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'''''wikipediaStar Wars''''' is an epic science fiction/fantasy film saga created by George Lucas and Lucasfilms. The first three films in the series were released in 1977, 1980, and 1983.  Three prequels to the first trilogy were released in 1999, 2002, and 2005.

J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof have expressed their admiration of the ''Star Wars'' films. http// The day they met to begin collaboration for ''Lost'', Damon Lindelof was wearing an original official Star Wars fan club T-shirt and the pair found an instant connection as a result. In January 2013, J.J. Abrams was hired direct the first film in the third ''Star Wars'' trilogy titled ''The Force Awakens'', following Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm.http// ''The Wrap'' J.J. Abrams Set to Direct Next 'Star Wars' Film Lucas Shaw; 01/24/2013

==In ''Lost''==
===Direct references===
{{I=Chewie.jpg=300=right="The old Wookie prisoner gag" {{crossref}}}}
* After Jack Shephard helped Shannon Rutherford through an asthma attack by simply talking to her calmly, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, "Wow, man. That was awesome. I mean, that was like a... wikipediaJedi moment", a reference to the wikipediaJedi mind trick. {{crossref}}
* While on the Rafts, Michael Dawson and Jin-Soo Kwon argued about the flare in two different Character languages (English and Korean), just like wikipediaHan Solo and wikipediaChewbacca.  Sawyer then said, "Hey, Han, you and Chewie want to slow down a second and talk to me here?" {{crossref}}
** "Chewie" was Chewbacca's nickname throughout the ''Star Wars'' series.  Sawyer referred to Jin as "Chewie" twice more. {{crossref}}
***Additionally, Michael and Jin at one point argued over the building of the raft, at which point Michael told Jin "No, no, this one goes there, that one goes there!", a direct line from ''The Empire Strikes Back'' that Han said to Chewbacca. {{crossref}}
* Sawyer once called Hugo "Hurley" Reyes"wikipediaJabba the Hutt". {{crossref}}
* Hugo "Hurley" Reyes's imaginary friend Dave (Hurley's friend).  After Hurley made a comment about the photo Dr. Brooks showed him, Dave said, "What, do you think they really blew up the wikipediaDeath Star?" {{crossref}}
* While attempting to rescue Karl Martin from Room 23, James "Sawyer" FordAldo that he called the "old Wookiee prisoner gag". {{crossref}} In ''Star Wars'', wikipediaHan Solo and wikipediaLuke Skywalker dress up as wikipediaImperial_stormtrooper and Chewie impersonates a prisoner in order to infiltrate Detention Block AA 23 where wikipediaPrincess_Leia_Organa was being held.
* James "Sawyer" FordBenjamin Linus as "wikipediaYoda". {{crossref}}
* Jack accidentally stepped on Aaron Littleton's toy wikipediaMillennium Falcon. {{crossref}}
* In 1977, ''wikipediaStar Wars Episode IV A New Hope'' had just opened in theaters, so while living in that year with the DHARMA Initiative, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes''wikipediaStar Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back'', "with a couple of improvements", and send it to ''Star Wars'' creator wikipediaGeorge Lucas to make life easier, because "Ewoks suck, dude." {{crossref}}
* Hugo "Hurley" ReyesJacob to wikipediaObi-Wan Kenobi in how, although dead, he appeared when he chose to do so. {{crossref}}
* James "Sawyer" FordSayid Jarrah had turned to "the wikipediaDark side (Star Wars)".  When Hurley suggested they try and bring Sayid back from the dark side "like wikipediaAnakin Skywalker", Sawyer responded in confusion, "Who the hell's Anakin?" {{crossref}}
* Hugo "Hurley" ReyesJacob was "worse than Yoda," in how he was vague about what exactly was going on when he gave Jack the job of protecting the island. Then before the group splits up, he says, "I've got a bad feeling about this," referencing a http// well known phrase in the Star Wars series.  {{crossref}}

