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'''Susan Duerden''' plays the role of Carole Littleton.

Susan Duerden, a close relation of the Baroness of Darwen, did not originally intend to be an actress. She was trained as a ballet dancer from the age of five, but broke her foot in a fairground accident when she was sixteen, and couldn't continue pointe work.  She then went on to train as an actress.

Though she began in theater, Duerden's film career began when she appeared in a minor role in ''So This is Romance?'' in 1997. In 1999, she appeared regularly on the show ''Emmerdale Farm'', where she protrayed Claudia Nash for 49 episodes until 2001. From then on she appeared in various British television shows and movies. She starred alongside Amanda Bynes and Fred Willard in the 2005 film ''Lovewrecked'', and provided voice work for both the film and the video game adaptation of ''Flushed Away''. Duerden appeared on ''Lost'' as Carole Littleton in {{ep}}. She was the second actress to portray Carole. After working on ''Lost'', Duerden appeared in a 2008 episode of ''The Unit'' and appeared in the romantic comedy ''Double Duty'' opposite Tom Sizemore

* Nominated for Best Lead Actress award in 2003 for ''Murdering Marlowe'' (''LA Weekly'')

== Trivia ==
* In her early career, Duerden was credited as Sue Duerden. 
* Duerden recorded several audiobooks for Random House, including ''Ghostwalk'', ''The Crystal Skull'', ''The Tenth Gift'' and ''Sheer Abandon.''

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