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'''Sean Whalen''' portrayed Neil Frogurt in {{ep,}} {{ep,}} {{ep.}} and LA X, Parts 1 & 2.

* He has appeared in television shows such ''Scrubs'' and ''NYPD Blue'' and in movies such as ''Men in Black''.
* Played the museum employee who could not pronounce "Aaron Burr" due to a mouth full of peanut butter in the first ''Got Milk?'' T.V. advertisement.
* 1991  Film debut, in "The People Under the Stairs"
* Had memorable role in ''That Thing You Do!'', the 1996 movie, as the Heckler who implored The Oneders to play "That Thing You Do!" at Filipiano's in Erie, PA. 
* Appeared in Twister, a 1994 film, which also starred Jeremy Davies as his brother.
* Appeared alongside Drew Barrymore and David Arquette in wikipediaNever Been Kissed, and in wikipediaBatman Returns as a paperboy.

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