===Indirect references===
* Ben's character shares a number of similarities Darth Vader/Anakin
** Anakin Skywalker spent his adolescence determined to reunite with a lost mother; similarly, Ben was first tempted away from the DHARMA Initiative by a vision of his lost mother. {{crossref}}
** Darth Vader defected from the Jedi to the Sith and was instrumental in the Jedi purge; similarly, Ben defected from the DHARMA Initiative to the Others and was instrumental in the Purge of his former people. {{crossref}}
** Both commanded great power, yet carried out orders from a higher authority, Darth Vader from the Emperor and Ben from Jacob.
** Both characters chose redemptive paths at decisive moments, Darth Vader in the destruction of the Emperor and Ben in his choice of siding with Jacob's followers over the Man in Black. {{crossref}}
{{I=SWvsLost-chainchoke.jpg=300=right=Note the similar expressions on their faces.}}
* Sawyer, in many ways, is a wikipediaHan Solo-esque character throughout the series; they are both wisecracking, self-interested, ladies'-man, antihero, reformed criminals.
* Michael seemed to understand Jin, even though Jin spoke Korean, in much the same way that Han Solo understood wikipediaChewbacca, even though he spoke in his native wikipediaWookiee language of otherwise unintelligible, animal-like grunts and roars. {{crossref}}
* When Jack Shephard and Kate Austen went out to The Line to trade Benjamin Linus for Walt Lloyd, they became caught in a net trap created by Danielle Rousseau.  In ''wikipediaStar Wars Episode VI Return of the Jedi'' when wikipediaHan Solo, wikipediaChewbacca, wikipediaLuke Skywalker, wikipediaR2-D2, and wikipediaC-3PO are caught in a similar trap set by the wikipediaEwok. {{crossref}}
* Ben tried to convince  John to kill his own Anthony Cooper; the wikipediaPalpatine tried to coerce wikipediaLuke Skywalker into killing his own wikipediaDarth Vader in ''Return of the Jedi''. {{crossref}}
* Ben confessed to Ilana that at the moment he stabbed Jacob he had succumbed to anger and fear, hallmarks of the dark side. {{crossref}}
* Sawyer killed Anthony Cooper by choking him from behind with a chain, the same way wikipediaPrincess Leia killed Jabba the Hutt in ''Return of the Jedi''. {{crossref}}  Both scenes are very similar in the art direction (lighting, set dressing/design, and camera placement).
* Jack and Claire are siblings, but did not learn this until later in the series, much like Luke and Leia.
* Charlotte's first scene on the Island showed her unconscious, suspended upside down with her arms over her head, visually similar to Luke in the wampa cave in ''The Empire Strikes Back''. {{crossref}}
* The Man in Black removed Ben's leg iron with a slight gesture, much like how Emperor Palpatine un-cuffed Luke in ''Return of the Jedi''.  In both cases a weapon was also made accessible in a bid for violence, yet both characters chose not to kill. {{crossref}}

===References ''to'' Lost===
*With J.J. Abrams serving as writer and director of the 2015 release Episode VII ''The Force Awakens'', he slipped in a reference to ''Lost''. A character is named Ello Asty as both a reference to the Beastie Boys album ''Hello Nasty'' and a phonetic reference to the shows title (El-Oh-Es-Te).


===Shared dialogue===
* While talking about moving to the caves, Sawyer said, "Well, that's the real trick, isn't it?"  In ''Star Wars'', Han Solo said this exact same line to wikipediaObi-Wan Kenobi when discussing the need to avoid "Imperial entanglements" on the wikipediaMillenium Falcon's trip to wikipediaAlderaan. {{crossref}}
* When Charlie re-entered the cave to help Jack, he told Jack, "I'm here to rescue you", just as wikipediaLuke Skywalker says to wikipediaLeia Organa in the wikipediaDeath Star in ''wikipediaStar Wars Episode IV A New Hope''. {{crossref}}  Faraday later said the same thing to Jack and Kate, shortly after he parachuted onto the Island. {{crossref}}
* When Sayid told Sawyer he found his boar situation funny, Sawyer replied, "Laugh it up, Mohammed", which may be a reference to Han's line, "Laugh it up, Fuzzball", in ''wikipediaEmpire Strikes Back''. {{crossref}}
* While they were working on the rafts, Michael ran over to Jin, gesturing and shouting, "No, no!  This one goes there, that one goes there!"  In ''The Empire Strikes Back'', Han said this to wikipediaChewbacca while they were repairing the ''Millennium Falcon'' on Hoth. {{crossref}}
* Both Jack and Kate at various times said, "Here we go again"; wikipediaC3PO said the same thing when leaving wikipediaEndor_(Star_Wars)''Return of the Jedi''. {{crossref}}
* On the way to the Temple, and just prior to a shooting ambush, Karl told Alex, "I've got a bad feeling about this".  This phrase is repeated throughout the ''Star Wars'' saga, heard eight times in the six films. {{crossref}}
* After being tortured by Dogen, Sayid said, "They didn't ask me any questions."  In ''The Empire Strikes Back'', after being tortured by Darth Vader, Han Solo tells Princess Leia, "They never even asked me any questions." {{crossref}}
* Kate skeptically asked Sawyer about the Ajira plane "Who's going to fly it?"  Han Solo posed a similar question to Luke Skywalker in ''A New Hope'' when Luke entreated Ben to decline Han Solo's services as pilot. {{crossref}}
* In {{ep}}, Hurley said one of the most repeated lines in the Star Wars franchise "I've got a bad feeling about this".


