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Most of the attacks we've been having have come from a certain IP-pool, an ISP called Energis House UK that is. We introduced the following IP-range blocks and for now they seem to have been working. If our attacker is indeed the same one as yours, one way of collaboration could be by sharing blocks (or IP-numbers your attacks come from). If your attacks just started around a week ago, it's probably because our blocks have been working. To me, accusing us for attacks on your wiki must mean that what we're doing in preventing such attacks is working.

The IP pool for Energis House UK is as follows
I've left a couple of them open, just so I can email abuse@energis.com the next time he tries something, I'm sure they'll have something to say about it and if we're lucky. They'll even send the bugger some snailmail, or maybe even call him and encourage him to stop. If you have further thoughts, IPs or anything at all, feel free to drop me, any of my fellow SysOps or Mr. Admin a line or two. --UserSkks 1151, 4 April 2006 (PDT)