation, Tariq accused Sayid of being a disgrace to his uniform and ordered him to kill himself. Given his strong opinions on this subject, and the fact that Sayid continued to serve in the Republican Guard after this period, it is reasonable to assume that Tariq never returned to service (at least in good standing), instead being killed or remaining in allied captivity. {{crossref}}


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