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=Possibly 2007 (Day 8)
=Possibly killed by Widmore's team
'''Roxanne''' was a passenger aboard Ajira Airways Flight 316. Ilana said that Roxanne was scouting south of their camp when she found the The Man in Black; {{crossref}} however, Roxanne herself was never depicted in the episode. She may have been killed by Widmore's men, along with other Ajira survivors who remained on Hydra Island. {{crossref}} However, she is never seen or referred to in Season 6.

ILANA We found someone--a man.
ILANA Roxanne was scouting just south of here, and he was just standing in the water. He's wearing a suit. =The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham transcript }} ==Ticket== {{I=RoxanasTicket.jpg=200=left=Roxana's ticket as seen at Lost The Auction.}} One of the items for sale at Lost The Auction is an airline ticket for Ajira Flight 316, seat 21D, on name of Roxana Castillo. {{Nav-Ajira}} arروكسان esRoxanne frRoxanne itRoxanne ptRoxanne ruРоксанна CategoryAjira Airways Flight 316 Crew and Passengers CategoryUnseen Characters CategorySeason 5 characters CategoryDeceased Characters