===Shared themes===
====Parent issues====
* Luke and Leia are both separately raised to believe their father is a dead, then later in life they find out that their father is alive and evil. John was lead to believe his father was dead, until he found out his father was alive and criminal.
* Luke and Leia are long-lost siblings who go through most of the story not knowing their connection.  Jack and Claire are half-siblings who did not know they were related even though they were trapped on the island together. 
* Luke Skywalker is raised by his uncle and aunt; Aaron is being raised by his uncle and aunt-to-be (Jack and Kate).

====Black and white====
* The Dark side of the force vs. Light side of the force.
* Darth Vader dresses in black, while Obi-Wan and Luke are dressed in white/light colors.

====Faith versus science====
{{main}} {{main}}
* wikipediaForce_%28Star_Wars%29 is eventually explained to have measurable, scientific qualities, yet can only be manipulated by a person's will.
* Obi-Wan instructs Luke to "let go" of his conscious efforts and "act on instinct."
* Han Solo argues that "hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for a good blaster at your side."  He later fires his blaster at Darth Vader to no effect.
* The Death Star obliterates the planet Alderaan in an unprecedented feat of technology, the effects of which are immediately sensed by Obi-Wan Kenobi far away.
* During the Rebel attack on the first Death Star Luke turns off his targeting computer and uses the Force to guide his shot.
* Obi-Wan declares to Luke that Darth Vader has become more machine than man, linking the transformation to his seduction to evil.
* Luke severs Darth Vader's mechanical right hand and sees a reminder of his own adoption of cybernetics.

====Fate versus free will====
* wikipediaAnakin Skywalker is believed to be a prophesied hero of the Jedi.
* wikipediaAnakin Skywalker has visions of his beloved perishing in childbirth, which come true despite his actions.
* wikipediaLuke Skywalker has visions of his friends being tortured, which come true despite his actions.
* wikipediaDarth Vader attempts to sway Luke towards the Dark Side, saying it is "destiny."
* wikipediaDarth Vader reveals the wikipediaEmperor Palpatine has forseen that Luke can destroy him.
* A captive Luke forewarns Darth Vader of his passive intent and probable death at Vader's hands, to which he sneers "If that is your destiny."
* As Luke disengages their fight, an impatient Vader threatens "If you will not fight, you will meet your destiny." 
* The wikipediaEmperor Palpatine taunts Luke that his conversion to the dark side is "unavoidable", later urging him to "fulfill your destiny", claiming it to be replacing his father's position.

* The prophecy that wikipediaAnakin Skywalker "will bring balance to the Force" comes true, with the net result being that two Sith and two Jedi remain alive.
* The Emperor misinterpreted Luke to be the threat of his vision and tried to kill him, inadvertently creating the scenario of his death.

====Deceptions and cons====
* Darth Vader tries unsuccessfully to recruit Luke to kill the Emperor, a treachery which he must later conceal in the Emperor's presence.
* The Emperor had planned for Luke to replace Darth Vader as his apprentice, encouraging their fight to the death.
* Obi-Wan Kenobi does not correct Luke's belief that his father is dead, and adds to the deception by disguising the identity of Darth Vader.
* Obi-Wan correctly discerns that the torture of Luke's friends is a con to lure Luke into a trap.
* The Emperor allows intelligence to be gathered on his whereabouts, luring the Rebellion into a massive attack which turns out to be a trap.
* wikipediaPalpatine ascends to progressively greater power & public acclaim by manipulating a series of artificial conflicts.

====Life and death====
* Following the attempted purge of the Jedi only two survivors remained.
* wikipediaPalpatine claimed to wikipediaAnakin Skywalker that the strongest powers of the dark side could cheat death and even create life.  
* Palpatine's claim that his powers can save Anakin's seemingly-doomed beloved from death clinches the seduction to the dark side, after which his new disciple is dispatched on a murderous errand to the temple of the Jedi.

====Missing body parts====
* C-3PO lost an arm falling off a cliff.
* Obi-Wan Kenobi severs an opponent's arm in the cantina at Mos Eisley.
* Darth Vader severs Luke's right hand in battle.
* Count Dooku severs Anakin Skywalker's right arm in battle.
* When bested by his former master, Darth Vader looses his left arm and both his legs.

===Shared cast and crew===
====Before ''Lost''====
* Billy Dee Williams played Mr. LaShade in the Exposé_(TV_series)|"Expose" TV series. {{crossref}} He is  most famous for his role as wikipediaLando Calrissian in the ''Star Wars'' series.
** In the DVD audio commentary, writers Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz noted that the color scheme of Mr. LaShade's suit was intentionally made the same as Lando's costume in ''The Empire Strikes Back''. {{crossref}}
* Bai Ling played Achara. {{crossref}}  She also played senator Bana Breemu in ''Revenge of The Sith''. Although most scenes with her character were cut and may only be seen on the DVD Disk 2 Deleted Scenes Section, she still appears on-screen, in the background, with no lines.
* Wayne Pygram played Isaac of Uluru. {{crossref}}  He also had a small roll as Governor Tarkin  ''Revenge of The Sith''.
* Nick Jameson has voiced many characters on ''Star Wars'' including Palpatine and Kyle Katarn.
*Fionnula Flanagan played Catarine Towani in ''Caravan of Courage An Ewok Adventure''.

