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Writer =0535348 }} {{Wikipedia-ref}} '''Steven Maeda''' was hired as a co-executive producer at the beginning of Lost Season 2. Previous to being hired by Damon Lindelof and Lost, Maeda was supervising producer for ''CSI Miami'', and had also worked as a writer on Chris Carter's series ''The X-Files'' and ''Harsh Realm''. In an interview, Lindelof noted about Maeda, ''"Those shows do such huge numbers, I don't look at them as getable. They're like married guys. Every studio wanted him, and I'm sure it must have been a huge decision to leave the 'CSI' family."''http// Maeda also Categorywriters the following PortalEpisodes of ''Lost'' * {{ep}} (with Leonard Dick) * {{ep}} (with Craig Wright) * {{ep}} (with Leonard Dick) * {{ep}} (with Leonard Dick) ==Background== Maeda was also a writer and co-executive producer for ABC's ''Daybreak'', the television series that debuted in Lost's time slot during the Season 3 hiatus between episodes 6 and 7. ==External links== *http// Variety - April 25, 2005 - Article on Maeda's hiring. *http// ABC podcast - Steven Maeda and Moon Bloodgood discussing ABC's ''Daybreak''. {{brclear}} {{crew}} {{crew-stub}} deSteven Maeda esSteven Maeda frSteven Maeda itSteven Maeda ptSteven Maeda CategoryCrew, Steven CategoryWriters, Steven CategoryProducers, Steven