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{{I=Spider_classified.jpg=200=right=Spider Protocol document. {{crossref}}}}The '''Spider Protocol''' is a classified scientific project of the Hanso Foundation run by Thomas Mittelwerk. It seems to be based in Sri Lanka, and is strongly implied to be the operation shown in Rachel Blake's Sri Lanka video, involving killing 30% of a control group with a virus in order to somehow help Mittelwerk in his zealous attempts to solve the Valenzetti equation.

==First appearance==
{{I=Lost experience manny car money.jpg=200=right="Green like MONEY" was the caption for this image on Mandrake Wig's http//www.flickr.com/photos/mandrakewig Flickr account.}}
The key evidence of the Spider Protocol was found in a memo from Mittelwerk to his team on the richerdeeperbroader.com website. However, to decrypt it, one needed codes revealed during the game.

* http//www.richerdeeperbroader.com/blood/ - We are given BLOOD in the second newsletter email from Retrieversoftruth.com.
* http//www.richerdeeperbroader.com/money/ - We are given MONEY in Mandrake Wig's http//www.flickr.com/photos/mandrakewig Flickr account.
* http//www.richerdeeperbroader.com/sorrow/ - We are given SORROW in the Retrievers of Truth forum post The clue's the thing on The_Lost_Experience_clues/July_1.

Each of these linked to a Adobe Photoshop image, one having text in red, one green, and one blue, and when combined, they create a full memo. 

==Full text==
{{I=SPIDERPROTOCOL.jpg=300=right=The full Spider Protocol memo}}
Date    Mon, 26 Jun 2006 205306 -0500
----- >> To
Subject SP site -
Team -
After careful scrutiny of the census figures, geological
reports, customs inquiries and geographical surveys prepared
by yourselves and the experts at the CCS, the core group has
deemed, regretfully, that site alpha
--------- (4888), beta (1060), and delta (10120) remain
unsuitable for carrying 00000000000000>>>> out the SPIDER
PROTOCOL -- even taking into consideration the recommended
parametric recalibrations. --------
Despite my initial (and continued) reticence, it seems
that fate has dealt its card. We may have no choice but to fall
to the original island target. While THF has not utilized
the site for some time, its unique properties render it more
than adequate for our purposes at this particular juncture.
--------------------000>>&}} ==Observations and analysis== In the natural sciences a protocol is a predefined written procedural method in the design and implementation of experiments. The original site selected for implementation of the protocol was an island with unique properties that the Hanso Foundation not used for "some time". Thomas Mittelwerk was not in favor of using the original island site. At some later point, the target for the protocol was changed to three other sites (Alpha, Beta and Delta). Despite attempts to make the sites work, it was eventually decided that all three were unsuitable for implementation of the Spider Protocol. It was decided to fall back to the original site. Mittelwerk internally announced the decision in an internal email dated June 26, 2006. ==Sri Lanka== {{I=Rachel_blake_sri_lanka_5.jpg=200=right=Rachel's fraudulent plane ticket to Sri Lanka}} In an apartment in France, Rachel found a document with '''SPIDER PROTOCOL''' on the front, along with schematics for the Helgus Antonius quarantine ship, and forged travel documents to Sri Lanka. There, she recorded the Sri Lanka video, and saw Mittelwerk discuss his plans about killing innocent people in the name of scientific discovery. {{crossref}} It is strongly implied that the Spider Protocol is the codename for this act of genocide, with this idea supported in claims from both Speaker and Javier Grillo-Marxuach. Grillo-Marxuach also stated that continual references to "an island" other than in the Sri Lanka video had been added to trick Lost fans into believing that Mittelwerk was intending to travel to the Island featured on ''Lost''. It is presumed that such references were in fact to the island of Sri Lanka. {{Nav-TLEE}} deSpider-Protokoll frProtocole Spider ptProtocolo Aranha CategoryHanso Foundation