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Adam (Other)=0002377 }} '''Stephen Semel''' is a film editor who worked on all six seasons of ''Lost''. He also directed Season 4's {{ep}} and {{ep}} in Season 6. Semel had a cameo role in the Season 3 premiere {{ep}}, as Adam (Other). He was nominated in 2006 for two Awards for "Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Drama Series" for the episodes {{ep}} and {{ep}} (nominated along with Sarah Boyd and Sue Blainey). He has been nominated twice for an A.C.E (American Cinematic Editors) award and has won one. Semel appears on the DVD extras for the Lost The Complete Third Season (DVD). Semel has worked on the following episodes as an editor '''Season 1''' * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} '''Season 2''' * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} '''Season 3''' * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} '''Season 4''' * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} '''Season 5''' * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} * {{ep}} '''Season 6''' *{{ep}} *{{ep}} *{{ep}} *{{ep}} *{{ep}}
==Background== *Has worked on film projects such as ''Kyle XY'' and ''My Giant''. ==Trivia== *Out of the first three seasons, Semel stated that his favorite episodes to edit were respectively, {{ep}}, {{ep}}, and {{ep}}. {{Crossref}} *Semel joined the DGA as a director in December 2007. http// {{Wikipedia-ref}} {{Nav-Minor-Crew}} {{DEFAULTSORTSemel, Stephen}} deStephen Semel esStephen Semel frStephen Semel ptStephen Semel CategoryCrew, Stephen CategoryEditors, Stephen CategoryGuest stars, Stephen CategoryDirectors