Sayid's mother

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=Sayid's mother
=Sayid's mother
=Sayid's father - Husband
''Sayid Jarrah'' - Son
Omer Jarrah - Son
''Noor "Nadia" Abed Jaseem'' - Daughter-In-Law =Sayid's mother }} '''Sayid's mother''' is mentioned by Nadia in {{ep}}. When Sayid was a child, she used to call Nadia's mother to find out why Nadia felt the need to "pick on little Sayid". Nadia explained to Sayid, during the prisoner and hostage situations, that the reason for this was because Sayid ignored Nadia when they were children. {{crossref}} {{Nav-Sayid}} CategoryUnseen Characters CategoryMothers CategoryWives CategoryFlashback Characters CategorySayid's flashback characters CategoryUnnamed characters CategoryArabic characters CategorySeason 1 characters