====After ''Lost''====
* Ken Leung portrayed Admiral Satura in ''The Force Awakens''.
* Greg Grunberg portrayed Snap Wexley in ''The Force Awakens''.
* J.J. Abrams wrote, directed and produced ''The Force Awakens''.
* Bryan Burk was a producer for ''The Force Awakens''.
* Mary Jo Markey was an editor for ''The Force Awakens''.
* April Webster and Alyssa Weisberg served as casting directors for ''The Force Awakens''.


===Producers' commentary===
{{I=Lost_sw.jpg=150=right=Cuse and Lindelof in front of a ''Star Wars'' poster.}}
* Audio commentary on the Season 1 DVD made several references to ''Star Wars'', such as a comparison of the British and American pronunciation of the name of the planet {{interwiki}}.
** They also joked that Charlie would eventually will find his wikipediaLightsaber. {{crossref}}
* During the audio commentary on the Season 2 DVD, Jack Bender joked that he was surprised that something as complex as ''Star Wars'' was made, seeing as how he had great difficulty just getting Hurley's bag to rip open. {{crossref}}
* The Official Lost Podcast transcript/November 03, 2006/03/06 podcast was all about how Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse had a "Character connections|''Lost'' cross" involving George Lucas and their mutual love of ''Star Wars''.
* There is a ''Star Wars'' poster in Damon Lindelof's office, visible in the DVD extra "Lost in a Day" on the Lost The Complete Third Season (DVD), in the "642 pm Los Angeles" segment.

==Outside ''Lost''==
{{Expanded Universe}}
===In ''The Lost Experience''===
In the alternate reality game ''The Lost Experience'', DJ Dan said in his podcast on DJ Dan September 24, 2006 Live Podcast Transcript/Part 1, 2006
Dan All right, all right, you know what, there’s something I wanna say to you, 
and listen to me very closely. SHUTDOWN! Oh yeah, folks, you know what folks,
when I was younger, I took a test, right. And then I went to an academy, 
and then little green men trained me, and then I could shoot lightning bolts
from my hand, and I don’t mean the '''dark side''' power lighting bolts, no. 
I mean the '''light side''' pow, power side lightning bolts called electric 
judgment, okay. That’s what I’m talking about. 
'''JEDI''' DAN! THAT’S WHO I AM! Okay, folks…

Johnny (Does '''Darth Vader''' breathing)

Dan I’ve had enough of this role-playing. Let’s have one more call, then there’s something I gotta talk about.


===In ''Lost Via Domus''===
* When Elliott asked what was in the cave, John answered, "Only what you take with you". This is the same answer Yoda gave to Luke Skywalker during a very similar situation in ''The Empire Strikes Back''. {{crossref}}
* Mikhail told Beady Eyes, "You are stupid as you are clumsy". In ''The Empire Strikes Back'', Darth Vader said a similar thing about Admiral Ozzel; "He is clumsy as he is stupid". {{crossref}}

===Enhanced captions===
* The captions of the enhanced episodes explicitly note several ''Star Wars'' references; however, these captions were not written by the creative authorities of ''Lost'', but by the production company ''Met/Hodder'' that was hired by ABC to produce these versions.
* By the way, Charlie's mission /  is an homage to '''''Return of the Jedi''''' / as many writers and producers on LOST / are big fans of the '''''Star Wars''''' saga. {{crossref}}
* Sweet ride, Hurley! / And another tip of the hat to '''''Star Wars''''' / inspired by '''Han Solo''' saving the day / with the '''''Millennium Falcon'''''. {{crossref}}
* This turn of events Hurley luring Kate and Sayid into being captured by Locke is an homage / to '''''The Empire Strikes Back''''' / when '''Han Solo''' was lured into a trap / by '''Lando Calrissian'''. {{crossref}}
* Karl's line, "I have a bad feeling about this" / is a line spoken in all the '''''Star Wars''''' films. / All of the writers on LOST / are big fans of the '''''Star Wars''''' saga. {{crossref}}
* The toy is a miniature '''''Millennium Falcon'''''. / All of the writers of LOST are big fans / of the '''''Star Wars''''' saga. {{crossref}}

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* http// Wookiepedia, the ''Star Wars'' wiki
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