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'''St. Sebastian Hospital''' is a hospital in Los Angeles where Jack Shephard and his father, Christian Shephard, worked as spinal surgeons.

At various times, Adam Rutherford, Sarah Shephard, John Locke, Omer Jarrah (flash-sideways timeline), and Sun-Hwa Paik (flash-sideways timeline).


In 2001, Adam Rutherford, and Sarah Shephard were taken to St. Sebastian after their Car Accident. Jack Shephard chose to save Sarah over Adam, as Adam's case was hopeless. Adam was pronounced dead at 815 am. Jack's father, Christian Shephard, was Chief of Surgery at that time. {{crossref}} Adam's daughter, Shannon Rutherford, and his wife and Shannon's stepmother, Sabrina Carlyle, later met at the hospital after having learned about Adam's death. {{crossref}} A short time later, Jack operated on Sarah and miraculously restored her ability to walk. {{crossref}}

Several years later, Angelo Busoni, who had an inoperable spinal tumor, chose St. Sebastian for his operation. He specifically asked to be operated on by Jack. His daughter, Gabriela Busoni, accompanied him. Even though the situation was hopeless, Jack decided to operate anyway, but Angelo died on the operating table. {{crossref}}

In July 2004, Christian Shephard (who was a longtime alcoholic) fatally botched a surgery on a woman named Beth (hospital). Even though he attempted to get Jack to help him cover it up, Jack reported his father, which resulted in Christian losing his position at St. Sebastian. {{crossref}}

Following his return from the Island, Jack continued to work at St. Sebastian. In early September 2007, he was preparing for a surgery on a patient named Ms. Berenberg when he started seeing his dead father. {{crossref}} This eventually caused him to start drinking and becoming addicted to pills. After having saved a woman, Mrs. Arlen, from a burning car wreckage (who had in fact crashed her car when she saw Jack trying to commit suicide), Jack insisted on operating on her, but the new Chief of Surgery at St. Sebastian, Dr. Hamill, relieved Jack of his duties, realizing his heavy substance abuse. {{crossref}}

A few days later, David Reyes brought a heavily tranquilized Sayid Jarrah to Jack, who in turn brought Sayid to St. Sebastian. Despite being suspended from work, Jack successfully treated Sayid, causing him to wake up. {{crossref}} Shortly after, the Chief of Clinical Services, Evelyn Ariza, called Jack and reminded him that he had been suspended from work. In the meantime, an Tony (The Little Prince), but was successfully overpowered by Sayid just as Jack and Ben Linus entered Sayid's hospital room. Subsequently, the three left St. Sebastian. {{crossref}}


===Flash sideways===

Omer Jarrah (flash-sideways timeline). Sebastian after being badly beaten.  Jack Shephard (flash-sideways timeline).  Another doctor (Sundown)"Nadia" Abed Jazeem (flash-sideways timeline)(flash-sideways timeline). {{crossref}} 

Desmond Hume (flash-sideways timeline)(flash-sideways timeline). {{crossref}}

{{I=stseb.jpg=200=left=St. Sebastian Hospital; this lobby exterior is the same set location as the Lynford Hotel}}
St. Sebastian appears to be within driving distance of the stadium where Jack and Desmond first met, since Jack goes there to run the steps after his frustration with Sarah's surgery. {{crossref}}

St. Sebastian is also within driving distance of the Lynford Hotel, where Christian Shephard had his Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. {{crossref}}

===Original Timeline===
*'''Christian Shephard''' - Former Chief of Surgery
*'''Jack Shephard''' - Spinal Surgeon
*'''Head Doctor''' - chaired the committee looking into the death of Beth and the actions of the Shephards.
*'''Dr. Hamill''' - Present Chief of Surgery.
*'''Andrea''' - intern
*'''Anesthesiologist''' - present at Christian and Jack's surgery on Beth.
*'''Anesthesiologist No. 2''' - present at Jack's emergency surgery on Adam Rutherford.
*'''Anesthesiologist (The Incident)''' - present at Jack's "Count to five" surgery.
*'''Doctor (Abandoned)''' - told Shannon and Sabrina about the death of Adam Rutherford.
*'''Intern''' - present at the arrival of Adam Rutherford, told Jack he couldn't intubate. Called time of death on Adam Rutherford.
*'''Locke's nurse''' - worked with Jack and took care of Locke
*'''Doctor (Through the Looking Glass)''' - treated Jack for injuries sustained while rescuing a woman and her son from a crashed car (post-island).
*'''Dr. Leon''' is mentioned over a tannoy in {{ep}}.
*'''Gary Nadler''' is mentioned by '''Dr. Hamill''' in {{ep}}.
*'''Jane''' - Jack's secretary. {{Crossref}}
*'''Receptionist (Something Nice Back Home)''' - receptionist. {{Crossref}}
*The '''St. Sebastian Neurosurgery Group''' as cited in {{ep}}
*'''Dr. Jack Shephard'''
*'''Dr. Smith Sira'''
*'''Dr. Thomas Gardez'''
*'''Dr. Erika Stevenson'''
*'''Evelyn Ariza''' - administrator {{crossref}}
*'''Buchanan''' (EMT No. 1) {{Crossref}}
*'''EMT_No._2_(Man_of_Science,_Man_of_Faith)''' {{Crossref}}

===Flash-Sideways Timeline===
*'''Jack Shephard''' - spinal Surgeon
*'''Juliet Carlson''' - OB-GYN
*'''Doctor (Sundown)''' - in the flash-sideways timeline, unnamed doctor who tells Nadia and Sayid about Omer's condition {{crossref}}
*'''Doctor (Happily Ever After)'''
*'''Nurse (Happily Ever After)'''
*'''Nurse Tyra'''
*'''MRI tech'''
*'''Simon Holt''' - EMT {{crossref}}
*'''Lynn Johnson''' - EMT {{crossref}}
*'''Surgeon (The Last Recruit)'''
*'''Orderly (The Candidate)'''
*'''Jean''' - nuese

* According to legend, http// St. Sebastian was martyred by being tied to a tree or post and shot with arrow (the arrow being his attribute). He is the patron saint of soldiers and youth, among other things. He is also a protector from the plague. {{Crossref}}
** The arrow is also strongly associated with Apollo, the god of healing, and it is in St. Sebastian that Jacob hands Jack an Apollo Candy Bar. {{Crossref}}
*The filming location is the St. Francis Medical Center in the Liliha district of Honolulu. http//
* The exterior driveway entrance is the same location as used for the Lynford Hotel front lobby entrance in {{ep}}. http//  Compare with Autos.

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