''Lost'' features many characters who have engaged in some sort of '''sexual activity'''.

==Sex between main characters==
{="background-color; border 1px solid ; -moz-border-radius 10px; vertical-align top; text-align center;" 
!style="padding-left3em; padding-right3em;"!style="padding-left3em; padding-right3em;"Imageboone-mini.jpg.jpg
|Boone & ShannonImagejack-mini.jpg.jpg
|Jack & KateImagejin-mini.jpg.jpg
|Jin & SunImagesawyer-mini.jpg.jpg
|Sawyer & Ana LuciaImagesawyer-mini.jpg.jpg
|Sawyer & CharlotteImagesawyer-mini.jpg.jpg
|Sawyer & JulietImagesawyer-mini.jpg.jpg
|Sawyer & KateImagesayid-mini.jpg.jpg
|Sayid & Shannon}

==Pre-crash sex==
* Charlie and four unnamed women. {{crossref}}
* Sawyer and Jessica. {{crossref}}
* Claire and Thomas. {{crossref}}
* Shannon and Boone. {{crossref}}
* Michael and Susan. {{crossref}} (early 1994)
* Sawyer and Mary Jo. {{crossref}}
* Charlie and Lily. {{crossref}}
* Ana Lucia and Danny (Collision). {{crossref}}
* Locke and Helen. {{crossref}}
* Jack and Sarah. {{crossref}}
* Sawyer and Cassidy. {{crossref}}
* Jin and Sun. {{crossref}}
* Jae Lee and Sun. {{crossref}}
* Kate and Kevin Callis. {{crossref}}
* Jack and Achara. {{crossref}}
* David Reyes and Carmen Reyes. {{crossref}}
* Nikki and Howard L. Zukerman. {{crossref}}
* Juliet and Goodwin. {{crossref}}

==Island sex==
* Tracy and Steve. (implied by Sawyer in "Exodus Parts 2 and 3, Part 2")
* Sun and Jin. ({{ep}})
* Shannon and Sayid. {{crossref}}
* Ana Lucia and Sawyer. {{crossref}}
* Paulo and Nikki. {{crossref}}
* Kate and Sawyer. {{crossref}}
* Juliet and Goodwin. {{crossref}}
* Kate and Sawyer. {{crossref}}
* Kate and Sawyer. {{crossref}}
* Sawyer and Juliet. {{crossref}}
* Amy and Horace. {{crossref}}

==Post-rescue sex==
* Sayid and Elsa. {{crossref}}
* Jack and Kate. {{crossref}}
* Desmond and Penny. {{crossref}}
* Jack and Kate. {{crossref}}
* Sayid and Ilana begin to, but they are interrupted when Ilana knocks him unconscious. {{crossref}}

==Flash-sideways sex==
*Principal Reynolds and Kim Kondracki. {{crossref}}
*{{alt}} and Ava. {{crossref}}
*{{alt}} and Charlotte Lewis (flash-sideways timeline). {{crossref}}
*{{alt}} and {{alt}}. {{crossref}}

ImageEp3x02-jae-sun.jpg|Jae Lee and Sun in {{crossref}}
ImageSawyer and Cassidy.jpg|Sawyer and Cassidy {{crossref}}
Image3x21-two-groupies.jpg|Charlie and his groupies {{crossref}}
Image2ftR3.jpg|Sawyer and Ana Lucia {{crossref}}
Image3x06-KateSawyerSex.jpg|Kate and Sawyer {{crossref}}
Image3x17_KateSawyerSex.jpg‎|Kate and Sawyer (again) {{crossref}}
sawyerkate3.jpg|Kate and Sawyer (again) {{crossref}}=Eggtown
Image4x10JackKateSex1.jpg|Jack and Kate {{crossref}}
Image5xx06Jatekiss2.jpg|Jack and Kate (again) {{crossref}}
ImageLOST_0437.jpg|Sawyer and Charlotte {{crossref}}

* As a substitute, Locke X teaches about the human reproductive system. {{Crossref}}
* Sawyer has had sex with four main characters, the most of any character. He's followed by Kate and Shannon  who have slept with two. Boone, Jack, Juliet, Charlotte, Jin, Ana Lucia, Sun, Desmond, Penny and Sayid have all slept with one main character.

== See also ==
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