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'''Sledgeweb's Lost Stuff''', also known by the acronym '''SWLS''' and its URL '''''', is a popular Lost site which posts entertainment news for fans.  It was created by a user known as SledgeWeb.  Included are over 400 index files of character profiles, locations, objects, mythology, and other items from the show, a section specializing in screencaptures of unusual investigations from the show, an ongoing death count and census of the island, a map, a chart of character connections, a detailed timeline, accounts of appearance of all numbers on the show, a Q&A section, and a Fan forums. As of September 6, 2007, the forum has 9934 registered members with 305157 posts within 5264 threads.

Some sites it is affiliated with include and http//, a site made by the founder of SWLS.

==The Hunt==
SWLS also hosts a weekly brainteaser/Lost-related scavenger hunt game.  It runs during the summer hiatus, in between seasons, and the winning award has so far been Lost The Complete First Season. The Hunt season 3 will be a slightly newer format, including a story line of sorts. It is slated to begin at the end of September 2007.

Description from Season 2 The Hunt

 THE HUNT is a scavenger game hosted on this site. Each week, you will have to use a series of 
 LOST-related clues to find information in the real world and/or on the internet. Not ALL 
 information given to you will necessarily be related to the current HUNT. There may be some 
 disinformation included, or, there may be information included that will need to be used in 
 future HUNTS. By putting the pieces of the puzzle together, you will find the solution to the
 weekly hunt. The first 10 people to enter a correct answer on this page each week will receive
 points (10pts for 1st, 9 pts for 2nd, and 8pts for 3rd, etc). Whoever has the most points at 
 the end of the game will receive a Season 2 LOST-DVD set in addition to the honor of HUNT 
 RULES / TIPS (Anyone who breaks these rules will be suspended from THE HUNT)
 1) You cannot share information with other contestants
 2) You must be logged in to play, and may only play using one account
 3) You will be tracked by IP
 4) You can only submit one answer each week
 5) Solutions will be posted each week for the previous HUNT. Study the solutions to help you
 do better on future HUNTS.
 6) It is important you review last years HUNT. The Season 2 Hunt may build off of information
 established in HUNT Season 1. 
 7) If the current HUNT isn't solved within 24 hours, ONE CLUE will be given at the 24 hour 
 mark (9PM EST THURSDAY). Note There may also be hints embedded within HUNTS, and you may find
 hints by going back to earlier locations revealed in previous hunts. Hidden hints/clues will 
 be revealed when solutions are posted.
 8) THE HUNT makes use of cookies and sessions, it is recommended that you use IE 6.0+ or 
 FireFox or similar browser.

 You are welcome to play, but, you may have to help with the cost of shipping if you win. Also, 
 the DVD format will likely be NTSC. If you require a different format, I will try to     
 accomodate, but there are no guarantees.

 Since SWLS Staff don't have any insight into THE HUNT, and no additional benefits above normal
 users (in relation to THE HUNT), SWLS Staff will be allowed to participate in THE HUNT. 
 However, SWLS staff members will not be eligible for any prizes. In the event a staff member
 wins, he or she will get the title of HUNT CHAMPION, but the DVD Set (or other prizes) will go 
 to the highest placing normal user.

 PREPARE YOURSELF! To do well in THE HUNT, you'll need to know your LOST facts. The more you  
 know, the better. Use this site, and others as resources. You're best friend in THE HUNT will
 be the GOOGLE BAR at the top of every page on this site. 

 THE HUNT begins on June 21st at 9PM EST and will continue throughout the summer hiatus on 
 Wednesday Nights at 9PM EST.

==External links==
*http// - Sledgeweb's Lost Stuff
**http// The Hunt, Season 1
**http// The Hunt, Season 2
*http// Washington Post - March 16, 2008 - "More Than You Want To Know"? - Article on fan blog such as DocArzt,, DarkUFO, Sledgeweb's Lost Stuff